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  Your customers are the single most valuable asset of your digital marketing company. In order to keep a solid relationship, you have to exert your utmost effort to understand what they want and need. This way, you can foresee potential challenges that they may have to face and immediately offer them the most effective […]

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  Client acquisition is an important aspect of your business. If you have a client, your business will continue to thrive. However, for some digital marketing specialists, closing sales has been very challenging because of the growing competition in the industry.     If your proposal and closing techniques do not work, let me help […]

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  It is important to know the upcoming 2020 marketing trends to help you adapt to the potential changes and challenges your agency may face this year.   A lot of entrepreneurs have their own marketing agencies to assist companies that need to boost their visibility in the World Wide Web. However, as the number […]

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  You’re probably wondering, how do digital marketing agencies find clients? If you’re about to start your first agency or how to close your first client, it’s likely you’re feeling some form of anxiety. As the experts have said, anxiety comes from a lack of control, a lack of organization, and a lack of preparation. […]

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Messenger Bots Are DEAD [Why?]

December 10, 2019

Are Messenger bots dead? Messenger Chatbots are used throughout the journey to qualify leads, convert users, and nurture customers, but only when used correctly...

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