Search Engine Marketing: Why it is necessary for your website?

October 18, 2017

An essential feature of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become stylish, they still can’t see and understand a web page the same way human can. SEO assists the engines in determining what each page is about and how it may be useful for users. Knowing search engine marketing is helpful in increasing your site’s rank on the web.

Why is Search Engine Marketing Necessary?

1. The Limits of Search Engine Technology

Automated search bots crawl the web, follow links, and index content in huge databases. They achieve this with incredible artificial intelligence, but modern search technology is not all-powerful. There are several technical limitations that cause major problems in both inclusion and rankings. We’ve listed the most common below:

Problems Crawling and Indexing

  • Online forms: Search engines aren’t good at finishing online forms (such as a login). And thus any content controlled behind them may remain hidden.
  • Duplicate pages: Websites using a CMS (Content Management System) frequently produce duplicate versions of the same page. This is the main problem for search engines searching for completely original content.
  • Blocked in the code: Errors in a website’s crawling directives (robots.txt) may lead to blocking search engines completely.
  • Poor link structures: If a website’s link structure isn’t clear to the search engines, they may not reach all of a website’s content, or if it’s crawled, the minimally-exposed content may be judged irrelevant by the engine’s index.
  • Non-text Content: Although the engines are getting better at reading the non-HTML text, content in rich media format is still challenging for search engines to classify specifically. This contains text in flash files, images, photos, video, audio, and plug-in content.

Problems Matching Queries to Content

  • Uncommon terms: Text that is not written in the usual terms that people use to search. For example, writing about “food cooling units” when people essentially search for “refrigerators.”
  • Language and internationalization subtleties: For example, “color” vs. “color.” When in doubt, check what people are searching for and use precise matches in your content.
  • Incompatible location targeting: Targeting content in Polish when most visitors to your website come from Japan.
  • Mixed contextual signals: For example, the title of your blog post is “Mexico’s Best Coffee” but the post itself is about a vacation resort in Canada which happens to serve great coffee. These mixed messages send puzzling signals to search engines.

2. Make sure your content gets seen

Getting the technical details of search engine-friendly web development accurate is vital, but once the basics are covered you must also market your content. The engines by themselves have no formulas to measure the value of content on the web. Instead, search technology depends on the metrics of relevance and importance and evaluates those metrics by tracking what actions people take with your content. They measure it by what people discover, react, comment, and link to. Search engine marketing helps you make your content visible on the web to more viewers, which ultimately increases traffic and conversions.

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3. Continuously Changing SEO

The future is unclear, but in the world of search and change is continuous. For this reason, search marketing will continue to be important for those who desire to remain competitive online. Some have stated that SEO is dead or that SEO amounts to spam which is completely untrue. Websites compete for attention and placement in the search engines, and those with the knowledge and experience to enhance their website’s ranking will achieve the benefits of FREE traffic and visibility.

Do you want to know more about search engine marketing? If you have any questions make sure to contact Jordan at one of his social media accounts listed below!!
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