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IGTV: How to Upload Longer Videos On Instagram

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed the small orange square located in the upper right hand corner of your Instagram feed.


This new icon represents Instagram’s newest feature: IGTV

Instagram is moving more firmly into the world of video, and their hopes are that IGTV will be a video platform that sits somewhere between YouTube and Snapchat. IGTV is not only a new section on the Instagram app, but is also a standalone app that lets video creators distribute long-form videos on Instagram.

IGTV allows user to upload videos well over the 15 seconds that Instagram allows, with the app supporting videos up to 60 minutes long, giving you lots of time to work with to make content that will connect with your audience.

In this article, I’m going to be going over the most useful features of IGTV, and how you can utilize the platform to help promote and build your personal band.

Benefits of IGTV

IGTV is tailored to offer a great user experience, giving them what they want, how they want it.

  • It is built for users to view videos on mobile devices both vertically and full screen.
  • It focuses on Creators you already follow on Instagram.
  • It allows anyone to create videos and upload them on the Instagram app or on the web.

Benefits That Brands Can Use

While IGTV is great for users, it also offers many benefits and features that brands can take advantage of to help engage with their audience, build their following, and reach new customers. While Instagram Stories has become a great tool for brands to use—in fact, Instagram took stats from their Stories feature to build IGTV. Now, IGTV offers more options for brands, allowing for content that is longer than 15 seconds and that doesn’t disappear after 24 hours.

The app is also very interactive and easy to maneuver. On the IGTV app (the separate app, off Instagram) you can create a channel, not unlike Youtube. However, you can only have one channel per profile as of right now. You’ll be able to follow channels, and viewers will be able to leave comments and likes on your videos.

You can share IGTV videos to Instagram Direct Messages, which increases opportunities for added reach. You can also link directly to an IGTV video from your Instagram Stories, and drive traffic to your IGTV videos with a simple swipe up. There’s also a “copy link” option on the videos, which will make it easier for users to share your videos on other platforms.

IGTV puts everything in one place for you, making it easy to use. You will get like and comment notifications in the same screen that you get your regular account like, comment, and follow notifications. Like so many other great social media platforms, there are insights available for you IGTV video. So far IGTV insights include: Views, Likes, Comments, and Average percentage watched. There’s even a handy chart to show you the points at which video viewership increases and drops. This can help you test and analyze the performance of your content and see what works and what doesn’t.

Challenges IGTV Is Facing

There’s no doubt that there are many potential opportunities for you to use IGTV to help you grow your audience and brand, however, there are some challenges the new feature and app will face to become as popular as Instagram.

Right now, one of IGTV’s biggest challenges is its visibility. The location of the static orange button in the upper right hand corner of the Instagram app may result in it being overlooked by many users. The button is not as visible as Stories, so may not receive the same quick rise in use as Stories. However, Instagram is experimenting with a carousel display of IGTV videos in the main app’s feed.

When it comes to competing with other video platforms, YouTube offers a more attractive search function. Currently IGTV only allows users to search for the creators/channels, and not the content itself. This lack of comprehensive search capabilities may become cumbersome to some users.

On the flip side, influencers and YouTube creators may be looking to move away from YouTube, as its shift in advertising guidelines has received a lot of backlash from YouTube creators. IGTV does not currently offer influencers the opportunity to make money like YouTube does, though it is likely that Instagram will be changing that business model in the near future.

YouTube does have a fully compensatory model that allows influencers to earn in a myriad of ways. From advertising revenue to subscription fees to endorsements, the opportunities are endless. Hence, Instagram will have to evolve their business model quickly to keep up with video branding in this aspect.

Another big challenge with IGTV is that only brands and verified accounts can upload a full hour of content, regular users have an extended range and are able to upload content that’s between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. This may not be well-received by new users.

Video editors are also having some difficulties adjusting to IGTV, as editing vertical videos is a bit of a challenge. You’ll need to use software on your desktop or mobiles apps for editing, such as GoPro Quick, Vue, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to Use IGTV for Your Brand or Small Business

IGTV has great potential for businesses and brands despite the few challenges that the new app faces. As this feature just launched earlier this summer in June, we’re sure any kinks will be worked out quickly as they come.

Instagram has already been trying to offer tips for content producers to succeed, as they’ve reportedly been telling video makers to opt for videos in the 10-minute range, which is more like YouTube than traditional long-form TV fare.

There is a lot you can do with 10 minutes! Here are just a few strategies you can use to grow your brand or small business on IGTV:

  • Interviews/Q&A – Upload videos of interviews with industry leaders, or other creators in your niche market that viewers will want to hear from.
  • Video Greetings/Introductions – IGTV is a new platform, so you’ll need to make a good first impression. Introduce yourself, your business, where you can be found, and what they can expect from you and the services you provide.
  • Product Demos/ Tutorials/How To’s – It’s essential across all social media platforms to offer your followers something of value. Teach your audience a skill, how to use a software, or an explanation of your services. This establishes credibility and authority in your niche, and will position you as an influencer.
  • Recurring Segments – Consistently is one of the keys to success in digital marketing. Create a video each week and have it scheduled to broadcast the same day and same time. This engages the audience and builds a following, and will show that you’re reliable and committed to creating great content for your audience.
  • IGTV Exclusives – You need to treat IGTV differently from your other social accounts. Do not simply edit content used on other platforms and publish it on IGTV. Create content exclusively for IGTV to get users engaged on this platform.
  • Webinars – IGTV is a great platform for this format of educational videos. If you created an online course, this is a great way to introduce the course through a series of 30 minute webinars.

Uploading Long Form Videos to IGTV

So, now you know all the reasons why you should get on IGTV as soon as you can, and what you can offer your audience once you’re there. But, how do you get posting? It’s actually incredibly easy and simply requires a few quick steps.

  1. Create a Channel – Tap the IGTV icon at the top of the screen in the Instagram app. Click on Setting (gear icon) and select Create Channel. Everything from your Instagram account will transfer over, and you can create a small round avatar.
  2. Upload Video – Tap on your avatar. Click on Upload Video from your camera roll.
  3. Title & Description – Add a title and description that will grab your followers’ attention. You can even add clickable links in the description to drive traffic to your website or lead them to your funnel.
  4. Hit Post – Congratulations! You’ve just posted your first IGTV video!


IGTV is a powerful tool that brands and small businesses can utilize to help build and grow their business or brand. The long form video format and addition of channels will allow you to engage your followers for longer and to offer them more in-depth, valuable content. By using features like linking to IGTV videos from Instagram Stories, sharing through Direct Messaging, using the Swipe Up capabilities, and monitoring detailed analytics, your brand will be able to benefit from IGTV and optimize engagement.

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