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Mentorship & Training for Social Media Marketing Agency Owners


The MAP Mentorship program is all about helping Social Media Marketing Agency Owners like YOU enhance their marketing and business ownership skillsets so that they can take their Agency to the NEXT LEVEL!

  1. Learn BEST Digital Marketing Practices
  2. Get the BEST Info on Building & Scaling Your Agency
  3. Direct Access to Jordan for Questions & Concerns

Student Results

Deric Got 8 NEW Clients in 3 Months

First Client in 2 Weeks

James Landed 3 NEW Clients in 2 Weeks


Here is a small overview of what's included in The Marketing Agency Padawants (MENTORSHIP) Program:
- 1 LIVE Training EVERY WEEK w/ Jordan
- Access to the Private Facebook Group
- 9 BONUS Video Trainings of our most popular lessons


Building the Business Plan for Your Agency

Bonus training 1 will teach you best practices to building an effective and useful business plan for your agency. The old “business plan” model that is 500 pages long is outdated. Let’s go over what you really need to know to lay out the vision and goals of your digital marketing agency QUICKLY!


Pricing Structure

Pricing your social media marketing agency services can be difficult. As a matter of fact, we get AT LEAST 5 questions or comments every day about pricing services. This video has just about everything you’ll want to know about pricing your services so that you get the most revenue out of every customer.


Scaling Your Business

Once you start getting a ton of new business it’s important to know how to scale your marketing agency. In this video, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of running your marketing agency with efficiency and what steps you’ll need to take to push to $100,000 and beyond!


Steps to Building Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most important aspects of running successful Digital Marketing campaigns. Even more importantly, there are steps that must be taken to ensure that you actually get results with your campaigns. You shouldn’t ever just start running an ad. This video explains ALL the steps you need to take to get conversion and engagement!


Overcoming Objections

The sales process is a tricky beast. You might hear that sales either comes naturally to some people or it just doesn’t. I don’t believe this. Sales is something that can be taught and objections are the hardest part to sales. In this video, we go over how to overcome some of the most common objections you’ll receive from potential clients!


Focusing on the Solution, NOT the Service

Too many of you business owners go out and try to sell your potential clients Facebook ads, Instagram Marketing, a cool website, or showing up in search engine results. The truth is that business owners don’t care about this…they care about growing their business and getting REAL results. The key to get these potential clients to love you is to sell them the solution.


Facebook Ads Remarketing: Part 1

Everyone thinks that they understand Facebook Ads, but do you really? Facebook remarketing is the MOST IMPORTANT step to making sure that you accomplish the goals that you promised your clients. Part 1 is all about the first set of remarketing ads that you NEED for businesses.


Facebook Ads Remarketing: Part 2

Oh you thought we were done? Nah, we’re just getting started. Facebook remarketing isn’t some simple concept that is understood in one 30 to 45 minute video. In Part 2 we discuss the second phase of the remarketing campaign and what types of ads you’ll want to run.


Cold Lead Generation Strategies

When you start to get clients they will want you to be able to send them NEW leads. This means that you’ll have to be able to generate QUALITY cold traffic that converts into a warm lead. This bonus training goes into some of the most effective ways to generate cold leads for a business.

Student Testimonials

Take Advantage of ALL of these Bonus
Videos When You Enroll Today!

1 LIVE Training EVERY WEEK (4-5 Videos Per Month) w/ Jordan – Value $1,299

Access to the Private Facebook Group – Value $699

9 BONUS Video Trainings of our most popular lessons – Value $3,825

BONUS 1: Building the business plan for your agency

BONUS 2: Pricing Structure – Value $425

BONUS 3: Scaling your business – Value $425

BONUS 4: Steps to building effective facebook ads – Value $425

BONUS 5: Overcoming Objections – Value $425

BONUS 6: Focusing on the Solution Not the Service- Value $425

BONUS 7: Facebook Ads Remarketing Part 1- Value $425

BONUS 8: Facebook Ads Remarketing Part 2 – Value $425

BONUS 9: Cold Lead Generation Strategies – Value $425

TOTAL VALUE – $5,823

GET IN NOW: Only $10 Per Month (Marketing Expert’s DISCOUNT)