Understand SWEPS to increase revenue

How Understanding SWEPS Marketing Drastically Increases Revenue

September 8, 2017

Using SWEPS to Guide Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Every single day, things are changing in the industry that make it hard to stay on top of all the best practices. That’s why I made this acronym and put together a list of items to keep track of so you’re business in always in the game! No matter how much the Digital Marketing industry changes, if you utilize SWEPS to guide your online marketing efforts, you’ll always have a clear plan in place to see success! This is the exact plan that we follow at CerealEntrepreneur.Academy, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s effective!

S | Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook
    • Business Page setup and optimization
      • CTA button
      • About Section/Business Info (NAP info, Description, Products/Services)
      • Profile/Cover photo
      • Reviews (If necessary)
      • Message bot/responder
    • Saved Audiences: Research & Development
    • Pixel Created & Installed (If pixel was previously installed then set up custom & lookalike audiences)
    • Posting/Content Strategy
      • Post Amount
      • Post type
      • Post content strategy
  • Instagram
    • Converted to business page
    • Profile pic/pics on page (at least 6 to start a new page)
    • About section complete with business’ URL
    • Hashtag strategy
    • Content Strategy
      • Image/video posts
      • Story posts
      • Partnerships with social influencers
  • Youtube
    • Youtube Content Strategy (Not limited to these types of videos)
      • How-to videos
      • Educational/Informational
      • Fun/Funny
      • Motivational
      • Product push
    • Create channel if none exists (must have the business’ Gmail info)
    • Setup
      • Channel description
      • Profile photo
      • Channel Art
      • Social Links added to page
      • Upload first videos
    • Video Optimization
      • Title: Make this as relevant as possible while utilizing keywords
      • Description: Same as above | Also add your social links, upsell URLS, affiliate links, etc.
      • Tags: Your keywords entered here, industry related keywords…services, products, events, celebrities or known figureheads, etc.
    • Video Schedule
      • How many posts per month, week, etc.
  • Snapchat
    • Keep it simple
    • Try to keep the content on this platform organic and free of too many sales promos
    • Try to post daily and several times
  • LinkedIn
    • Use mostly for B2B type businesses, recruiting agencies, sourcing new suppliers, etc.
    • At the very least, create the business profile for your customer to help with SEO
      • Include info about the business, types of job opportunities available, customer testimonials, NAP, etc.
  • Twitter
    • Page Setup
      • Profile & Cover photo
      • About section
      • Website URL
    • Syndicate Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube posts
    • Setup messenger bot or track in social media management software
  • Google+
    • Setup page
      • Profile & cover photo
      • About section
      • Build Lists of relevant competition pages, suppliers or potential partners, potential clients, etc.
    • Syndicate Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube posts

W | Website Design/Marketing

  • Design: Does it relate to the average customer
    • Logo & Branding elements
    • Color schemes
    • Font Types
  • CTA’s/Sales Funnels: Are they present/are they working
    • Email Subscribe
    • Value Content
      • Downloadable .pdf’s, help docs, exclusive videos, discounts & promotions, etc.
    • Contact forms
    • Quote forms & lead generators
    • Messenger support icons
  • Page Content
    • Site page content
      • Home Page
      • About page
      • Contact Page
      • Product pages & descriptions
      • Blog/Vlog content
      • Landing page content
  • Contact Info
    • Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)
    • Business email address
      • Sales
      • Info
      • Support
  • On-Site SEO Optimization (Building depth) Not limited to the points below ↓↓↓
    • Inbound links
    • Outbound links
    • Titles
    • Descriptions
    • Image Names
    • Image quality
    • Site speed

E | Email Marketing

Personally, I like to use Active Campaign to manage my email marketing and automation. You should check them out!

  • List Building
    • Using landing pages (Funnel front end) to capture emails
    • Facebook lead objective
    • PPC campaigns
  • Segmentation
    • Customers
    • Abandoned Cart/Reached checkout but didn’t purchase
    • Bought a specific item
    • Didn’t buy a specific item
    • Date joined
    • Product/Service segment (For businesses with multiple products/services offered in different niches)
  • Sales Tracking
  • Automation Series
    • Welcome series (Customer nurturing)
    • Abandoned Cart series
    • Lead follow up email series
    • Upsell series
    • Newsletters
    • Blog/Vlog Releases

P | Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

  • Budget
    • Can they afford to compete in their space
      • Attorneys, Doctors, Large corporations compete heavily here so cost-per-click is expensive
  • Keyword Strategy
    • What are the Keywords and Keyword phrases that customers use most
      • Look at Google Trends tool and Keyword Planner tool
      • What are the negative keywords to look for
      • What words and phrases will work best with the given budget
    • Keyword organization
    • Exact Match, Broad Match, Modified Broad Match research
  • Targeting Strategy
    • Locations
    • Age Range
    • Interests
  • Placements
    • Google: Receives about 65-70% of ALL web traffic
    • Bing & Yahoo (receive almost ALL of the rest of remaining search traffic)
    • Top Ad placement, sidebar or bottom of page

S | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • On-Site Optimization
    • Inbound Links
    • Outbound Links
    • Page Titles
    • Page Descriptions
    • Image & Video Quality
    • Site Speed
    • Development structure and quality
    • TONS of content (Blog, Page info, Product & Service descriptions)
  • Off-Site Optimization
    • Indexing with Google & other search engines
    • Backlinks
      • The process of getting other websites to link back to your pages, products, services, blog/vlog content, etc.
      • Building connections/relationships with social influencers
      • Building relationships with other businesses
  • Content Strategy
    • Blogs
      • Proper structure & includes all of the necessary pieces (Links, titles, descriptions, etc.)
    • Vlogs
    • Web Pages
    • Forums/Industry Specific Community Sites
      • Find pages to engage with via forum or chat rooms
      • Link back to your site without being salesy…try to provide help & insight
  • Review & Listing Sites
    • Using a software to manage the 300+ review & listing sites that exist
      • Submits all important information about a business in one click
      • Can improve Search Engine presence drastically and quickly
      • Usually provides social listening software for social media pages and a dashboard for ALL of your reviews left online
    • These products are an AWESOME way to upsell your services and provide an easy-to-use dashboard for your customers to begin seeing results in their Search Engine presence
    • The big brands all offer a whitelabel service
    • Check out YEXT or Vendasta…I personally use Vendasta…
      • This ISN’T an up sell— Vendasta doesn’t have an affiliate program or you know I’d be ALL over it!

The SWEPS checklist is the best way to make sure that your business is up to par with the competition. The BEST marketing campaigns exist when ALL 5 major parts of Digital Marketing are being used. If you’ve read through this blog and still dont understand SWEPS you should head on over to the Cereal Entrepreneur Academyand get in the course before the price jumps again. This is easily the most valuable and affordable course on the market….just see what my students are saying…

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