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What is an Automated Online Business?


To be completely honest with you, there are TONS of different online businesses opportunities that already exist that you can also automate.

Some of the most popular today are dropshipping (AKA Shopify Stores), Amazon businesses, eBay businesses, etc.

As a matter of fact, we partake in ventures of this style as well, but we aren’t going to focus on any of these for two reasons:

  1. This style of business is becoming saturated with BIG players with EVEN BIGGER budgets
  2. The longevity and inconsistencies with the products sold by these types of businesses makes it difficult to scale and build a stable long-term brand

So what type of Online Business can YOU start that provides a secure future?

At Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we recommend 2 different types of businesses as your BASE income FIRST…

  1. Digital Marketing Agency (Manage marketing campaigns for other businesses)
  2. Personal Branding (Building a business out of your passions)

…then working on some of the other businesses later.

But WHY?

Ultimately, these two business types are much more lucrative and stable than the previously mentioned.

PLUS, once you thoroughly understand building and operating your own agency or personal brand you can QUICKLY master any other type of Online Business.

Another reason that these two types of businesses are extremely cool stems from the BOOMING growth in the last couple of years.

  • Technological developments have allowed ANY driven entrepreneur to compete with even the largest marketing agencies.
  • Online “digital” education (one of the biggest revenue streams for personal brands) is one of the FASTEST GROWING trend shifts right now (projected to grow from $165B to $275B per year by 2022)!
  • TRUE FREEDOM comes from doing something you LOVE to do EVERY DAY. Either of these types of businesses allow anyone the opportunity for a better life right now!

There’s a lot to talk about and I’m STOKED to have your attention so far. I recommend getting started by watching either the “How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency” OR “Building a Personal Brand [FULL Step-By-Step Video]” to determine the path you’re most interested in.

Each path has the potential to build an AMAZING lifestyle…all you have to do is START!

2 Automated Online Business Options


How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Building a Personal Brand [FULL Step-By-Step Video]

What to Expect


When it comes to Entrepreneurship, specifically with regards to starting a marketing agency or personal brand, most people want to see QUICK results. This is definitely possible if you are willing to commit to _______:

  1. Thorough understanding of SWEPS & Content Marketing
  2. Consistent Engagement with the Marketing Community & Willingness to Learn
  3. An Ability to Work Without Always Having a “Template” or Exact “Guide”
  4. A Desire and Willingness to Learn to be a Leader

Being a business owner and an Entrepreneur is HARD! If you think that you’re always going to have someone there to hold your hand, help you with tough desicions, have a guide or template for every step on your journey, or be there to comfort you when times are tough then go ahead and hit the “X” in the top right of this page. If you aren’t willing to commit to this process of not only learning Digital Marketing but also learning how to become a well-groomed business owner and CEO then you shouldn’t expect to see the results that myself and MANY of my students have been able to achieve.

Are you average or EXTRAORDINARY
Because average won’t cut it!

Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency


The first thing that you ABSOLUTELY must have to start a Digital Marketing agency is an extremely STRONG understanding of SWEPS and Content Marketing.

The second thing you will need to understand is how to run a business and how to sell.

  1. You can join The Digital Marketing School RIGHT NOW and get EVERYTHING you need to get your agency going!
  2. If you’re still not sure and you want a FREE minicourse on getting your agency started then get our Starting an SMMA checklist PLUS tons of other resources you’ll need to get your agency started then join our list!

Starting a Personal Brand


The keys to starting and building a successful personal brand are simple:

  1. Pick a lucrative niche
  2. Create AMAZING content and give it away for FREE
  3. Create a long-term revenue model
  4. Build your following

To get started turning your passions and hobbies into a business that will make you $100,000+/year in the next 6 months just join our Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing Master Program today!

If you’re still not sure that this is something you want to persue then you can check out our FREE minicourse on Starting a Personal Brand and Influencer Marketing business HERE!

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I just want to take this last little bit to thank you for stopping by and viewing my brand!

Lastly, I wanted to say STOP! Stop doubting yourself, stop giving yourself excuses, stop being miserable in your career, stop living paycheck to pacheck and start living the life you’ve always dreamt about!

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