YouTube Marketing: I Bet You Didn’t Know

January 6, 2018

Billions of users are watching videos, and billions of views are generated every day. However, not everyone succeeds with a YouTube channel. Here are some of the little-known and highly-valuable techniques you should follow.

Trending videos
Every YouTuber wants to have more views. To have a video featured in trending videos is a dream. Here is the trick to creating engaging videos that may go viral.

Find trending topics through internet research and create videos that relate to them. Offer quality information in an interesting way. You don’t have to follow the others, add a twist to your content. Audiences love to discuss the topic in the comments and share it with others. As a result, good videos about trending topics will get the momentum and go viral.

Data driven approach
Here are some of the data driven methods that can help you to increase your engagements, audience retention, and watch time.

Engagement matters
Are your subscribers engaging with your content? Engagements are an important indicator of your channel’s success. It’s not only the number of subscribers that is important, you should also pay attention to how many of your subscribers are actually watching your videos.

Go to Creator Studio’s dashboard and compare the number of subscribers against the views in the last 28 days. This percentage tells you whether your subscribers like the content or not. Optimize your content and eventually you can double the engagements.

If you are wondering how to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel, check out this post about 5 Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers.

Keep an eye on the watch time
Go to Watch Time Reports in the Analytics section of Creator Studio. You can find the graph with watch time data. If your watch time is going down you have to improve your content strategy.

Suggested videos
In Creator Studio, go to Analytics and select Traffic Sources then go to Suggested Videos. Here you can see where you get traffic via the suggested video feature.

Optimize your videos to get suggested in popular channels or in videos with higher view counts. This can help your channel gain momentum and popularity.

Audience retention
In Creator Studio, go to Analytics then choose Watch Time Reports and select Audience Retention to see the retention reports.

You can see a graph with overall and individual videos based audience retention. This will help you to find which types of content, video style, and topics are well received by your subscribers and viewers.

Higher rank and search count
You can use search count data to increase your video ranks.

In Creator Studio, go to Analytics, select Traffic Sources and click YouTube Search to find the number of searches.

This search count tells you how much traffic you are getting from YouTube’s search feature. If your video is performing well for some search terms, YouTube will rank it higher. At this stage you have to create more videos related to those search terms with quality content. Soon your channel will get higher rankings for the given topics.

What are some YouTube marketing tricks you know? Please share it here.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below.

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