How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency [The 2020 SMMA Guide]

April 6, 2018  

What is pushing you to learn how to start a social media marketing agency? What is the driving force that motivates you?

Is that voice in your head getting louder everyday telling you to build a business?

It’s like an itch in your brain that you can’t scratch!

The ability to travel and work from your laptop anywhere in the world is a dream that will be your reality!

People dream about building this amazing future but most quit before they put in the effort. You can find tons of SMMA courses online but the fact that you are here, right now, means that you are starved for success. You want to succeed and build a social media agency that makes you six or seven figures every year.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how you can create a digital social media marketing agency that will make you the envy of all your friends. Travel in first class style and lounge on some of the most exclusive beaches in the world all while working from nothing but a laptop.

There is no opportunity more exciting and financially rewarding for Millennials and Gen Z. In fact, social media users are expected to eclipse 3 Billion by 2021. This is the digital age and we need to capitalize on the lack of understanding from the older generations.

The creation of social media and digital marketing disciplines is as close to a real-life gold rush as we’ll ever get. Our parents may own real estate and be invested in the stock market but we own digital real estate and we are invested in the digital market.

So, build a digital agency that lets you do what boomers have been saving for their entire life!

If you are ready to get started and commit yourself to building an empire keep reading to discover the secrets about how to build an SMMA (social media marketing agency). I’ll also give some bonus tips on how to scale your agency and make six figures per year!

Before I give away all the SMMA secrets, let’s touch on the most common question I get asked.

Can I make money with an SMMA?


The generational gap in understanding technology has provided a unique opportunity to young entrepreneurs. The older generation possesses a lot of wealth and this is your chance to get paid!

Businesses need social media marketing and social media managers to reach their customers. Large companies are spending millions across all social media channels. Small business owners want to compete. There are about 90 million small business Facebook Pages currently on the platform. That is a lot of social media accounts and even more opportunities for your marketing team.

I have to mention, some experts in the community think social media marketing is oversaturated. Digital entrepreneurs and consultants are trying to become rich by building their organization with no real expertise or proof of credibility.

All I have to say to that is:

“If you do quality work and treat your customers well, you can build businesses in any sector and be successful!”

Build your portfolio of premier accounts by providing a “WOW Factor” and focusing on client goals as your first priority. This customer-first mentality will be the foundation and will accelerate growth.

“The average agency margin is clustered closely around 18%.” (Statistics from Promethean Research)

What does that mean for you?

Let’s do some quick math! (for teaching purposes your fee will be $2500/month)

1 Client x $2500 monthly = $450 PP (Pure Profit)

(thats after paying you, your staff, office space, and social media tools)

4 Clients x $2500 monthly = $1000 PP

This looks like a small number but as your agency onboards more clients your profits will rise!

Also… this is the profit. If you want to be impressed, check the revenue! 4x$2500 = 10K per month!


Can I Start A Social Media Agency With No Experience?

You certainly can start a Social Media Marketing Agency with no experience!

“Experience Comes From Doing.” – Jordan Steen

I had a chance to build a relationship with one of my students recently. I asked her if she would be one of the featured success stories in the client testimonials. Here is her story!

Kaylah’s went to college and pursued an education in Biology. She decided to pursue a different calling and closed that chapter of her life. Now, she is running her own marketing agency and producing over $75,000 per month.

So many great companies come from founders that never ran a business. This is assuming you understand the basics of digital advertising and how to implement digital strategies. You don’t need to know everything. But you do need knowledge of digital marketing principles and marketing strategies, like:

What you don’t need is an understanding of running a business. That is what you can learn as you go. There are tons of resources available that will help you be a great owner and founder. You can find a mentor or coach that is available via video conferencing. If you prefer to meet face-to-face you can find coaches and mentors in your local area that you can meet in person.


Can I Start A Social Media Agency With No Money?

Starting a social media marketing agency with no money is exactly what I did. Most business owners start with no money. All you need to build a successful social media management company is a passion for your career and ability to talk to people.

“That’s all I need?”


Well almost. I was exaggerating a little bit. You will need a laptop (or some kind of computer) and internet access to actually do the work.

