Learn Digital Marketing with A One on One Consultation


For some, group classes are not enough. Entrepreneurs that are extremely pressed for time want something more direct. Their busy lives practically demand it. To those busy entrepreneurs, I offer one-on-one consulting services to learn digital marketing.

The offer is simple – You will learn social media marketing from consultant calls with someone that has been at it for +10 years already. I am that someone. And through video calls, you will learn SMMA one-on-one directly from me.

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The One-On-One Consultation Is for Entrepreneurs That:

  • Have packed schedules that leave them little time for courses.
  • Feel that the class format is not the best for them.
  • Need their specific questions about digital marketing addressed in-depth.
  • Are looking to get the best bang out of their buck when learning from me.
  • Want to directly pick my brain on anything digital marketing-related. Through my One-On-One consultation I’ve:
  • Helped traditional marketers become full-fledged digital marketers in two-month’ time.
  • Guided a struggling agency to land three +25k clients in three months.
  • Counseled a personal brand owner to grow their online presence to 6-figures annually. And much more.

Different Solutions for
Different Minds

Many of the best entrepreneurial minds did not love school. Some of them hated it and dropped out. Why? Because they felt the classroom format limited them. They wanted to learn right away, not wait a whole semester for it. 


Personalized Learning

Same happens with online education. Yet, there are more alternatives to online classes. My consulting services to learn digital marketing teach you what you want when you want to.

Learn in-depth from someone who has been in the trenches already.

You are only a call away from starting to become a digital marketing expert in no time!

Normal People + Proper Training = Dreams Accomplished

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All of our calls to learn SMMA one-on-one abide by the following rules:

  • 1 Hour Call Duration (Unless you purchased multiple hours)
  • Discussion of ANY marketing agency/entrepreneurship-related topic
  • Recording of the call for future reference.
  • Copies of any documentation related to the call for both of us.

Also, as a BONUS, you get 3-months access to my Marketing Accelerator Program (MAP) course for FREE.


A: Click the button to sign up. It will show you a Calendly page that lets you book a date and timeslot.

A: No. Days and hours vary. Check the Calendly schedule each week to see which timeslots are open.

A: You’ll discuss everything you want to know directly with me for an entire hour. No need to wait for a chance to ask a question nor for other students to like in the live classes.

A: No. Unfortunately, this offer is just a one-way street due to potential scheduling conflicts.