Learn How To Actually be Effective With Your Facebook Marketing


Let Me Guess, They Killed Your Ad? If You’ve Ever Tried To Run Facebook Ads On Your Own Without Taking Facebook Ad Courses, You Already Know This. Yet, It’s Worth Repeating. The Thing About Facebook Is: They Are PICKY. Like Really, Really Picky. And They Are Only Getting Pickier With Each Passing Year.

Even If You Hold Facebook Digital Marketing Certification As I Do, That’s No Guarantee That Your Ads Will Run. There’s A Long List Of Things It Requires Before That. In Our Advanced Facebook Marketing Course we cover all of those things and much more.


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The Facebook Advertising Course Covers the Following Subjects

  • Identify Your Audience – Every product has an audience. Identify the one for your product.
  • Make Successful Ads – Get an inside look at what it takes to make a successful ad. 
  • Build Sales Funnels – The ad entices. The funnel sells. The best Facebook ads course shows you how to do both.
  • Launch A Campaign – A mistake in the campaign setup can cost $1000s… Here’s how to avoid those costly mistakes.
  • Campaign Optimization – A marketing campaign is alive. It breathes, it evolves. Optimize it from day one after launch.
  • Review Data – Every FB marketing course agrees: The data is important. Readjust and retarget based on the variables I teach you here.

Here’s What’s Inside the Facebook Marketing Online Course

  • 14 Full-length videos of Facebook training classes 
  • 10+ hours of Facebook marketing class
  • 14+ Documents jam-packed with information on advanced Facebook advertising

This course offers some MAJOR bang for the buck.

Quizzes – Crush the competition, even when you’re competing with yourself. Use the quizzes to ensure mastery of each subject. Knowledge = power. 

Exclusive Facebook Group – Receive an invite to a private Facebook Group of peers and marketing professionals. You’ll be able to network, ask questions, and build community.

Starting Your Agency Checklist – Get my personal checklist of everything you need to get your agency off the ground. 10+ years of experience distilled into one must-have list of essentials.

Also, a secret bonus of INSANE value you don’t want to miss.


A Curriculum Kept Up-To-Date

Digital marketing trends change fast and the platforms race to keep up with demand. Information from 5 years ago is useless. Even two year old courses are dated! This is a game that moves non-stop. The best Facebook advertising course is the one that stays up to date. THIS ONE!

After purchasing the Facebook Ads Mastery course you have LIFETIME access. Enjoy the updated content for years to come. You can refer back to this FB marketing course long after you finish.


List of the modules and what is covered in each

Modules of The Facebook Digital Marketing Course

You might think it’s easy to make Facebook Ads after looking at some budget-y ones. It is not. Each ad needs to check a long list of items so Facebook clears them to run. My Facebook marketing class will teach you how to make them, launch them, and successfully run them.

A campaign is only successful if it’s targeted at the right audience. Learn to identify that audience. Also, retargeting and creating custom audiences using a pixel. It is all about reaching the right people, the right way.

You got the audience. Now, how about nurturing it? All content posted online was created with a goal in mind. Find the best strategy for your product. Also, this Facebook marketing class teaches you how to make a sales funnel that turns the coldest leads into new customers.

The advanced Facebook marketing platform collects a ton of useful data in real-time. If you have to know what you are looking at. This final Facebook marketing class gives you the tools to interpret and use the data. Refocus or expand based on what it tells you.