But your passion will get you through the rough spots. When you’re not making the money you want, but you know it’s coming later. And connecting with people, everyday, is how you expand your network and sell your services. Don’t be afraid of any exposure that puts you in meetups or groups. These groups will provide great relationships and insights in a variety of industries that can lead to more jobs later.

The First Steps To Build A Social Media Agency

Like anything else, before you start, you need to learn the proper skills. There are countless options available online that help you understand the basics. Before you purchase a digital marketing course(if you haven’t already) you need to watch and read some free content.

The free content available online right now is better than college textbooks (*cough* overpriced). You can learn the basics of social ads and social media services by watching youtube. (shameless plug to my youtube channel👉🏼

After you have exhausted the free content, then you can consider purchasing an SMMA course. Think about the free content you watched.

Who gave you the most information?

Who gave you fluff with no substance?

Find the trainer that provides value in their free content because their paid content will be even better!

I mentioned you need to learn the basic skills of running a social media marketing business. You will be learning a lot so it’s ideal to break it into sections.

Here is a full list of the skills you need to be familiar with to become a digital marketer.

I have an abbreviation for the parts you need to focus on. It’s called it SWEPS. I recently added a C to it but that makes it sound weird when I say it out loud.

Anyway, SWEPS+C represents the 6 pillars of services offered by SMMAs and digital agencies.

Social Media

Obviously you need to learn everything about social media. But what details of social media activity do you need to focus on?

You need to learn the details of all the characteristics of social media networks.

When you start learning more and begin to notice the various posts, you will notice there is a stark contrast in the type of content that is being produced for each social site. This is something a lot of marketers miss early in their career.

The content you produce for your marketing clients needs to be native to the social platform you are using. To get an optimal outcome, you need to monitor this with a social media analytics tool. If you are familiar with one of the dozens of social media management tools, check to see if it offers an analytics suite.

Below is a full guide for each social site.

The last component of social media you need to learn is social ads. You know so many entrepreneurs and business owners that run their own ads. But have you seen how much they are spending, or what their ROI (Return On Investment) is, or if they are even optimizing their ads?

Listed below are some of what makes a great social media manager. Do you know how to do this? If you are here, you either will want to get better or you want to learn. Either way, well done.

Your drive to be better will be rewarded soon.

Social Media Platforms To Learn For Your SMMA

Best Content For Each Social Media Platform

There is no one-size-fits-all option when posting. There is a range of what’s acceptable and then there is the “taste” of the users for each social network. Major brands have discovered this and are producing content that users on each platform come there to see.

Create Content That Drives Organic Engagement

Organic engagement comes from something real and genuine. Leverage a real experience others can relate to. Record yourself talking about a funny or embarrassing moment. You will be amazed by the amount of support and comments you receive by doing this.

You can also try the same thing with an image. Snap a picture of real-life scenes or actions that appeals to you emotionally. Then, in the copy of your post, talk about why this is so touching or how it impacted you.

Campaigns rely on rules like this to increase engagement from different sectors of the population.

And it’s working!

Who doesn’t love a good story?

But how you deliver the content will vary based on which platform you are using.

Create Platform Specific content to really grow your social media presence

Platform specific content is not content that is totally different across all channels. Instead you can use the same content or premise but you will apply it in different ways to fit that specific platform.

What content does best on facebook?

Facebook is great for video content. In fact, video posts on Facebook get 59% more engagement than other post types.

But it is not enough to shoot a video and post it. You have to create good content that hits on of the 5 reasons people share content. If you can create content that leverages these you will see amazing success with your social campaigns.

What content does best on Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform. Telling your story with an image or a short video will get better results.

When posting, the captions matter less than visuals. Your visual needs to capture interest, convey power, and evoke a feeling. If your creative elements do not get noticed by audiences, your campaign performance will see no progress.

The length of your captions on Instagram have a direct affect on engagement.

The shorter your caption is the more your target audience will engage with your social media posts . Captions of under 10 words increase the engagement rate by about 2.7% on average across all post types.

Those are the primary sites where SMMAs focus a majority of their marketing efforts. I could keep going if you want me to but is it me or does it feel like you’ve been reading forever? Are you getting enough value here? Do you want me to add to this post? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it if there is enough interest!

