How To Find The Right Topics For YouTube Videos [COMPLETE GUIDE]

June 22, 2019


People who know how to find topics for YouTube videos aren’t waiting around for inspiration. There a plethora of tools that can help you come up with ideas, and find the video topics that will work for you. When you’re figuring out how to find YouTube video topics, there are a few things you need to be looking for.


The first thing you need to focus on to find YouTube video ideas is user intent. This means creating the videos that people are looking for, speaking about topics that are interesting. Your goal should always be to create videos that will resonate with your audience, and encourage them to like, comment, and subscribe.


To find video topics that users will like, you should be doing keyword research and keeping your ear to the ground of your niche. I’ll talk about that more below, but something to keep in mind is that you need to find keywords you can win. If you’re targeting keywords and topics that a lot of big brands are fighting over, you won’t do well. When you’re learning how to find video topics for YouTube videos, you need to focus on the smallest topics possible.

Of course, there are places other than keywords where you can look for video topics, as well. Social media conversations and news outlets are great places to go to for inspiration for your videos. There are always thousands of conversations going on online, and you should always feel free to jump in on them. I’ll also go over a few ways you can use these for ideas.


How to Find Topics for YouTube Videos Using Keyword Research

The idea behind figuring out how to find topics for YouTube videos with keyword research is pretty simple. When you know what people are looking for, you can create content to go along with that. If people are searching for a certain topic, you can expect the video to do well. It’s not quite that simple, though.


Finding the right keywords is much more difficult than just looking at auto-suggest. While this can be a good way to get ideas, you need to look for certain keywords that you can win. It’s very important that you keep keyword difficulty in mind.


Brands with smaller audiences need to target keywords without much competition, and where the search results don’t match intent. You’re looking for keywords where the top search results don’t match the question that the searcher is implying – if I’m looking for a guide on how to use a tool and all the results are reviews for it, the results don’t match.


Similar to user intent, you also want to look at the keyword matches. When you search for a keyword and the topics that come up use similar phrases but not the exact phrase, there’s less competition for it. If most of the content is using a synonym, Google is probably aware that the words or phrases are synonymous but you might still be able to win.


Using SEO Tools to Find Great Content

Once you know what to look for when using keyword research to find topics for YouTube videos, you can start using tools to look for them. You might be familiar with these tools from on-site SEO, but many tools work for YouTube, as well. When you use most keyword tools, they can show you search volume, a competition score, and a user intent ranking.


There are a wide variety of SEO tools on the market, including:

  • SEOQuake
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Moz
  • VidIQ
  • Answer The Public
  • SerpStat
  • Keyword Planner (Google)
  • UberSuggest
  • Google Trends


SEOQuake, Keywords Everywhere, Moz, Answer the Public, Google Keyword Planner, and UberSuggest are all commonly used tools to consider. VidIQ is more geared towards YouTube and can be great for finding video topics. I would recommend using SEMRush or SerpStat, though, as both of these will give you a more in-depth look.


In addition to Google Keyword Planner, there are a variety of Google tools that can also give you a good idea of where to start your research. Trends, News, Alerts, related searches, and autocomplete are all good places to go to see what people are looking for. Don’t forget that YouTube videos are also common search results on Google, so building for both Google and YouTube searches is a good idea.


How to Find Topics for YouTube Videos By Consuming Content

Of course, when figuring out how to find topics for YouTube videos you don’t have to stop at keywords. There are plenty of sources of inspiration in the world, and getting involved and hunting them out is a great way to get inspired. Nothing is better for your creative juices than consuming other people’s content.


The first place I would look is niche or industry resources. Look at what people are talking about in industry journals or on industry forums. Take a look back at old industry conferences to see what people were talking about, or what’s planned for upcoming conferences. The Amazon Bestseller list might give you some ideas, as well as industry newsletter. Slideshares are great inspiration, too.


