So You Want To Start A Digital Marketing Agency?

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*Pro Tip Before You Start*

I've been able to train SO MANY (1,000s) successful Digital Marketing Agency Owners. Maria being a perfect example of a successful new agency owner (See her Message To Me Below)...

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...But I've also seen tons of people fail on their journey to becoming a successful agency owner. Want to know the primary reason this happened?


Every person that I've ever seen fail in this industry has been the type of person to look for some type of shortcut to getting rich. This leads to shortcuts in your work ethic, your education, effort, and ultimately, your business.

If you're smart, you've realized by now that there are NO shortcuts to becoming wealthy. Just good ol' fashioned HARD WORK!

And let me be honest, I USED TO BE this person. Want to know what changed?

I kept FAILING. But if you know me you know I don’t like to use the word “fail”. What really happened is I learned that I could get some traction on whatever it was I was trying to accomplish but it would only get so far before things stopped working. I was never really able to reach my goals and this was all due to trying to take shortcuts. Did this ever happen to you?
So my advice to you is if you’ve been this person in the past, STOP!
Right now.
Make a concious choice to change and understand that the work might be a little boring at first, but down the road you’ll thank yourself for committing to the ENTIRE process instead of skipping past what you THOUGHT was useless information.
Because for the first time in your life you’ll finally start to feel like you have a COMPLETE understanding of something. You’ll truly start to feel accomplished and like you’ve MASTERED this awesome subject known as Digital Marketing! But now, let’s get into the good stuff!








Getting Started: Trusted Training, Resources & Tools

The biggest question you’ll answer in this guide: “How Do I Start A Marketing Agency”? When most people begin any new venture the first thing they want to do is look for free training, resources, and tools to get them started. Totally understand. It’s always smart to “try before you buy”.
So here are your options:
1. I have tons of free content over on my blog that cover everything you need to know about How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency, How To Run Digital Marketing Campaigns, How to Get High-Ticket Clients (like Maria up above), and How To Create Killer Marketing Packages and Price Services Properly.
2. If you haven’t seen by now I also have massive amounts of free video training on my YouTube channel. Over 400+ videos! If you want how-to or explainer videos that is where you’ll want to go! Also, I go LIVE and host a Q & A session every Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard time. I do giveaways every week so you won’t want to miss it!
3. Finally, this last option isn’t free but it’s SUPER cheap (only $7). This is my beginner level program that’s designed to introduce you to everything you’re going to learn and the exact steps you should take to build your agency. I’ve actually had 100s of students that have gone through this program land clients worth $5,000+. Check it out!


Becoming An Expert: Intermediate/Advanced Training​

You want the truth? Becoming an expert Digital Marketer and agency owner is completely possible for anyone, even the average everyday person!
BUT free resources and intro level programs alone won’t allow you to scale to $20,000+ per month in revenue. I’ve seen agency owners make money with that type of training, but they always end up having the same issues… they can’t figure out how to optimize their business, don’t perform well for their clients, or get stuck trying to get new clients while managing their current customers.
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If you’ve taken an intro level course or used free resources to start you’re on the right track. My recommendation from here is to get some type of advanced training and mentorship.
From here, you have two options:

OPTION 1: Do It Yourself

Your first option is to build your agency on your own. This is obviously the most affordable option to get started quickly, but you’ll still need that expert level training I mentioned— The Digital Marketing School 2.0!
This training course offers over 100+ lessons, quizzes, templates, scripts, and ANYTHING you could possibly think you might need to start your SMMA. This is a step-by-step video training program with a private mentorship group, over 10+ expert guest trainers and tons more!
The DMS 2.0 has had 1000s of successful students and is the number one marketing agency training program available. Currently, it’s half the cost of every other agency training course. However,. it won’t be for long so don’t wait!
Sign up by clicking the button below!

OPTION 2: Do It With Help

The second option you have is our newest initiative designed to assist agency owners with all of the guidance and mentorship they need— The Done WITH YOU Agency!
After 4+ years of training agency owners and reviewing 10,000+ case studies I noticed that most new agency owners took about 8-12 months to get their agency up and running with a solid base of clients. This is because they have to build their own agency workflows, pricing structure, service offerings, websites, and the list goes on.
With this program you are able to copy/paste my entire agency structure so that you’re up and running 100% in only 2-3 months!
BUT since we are going to literally give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED we only accept serious agency owners into this program. Think that’s you?
Click the button below this section to apply and we’ll set up a call to talk!


I do offer a group mentorship program where we meet two times per week on a LIVE Zoom call. If you’re on a tight budget this will probably be the best option for you!


Replicating Success: Find A Solid Mentor

In the first two steps, we primarily focused on acquiring the right resources and training to get your agency headed in the right direction. At this point in your journey you should have the agency up and running and even a few clients under your belt.


The next three steps are about making sure that you didn’t spend all that time in steps 1 and 2 just to have to close down your business a year or two later. I’ve seen several agency owners start off and make a lot of money only to lose it all in a short period of time.

With that being said, your next mission is to find a mentor who has built a successful business before and build a relationship with that person so that you have a resource to provide advice when things get tough. This mentor doesn’t have to be a marketing agency owner or even in the marketing industry, but its imperative that you find someone that has a lot of experience running a successful business!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to be everyone’s mentor. I have thousands of students that request for me to be their guide and there simply isn’t enough time in a day. I do offer one-on-one training and mentorship if needed and would be happy to talk with you about how I can personally help you!


Continuing Education: Personal Growth

One of the most beneficial steps along your entrepreneurial journey is to begin to focus on personal growth!
Every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever known makes it a point to continue growing and building better “CEO habits”. There are several ways to continue growing as a person and business owner:
1. Podcasts
2. Self Development Books
3. Physical Health
4. Mental Strength
Don’t think that just because you’re starting to make some money that you can’t continue to learn and grow.
To the right are some of the first things I’ve ever read when it comes to personal growth and each one has changed my outlook on life and business drastically. I highly recommend all of them!
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Reaching $1,000,000: Scaling Your Business

You’re finally here! You’ve built your agency, have an awesome team, tons of clients and are finally living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted!


The next goal is to really turn up the heat and take your agency to another level… $1,000,000 PER YEAR in revenue. This is how you know you’ve reached the big leagues and it will allow you to live comfortably financially for the rest of your life.
So how do you scale?
The biggest thing you need to do is begin to look at standardization of processes, operations, and the services you provide your clients.
The goal is to make it so that every new client requires less labor, software, and time to perform the same job with high quality results.
How do you do this? Well it’s way too complex to talk about in this step-by-step guide.
So, if you’re ready to learn how to make it to $1,000,000 then click the button below and let’s talk!