Build Your Agency With Great Ads (Facebook Ads & PPC Ads)

How to Make Great Ads on Social Media

Ads work the same in digital as they do in print.

The graphics (picture or video) capture audience attention. Poor graphics on an ad will result in a lot of wasted money because your ad will go unnoticed.

A strong headline grabs piques the interest of the audience.

If you produce an ad with a weak or poorly worded headline your audience WILL NOT remember the ad.

The body copy is where you deliver your VALUE PROPOSITION and call-to-action (CTA).

Without a good CTA to drive your message, the response rate for your ad will be low.

How To Write Great Ad Copy

Images and Videos for social media ads

Website Marketing & Building Websites

Everyone knows what a website is, but few know what all goes into creating a website that people want to use and visit repeatedly. And even less know what it takes to create a functional work of art that stands out from the rest of the web.

The coding, the structure, the flow, the look and feel, and how visitors interact with the website are all factors that will be considered when building a company website or any new site.

There is way too much to get into here (sorry, no fun checklist for this one!) but I did write an in-depth piece about websites and what goes into building a website.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the act of sending a communication via email with the intention of that email being to elicit a response from the reader, usually to further the pursuit of a goal established before the starting the email campaign.

If you are thinking that email marketing doesn’t work, I hear you…and you’re wrong. Email Marketing has been around for a few decades and it keeps producing results.

Every marketer includes some form of an email campaign in the overall campaign strategy. If you are creating a strategy for a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, an e-commerce store, or for your own agency emails will be essential in accomplishing your campaign objective.

Apart from the consistent success of these campaigns, there is one reason email marketing is still a part of marketing campaigns. Sending emails costs nothing.

Sure, there is a financial responsibility that comes with writing and testing them, but you can send that to thousands of people.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most common categories of email marketing:

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a category of advertising that involves creating a campaign around specific keywords that are predetermined by the marketer and then inputted into the ads management system of a specific search engine.

This is a fairly easy process to grasp but much more difficult to implement at a high level.

The basics of a PPC campaign:

Are you ready for this? The last few were pretty quick to get through but this next section is long. So take a bathroom break, grab a drink, or take the dog out for a walk and then let’s dig in!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO can be overwhelming because of how broad it is. I’ll break it down into its main parts so you can get an idea of what all is involved. If you do not have experience with SEO, learning this may take some time, so if it is not one of your skills you can hire for it. Make certain you understand the basics so you can communicate your clients’ and potential clients’ needs to your employee.

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO (On-page Search Engine Optimization) is the action(s) taken to optimize content and HTML source code on any site page or blog post in order to clearly define what the webpage is and what information is provided so that search engines are able to understand the page thereby providing their users with the most relevant answers to their questions.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO (Technical Search Engine Optimization) is the act of optimizing an entire website to allow search engine spiders to crawl and index the site efficiently.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO (Off-Page Search Engine Optimization) is the activity undertaken by the owner or representative of a website to promote the website or content in order to drive traffic and create awareness. The promotional methods used are done outside of the realm of the actual site. This segment of SEO more closely resembles Public Relations (PR).

Here are some activities that are considered off-page SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is the action(s) taken by a local business owner or their representative to market a local business online to local customers and thus ensuring the business will show in relevant search results for local queries.

Local SEO is a rapidly expanding sector of marketing. This is due to the amount of searches done by users that are local focused (82% of users searched with the phrase “near me”).

Some of the work involved in local SEO are:

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is the act of creating, distributing, and promoting content that is produced for the benefit of the consumer with the explicit goal of driving consistent traffic, leads, and sales for a site.

The content produced can vary in type and success. If you know about content marketing and you are ready to take it a step further, check out this full breakdown of how to automate content marketing.

Here is a quick overview to give you an idea of what you need to produce.

But it needs to be high-quality content, like this, that you share with friends. (Listen To Shia Labeouf, share this post)👉🏼

Well, you are officially a couple thousand words into the most in-depth blog about building your marketing agency and we haven’t even gotten to the actual business side yet!

If you are this far down, you are committed. You want to build a better future.

I want you to do this RIGHT NOW… whatever it is that is driving you to learn and take in all of this information, you need to hold onto that and don’t lose that drive and focus.

