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Celebrities were the original influencers. But now, more ‘regular’ people are becoming just as influential and rich thanks to social media. And all that without a TV or movie contract! Have you seen them? Sure you have. You are on the site of one of them (me!). And I also teach the Influencer marketing business model. In this personal branding course I show you everything about influencer marketing.

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What is included

What’s inside the personal branding training course?

  • 8 HUGE Class Modules spread across 8 weeks jam-packed with actionable info.
  • 115+ training videos that amount to 80+ hours of content to learn.
  • 100+ Documents, templates, notes, action plans, and more to kickstart your personal brand
  • 100+ Different tools and in-depth info on resources to help manage social media presence.

Your Bonuses

  • LIFETIME access to all future classes from my influencer marketing academy – Value $3,999
  • Access to our monthly live personal branding training – Value $425
  • Access to our private Facebook group on influencer marketing training – Value $1,999
  • Access to the Templates and Resources used during our influencer marketing online course – Value $2,498
  • Total Value of These Bonuses = $8,921

Think you have what it takes?

Think about all the influencers that have just…faded away. (There are a lot) 

Influencer marketing requires you to present an image the audience identifies with and trusts. To build an influential brand involves managing MANY aspects of your social media presence. 

The Influencer marketing training in this course teaches you how to get internet famous and not blow it. 

Be Known, Promote, And GET PAID for Your Social Media Presence.

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Normal People + Proper Training = Dreams Accomplished

Curriculum Kept Up-To-Date

Online marketing trends change fast. Personal branding trends change faster than fashion trends in Paris. Thus, influencer courses need updates constantly. And our personal branding course is no exception. Yet, we do offer something others don’t.

The Personal Branding Course | Become an Influencer program gives you LIFETIME ACCESS. Enjoy the benefit of constant updates without paying additional fees. 

Buy once, enjoy forever. That’s our guarantee.


List of the modules and what is covered in each

First, in our influencer marketing certification course, we’ll start by choosing a niche and revenue model of your business. This part of the influencer marketing training course you can summarize in one word – Research. You’ll learn EVERYTHING about your niche, product, audience, and industry.

Now, let’s set up a website that sells an Info product. Why an Info product? Two reasons: INSANE profit margins & H-U-G-E growth potential. Feel info products are not for you? We’ll also show you a way to monetize blogs or media sites. The point is to learn to build a product for you to sell.

Facebook marketing pros Maxwell Finn and Jeremy Adams are our special guests for this module. They come to teach a ridiculous amount of info only experts are privy to. Also, we’ll teach the kind of influencer marketing training that works on each of the big platforms: YT, FB, IG, and Snapchat.

Like regular mail, email is going nowhere. It remains integral to marketing campaigns. In this module of the personal branding class, you’ll learn to set up and automate email campaigns. With our conversion strategies, we’ve been able to get 20 to 30 NEW LEADS through email DAILY.

People search everything online now. SEO is what will tell if your site appears on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The more your content abides by its rules, the MORE TRAFFIC, the MORE LEADS, and the MORE SALES you’ll get! Our guest Ruan Marinho will tell you TONS of tricks for it.

Personal brands have communities. People that like your product and look up to you. They can also help reach out to even MORE leads! I’ll teach you to use free tools like Facebook Groups to build a community. Also, some tips on getting published in MAJOR media like Forbes.

Ever seen business owners sweating over small tasks? Of course not. They delegate! You’ll do the same for your personal brand. Then, you can enjoy MORE FREE TIME! Build a team of the right people to delegate to. This I’ve perfected and gained massively from. Let me teach you how.

To wrap up the personal branding course, eCommerce pro Kevin David will teach you two ways to MAXIMIZE income.  First, use eCommerce to sell under your personal brand. Second, introduce consultation calls to teach your audience about your expertise. Insane profit margins on both things.


What Will Take Place On The Call

1. Ask any final questions about the program, the business model or our student success stories.
2. Discuss your options. We offer 6 different training options for you to begin your journey. If for some reason this program doesn’t make sense (which we doubt it won’t) then we can try other options!
NOTE: This is NOT a training call and the call will be terminated if the conversation goes in that direction.
- Make sure that you’re ready 5 minutes before your scheduled time and in a quiet environment.


Yes! This works in all countries.

You have lifetime access to this course. However, don’t use that as an excuse not to start now!

YES! It sure is. Digital marketing changes quickly so this course gets updated frequently.

No way! This course has everything. I want to see you succeed so I give you enough information to make sure you know everything to make you a successful agency owner. But if you do fail and actually put in the effort there is an action based guarantee.