You can also take a look back at your industry or niche to create a historical recap or to modernize something. What were people talking about in the 80s? What’s different now?


The next place I would look is YouTube itself. Search for playlists that people in your niche are making – you can run down the videos for inspiration, or take the collection as a sign people are looking for more. If there are old videos in here, maybe update those.

Look in the comments section of your own videos, and other peoples videos. Are people in your comments sharing ideas or making requests? What about elsewhere in your niche? You can also look at what’s getting the most engagement for other people in your niche for an idea of what’s trending with viewers.


Websites for YouTube Video Ideas

There a plethora of places on the internet you can go to for video ideas. Buzzsumo is a great example. BuzzSumo is a data-driven research website that analyzes content within a niche to find holes. SerpStat’s Questions has a similar function, showing you searches that don’t have good answers.


Quora and other Q&A websites are great places to look for the same thing, as is Reddit. Reddit is unique in that it gives you more of an opportunity to view a whole conversation, whereas Quora can also be a great place to build expertise. Look for frequent topics, or for topics that have gone unanswered.


Finally, content curation websites like Feedly can be a great place to go to get some ideas. Again, consuming content is the number 1 way to get ideas. So having a feed built for you can be a great resource, especially as it shows you content you wouldn’t have looked for otherwise.


Using Social Media for YouTube Video Ideas

Social media can be a great place to go for ideas, as well. Twitter, for example, serves a very similar function to Reddit or Quora. Going around searching out tweets from your niche and interacting with people can help get you in the content creation mindset.


Facebook is a great place to get ideas from other people, as well as your fans. Consider running a poll when you’re stuck between video ideas. Head to relevant Facebook groups to check out and get involved in conversations. Ask people to ask you things. Check out your competitors and niche influencers to see what they’re doing, and use Facebook searches the same way you would Google or YouTube.


Instagram is another great place to do polls using your Instagram story, as well as to post up that you’re looking for ideas. You can use the Explore page to see what’s trending in your world and scroll through hashtags to look for new ideas. Again, be sure to check out your competitors and influencers to see what they’re up to.


Unexpected Places for YouTube Video Ideas

There are more places than just social media to go for ideas. Magazines, blogs, peer-reviewed journals, these are all great places. So are networking events and industry conferences. Going out and getting physically involved can help a lot.


Look at self-help sites to see if they have creative challenges or writing prompts to take on. Check out psychology studies. These are great for a new perspective, and learning something new is always inspiring.


What’s going on in government? Regulatory agencies and places like the CDC have a steady stream of surprisingly interesting content. Business associations are very similar, typically offering good content and conversation about their niche.


Finally, and most importantly, talk to people. Talk to business associates, talk to your friends and family, talk to people you see regularly. Being social is a huge help for getting inspired, especially because you can ask people for their ideas. Start conversations about what you do and you’d be surprised how quickly ideas come up.


How to Find Topics for YouTube Videos Using Yourself

Something that’s important to remember, also, is that the goal of YouTube videos is to humanize your brand. So you can always turn to yourself for inspiration. A lot of new creators get caught up trying to play a role and will throw away great ideas that they’re worried about.

Consider getting out and telling your story, the story of your business, milestone by milestone. Do case studies on some of your failures. Do case studies on some of your successes. Show what your thought process is like in building your business, peel back the curtain with a documentary style video.


Make bold predictions about the future. Come up with a theory and test it out. Show if you were wrong or right, why you came up with the theory, and what you did to test it. Talk about the people who inspire you, why they inspire you. Give hot takes about whatever’s on your mind.


You can always use your business for inspiration, too. Talk about your processes, your systems, your personnel. Talk about those big decisions and tough calls that are on your mind. Show people, you’re a person.


There’s no one way to come up with ideas, and that’s important to remember when trying to figure out how to find video topics for YouTube. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to get lost in your niche and to let your guard down a bit. Create the video you think needs to be created for you, or the video you would have wanted to see a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago.

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