At this point, you are more of an expert of digital marketing than anyone you know. So, leverage that and impress people with the knowledge you have. The more you talk about it and give pointers to friends and family, the quicker people will start to associate you with marketing. Maybe you will even get a referral.

Now, let’s get back to it!

How to build and scale your Social Media Agency

To be absolutely honest with you…some of you will not succeed with your business models for social media marketing services. A loss of focus when hitting an obstacle has made it easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to give up.

You will not do that… Right? (Seriously, say it out loud. I don’t care if the people at Starbucks think you’re weird.)


OK, now that’s done, now let’s talk about 4 PARTS OF BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL AGENCY.

Set Goals For Your Agency

These will be a constant reminder of where you are trying to go. Anytime you think about taking on another project or doing something new, review your plan and ask yourself:

“Will this help me reach my goals this year?”

If the answer is “No” then you saved yourself a lot of time and money.

I am not telling you to throw out the idea. The best advice I can give you is the method I used. Push it to the back until it aligns more closely with your current situation.

Company Goals

Set realistic targets that are achievable. I like to start with micro-goals. They are little goals that I celebrate on the way to the big ones. My company follows a list like this:

Yearly Goals
Business Goals By Year
Business Goal Tips (use one or all)

How to Set Your Company Structure and Plan For Future Growth

At the start of your journey as an agency owner is to start small. Do not take on the extra challenges involved with payroll until you can’t keep up with the workload. Focus your first clients around the service that you can provide to get the practice and so you can make sure you deliver better than your competition .

If you can meet or exceed the expectations of your first clients and keep them happy, they will re-sign your contract because of the trust you built. This trust will produce more connections and referral business. In my opinion, once you land your first client you should immediately bring on a contractor or VAs to begin fulfilling campaigns. REMEMBER: Your job as the CEO is to work ON the business, not IN the business!

First, know what kind of contractor or Virtual Assistant (VA) you want. There are VAs with tons of talent in various fields. Are you looking for a VA to do parts of your job or do you want them to work on different parts (with different skill sets) of a client’s campaign?

I recommend you find affordable VAs early. You want to have a team member on staff that knows how you operate. You can gradually give them more responsibility to free up more of your time.

Key Takeaway: Hire a VA before you need to and take the time to train them the right way.

Create A Budget For Your Agency

This is where most owners fail. They do not understand the importance of accounting and taxes. But you are the owner and the bills need to get paid.

Spreadsheets are the best when starting. It won’t be long before you start to feel overwhelmed by how many spreadsheets you have. Once you realize this, it’s time to upgrade. When that happens find a software to handle invoicing and incoming and outgoing payments. This is not your top priority but it’s close.

To ensure the financial health of your new agency you will have to make sacrifices. Personal and professional financial sacrifices are needed to keep expenses down. You will not be able to afford the top tier software, you will have to do manual processes for a while, so your work may take longer to complete.

This will be tedious and annoying but it is necessary.

profit = sales-total cost

The cost (my accountant calls it “overhead”) is where you need to pay attention. You will start incurring expenses at an alarming rate if you are not careful.

The software that you choose when starting your marketing business does not need to be the best available. Your goal is to minimize the tedious and repetitive tasks. You can upgrade your agency software as you scale.

The second part of the overhead is salaries or hourly pay. This is why it is so important to get a quote on the amount of hours to completion when working with any freelancer. If you don’t have a timeframe, you will have no way to budget it.

What Is The Best Niche For My Agency

You may have some experience in certain niches that will give you an advantage over other agencies trying to break into that niche. Play to your strengths and use the terms specific to their industries in conversation. The ability to understand industry terms and speak their language is how you impress prospects and win more business.

Have established the primary niche for your agency? If you have, that’s great, just remember you don’t want to go all-in on just one. There are some big disadvantages if you only focus on a specific field. You need to diversify your income streams. This will protect you in the event of an economic slow down.

Do some research to find the best SMMA niches and think about what industry is hot right now and what industry future potential.

Three of the top options right now are:

There are many possibilities. I encourage you to go read the link above and draw your own conclusion.

