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How to Start A Social Media Agency in 2019 With No Money

June 4, 2018

Social media marketing and digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing work-from-home options. There are many reasons people are gravitating toward this career, including the ability to choose your hours, work wherever, whenever, and to work on projects that you’re actually passionate about. One of the best things about starting a social media agency is that there is little to no overhead required—you simply need a working computer and a good wi-fi connection. In this article, I’ll be running you through the 7 things you need to do to start a successful social media agency with no money.


1. Market Yourself

If you’re going to start selling your social media services to others, you need to start with yourself. Start to market yourself through social media by creating accounts across all platforms. Create a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, etc., and start getting your name out there. Think of yourself as your first client.

It also doesn’t have to end with social media. Get your online presence firmly set up by creating a website and start a blog. This will not only help prospective clients learn more about you and what you can offer them, but it will also help them find you, as creating content is a great tool for search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Pick Lucrative Niches

One of the reasons why social media agencies are so popular right now is because social media marketing is helpful to every niche. Focusing in on one niche or a few specific ones, as opposed to going for any client in any niche, is that you can create a front-loading business model, where you put in the most work at the start. Once you create a template or on-boarding process for a specific niche, you can re-use that over and over again.

However, it’s not as simple as just gaining a client and moving on. Social media agencies are also a treadmill business, where income is based upon the work put into the business. You always need to be putting work into your business and keeping your clients happy.

Some good niches to start in are those that have high-value clients, such as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and dentists.

3. Create Packages

Pricing is a very important aspect of starting and running a successful social media agency. You need to develop different pricing strategies for services you will provide i.e. ‘basic’ and ‘VIP options’. The difference is the amount and type of work you’ll do within those packages.

For example, for $997, you could optimize a client’s website to capture someone’s email address. With this, you’ll be able to create a simple email marketing funnel—a highly valuable asset—to nurture the relationship. For a more comprehensive package, you could charge $1,997 to manage all of a client’s social media accounts and create stories that build their brand. You could then add paid advertising for the more

4. Network

Networking is an essential skill to learn no matter what business you’re in, but it’s particularly important when you’re running your own agency. The easiest way to get started is through friends, family, and referrals.

In the physical world, you should be going out and interacting with your community and attending networking events or joining business-minded groups such as the Chamber of Commerce. Online, you can reach out to companies by offering a free evaluation of their social media accounts or website using an audit.

By approaching a prospective client with an audit, you can confidently tell them what they’re doing wrong and show them how you can help them improve. Once the client is secure ask for a written or video testimonial.

5. Tell Engaging Stories To Attract Followers

It’s not enough to simply have social accounts for you/your agency; you also need to be active and engaging on these platforms. Share your story. Give people an idea of who you are; they want to know who they are considering working with, and you need to show them why they should invest their time and money in you.

Create a fun, compelling, behind-the-scenes, adventure and become a master storyteller. Most importantly be consistent by posting every day. This way the potential customer will see how your skills might be able to tell their story—you will be your ultimate testimonial.

6. Track Results

While all of these are great strategies for building your social media agency and attracting customers, you won’t have any success unless you’re able to give your clients results. Prove to the client that what you are doing is benefiting their business through social media monitoring and management tools like Hootsuite. These tools will help you track your marketing efforts and give you concrete data that you can show your client.

Tracking your results will not only help you see what campaigns and strategies are working and what areas need improvement but being able to show these results to your client will prove to them that their investment in you is worth their time and money.

7. Hire Staff

Once you’ve got your social media agency up and running with some clients on board, it’s time to build your team. Analyze what tasks are taking up too much of your time and whether they can be handed off to someone else. Most often, a virtual assistant and an accountant should be the first two positions added to your team, as they’ll help you manage your daily operations and your money.

Make sure that you are freeing up your time so that you’re able to continue providing your clients with the quality of work they deserve, and that you have enough energy to continue growing your agency.

Now that you know the 7 simple steps to start your own social media agency, it’s time to get out there and start working!

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