How To: The Legal Part Of Starting A Social Media Business

No matter what you want to do with your life, paperwork will be a necessary evil. I hate the amount of tedious paperwork involved with starting a company.

I personally use a service that I talked about in a recent article about How To Set Up A Marketing Agency Legally. I use this service for two reasons:

One, I am busy and this makes it easier. Two, I don’t want to risk missing a key piece of information.

The website I have to use for my state is…well, let’s just say its not user-friendly.

Steps To Set Up A Business (Legally)

Business Structures: Which Is Right For You?

The implications of this can have unfortunate side-effects if you choose wrong. A quick consultation with an attorney and an accountant will give you clarification and help to protect you in the future. You don’t want to deal with the IRS for violation if you can avoid it from the start.

A quick reference table for you to review the basics will give you an idea of where to start when you speak to your consultants.

Business structure Ownership Liability Taxes
Sole proprietorship One person Unlimited personal liability Personal tax only
Partnerships Two or more people Unlimited personal liability unless structured as a limited partnership Self-employment tax (except for limited partners)

Personal tax

Limited liability company (LLC) One or more people Owners are not personally liable Self-employment tax

Personal tax or corporate tax

Corporation – C corp One or more people Owners are not personally liable Corporate tax
Corporation – S corp One or more people, but no more than 100, and all must be U.S. citizens Owners are not personally liable Personal tax
Corporation – B corp One or more people Owners are not personally liable Corporate tax

Open A Business Bank Account

Actually opening the account will take zero effort. Finding a bank that fits your requirements will take a lot of patience and investigating.

There are pros and cons to every bank. Look over the listed features for local banks and credit unions and then compare those features to some of the online-only banks. Narrow it down to the top five and do a side by side comparison of all the features and charges.

There are so many factors to account for when reviewing the Banking Options for Your SMMA. Be patient. Don’t rush into this decision only to regret it later because you failed to compare.


What Services to Provide For My SMMA

When you get your first customer, focus on the service offering you can provide and fulfill on your own. This business model will keep expenses down and help you establish your processes for service. (Processes are important and costly if you do not document them continuously)

When you are ready to scale your digital agency, your services will begin to expand. Here is a quick list of services I provide in my marketing business:

Now, for the fun stuff.

What I get asked often:

How Do I Price My Marketing Agency Services?

If you want to actually make money with your marketing agency, you need to charge your clients enough so you can begin to realize the dream of building your empire.

I know that sounds like a half-baked statement but you’d be surprised how many people told me they have lost money because they missed the mark on pricing when they quoted the job. 🤦🏻‍♂️

This will directly affect your earnings potential. If you don’t want to run your agency into the ground learn to build a quote that covers all expenses. It’s always better to charge too much than to not charge enough. If you charge too much you can always throw in some free consulting to make up for misquoting.

I made a full breakdown on how to price your SMMA services. You can also find a pricing PDF for you to download.

How Do I Create Packages For my SMMA Clients?

You need to create a menu, of sorts, for your clients so they can select the package they want. It makes it easier for you and the client knows exactly what they are getting.

If you want more information on creating marketing packages, I do a Live Q&A on Youtube every Thursday.

I’ll see you on Thursday, right?

How To Get Clients and Sell Your Marketing Services

Getting clients and selling marketing services seems impossible sometimes, right?

The secret is all about how you approach it. There is a strategy involved that will help you win more clients and keep them.

When I was first starting my agency, I kept hitting a wall with prospecting. I was inconsistent and could never carve out enough time to do it consistently.

I would rush to make calls until I found a client. Then, I would focus on that client and if I had some spare time I would make some calls. But, if I had a client leave for any reason, I would scramble to replace them because I needed that money to keep growing.

I decided there had to be a better way so I read whatever I could find. I listened to audiobooks. Until it finally hit me…


Time is the only thing I can’t get more of so I need to protect it.

Prioritize time management, create a schedule, and live by it.

The addition of a structured day changed my entire circumstances. My business took a giant leap forward. I was happier, more productive, and something I didn’t expect. My clients and staff were better prepared for calls and meetings. They know how much time they have, so they come prepared.

Examples of time blocks I schedule into my calendar:

As a result, the landscape of my business plan was accelerated. I am a believer in the advantages of a well planned day.

If structure is not an aspect of your personality that comes naturally, I am right there with you. Try implementing this on a trial basis. But really commit to your decision.

The choice to follow a strict schedule can cause problems for someone that is not willing to fully commit.

(As a good rule to live by: For individuals that work from home, keep your schedule in front of you at all times.)

Bonus perk – you never forget events

In related news LOL

if you want an example schedule to get a sense of how to build oneI still have my schedule from when I started. I’ll be giving it out in the comments. Drop me a line in the comments about what you are struggling with in your business and I’ll get you the link to the calendar template.

You got your time under control; Now get serious about selling.

Develop a sales strategy for your SMMA

When I started, I had a strategy but it was not fully-planned. I had a rough idea of how the cycle was going to work.

Draw out your sales cycle (including the different stages) on a board and marvel at its complexity. Now, accept that this will go through a bunch of changes. If you have not sold these packages before, your initial plan will change constantly.

But I have identified where most agencies lose time and lose sales.

How To Prequalify A Business

Before you ever send an email or make a call to a potential client you need to prequalify. Can the company afford your services? You don’t want to waste your time with a company that doesn’t have the money to invest in a full marketing plan.

Cold Outreach

Nobody likes do cold outreach. WHY?

Chances are, this is where you get told NO… A LOT

If you are not committed, this two letter word can make you doubt yourself. Every time you hear the word “No” think to yourself:

“That business is missing their shot to grow their business.”

Then, move on to the next.

I have crafted some cold outreach emails through trial and error. If you need some help with cold outreach, you can grab my emails here.

How To Follow Up

The money is in the follow up!

You have heard that before, I’m sure. But what does it mean and how do I follow up?

Simple. Call them and don’t stop until they say no or you get a proposal meeting scheduled.

Persistence is key in this stage. If you don’t know what to say on the phone or you don’t know where to begin, come over to Youtube on Thursday and ask me in my live Q&A.


Your marketing proposal meeting is a minefield. Navigate carefully. The basis of every proposal meeting is to provide value.

In your proposal, provide your prospect with some easy fixes they can do on their own with little to no expense. Then, focus on high-level issues that only a real marketing expert with experience can fix.

Focus on your prospect. Specifically, listen to what they are asking. Questions are opportunities for you to impress prospects and avoid future objections if answered correctly.

If you are serious about growing your agency and landing SMMA clients, you have to put in the work. Most importantly, you have to learn that rejection is a part of the process and it’s a numbers game.

Marketing Agency Growth Hacking With Team Building

Having the right people in place to help you grow your SMMA is essential to your future scalability. This is one of the most important aspects of growing social media marketing agencies. If you miss on a hire it can set you back months.

Finding and hiring talent is something I struggled with when I started hiring. You are not alone. I hired and fired a lot at the beginning.

Hopefully, I can save you some time and money by telling you about the parts of building a team that took me months to learn.

Training Freelancers And Documenting Processes

Earlier I told you about documenting your processes. This is why you need to document.

When you hire a virtual assistant or a new team member, you want them to complete a task your way. To ensure your staff is doing the work correctly, they need training and guidance. Take the time to train them properly and they will not let you down.

If you are having issues with an employee you hired and trained, it could be that your process is flawed. Work with your freelancers to review the workflow and make adjustments as needed. I have a quarterly meeting with all departments to review processes and get feedback to see if we need to update or change any of the current processes and procedures.

To highlight the importance of documenting and training in my firm, I assigned one person from every department to be accountable for the processes. This keeps you from dealing with multiple employees about the same process. Remember your time is irreplaceable so safeguard it at all cost!

Final Thoughts On Building A Social Marketing Empire

Becoming a social media marketer or building a digital business is the best option for anyone looking to build a future of financial freedom. If you want to retire in 10 years, start building now.

It will not be easy and you will fail a couple of times, sure. That is no reason to give up. There are plenty of resources available to help you with anything you are struggling with. A positive mindset will keep things in perspective!

As the great Michael Jordan said:

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Now it’s your turn to go build a marketing agency.

Are you ready?

Tell me in the comments what, if anything, is stopping you from starting a social media marketing agency.

Or do you want more information about a topic covered here?

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