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What Is Digital Marketing? Understanding SWEPS + CM

April 22, 2019

The role of digital marketing is only continuing to grow, and it’s easily one of the fastest growing industries of 2019. Every business has a digital presence now, with any that don’t quickly getting left behind. However, with the industry growing this fast, it’s easy to get lost.

With so much of this year left, we’re still left wondering, “what is online marketing going to look like at the end of the year?” Small changes have been shown to have a huge impact, rendering it impossible to guess what pivots will need to be made. What is digital marketing strategy going to do to keep up?

What are you going to do to keep up? The answer is simple: you’re going to follow these five steps that I’ve laid out for you. If you can cover this list, your digital marketing strategy will stay strong regardless of changes in social media trends or Google algorithms.

The five things you need to do to cover the role of digital marketing at your business are called SWEPS. That’s my acronym for what is digital marketing strategy gold as far as I’m concerned. Digital Marketing 101: Social Media Marketing, Website Design/Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. With these five steps in mind, you will increase the revenue of your business time after time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become synonymous with the role of digital marketing. What is online marketing in 2019 without Facebook? Not the giant industry it is today, that’s for sure. There are too many social media to go fully in-depth on, but there are six main social media channels you should know about: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Facebook is the best tool in your toolbox for generating brand awareness. Cold traffic campaigns on Facebook help garner interest in your product, create an audience, and engage with that audience. You can also use Facebook as a lead generation machine, using ads on the platform to drive people to your sales page.

Once you have a Facebook business page set up, you should do the same on Instagram. On Instagram, you should be posting videos and stories that show off your brand and it’s value. Coupling that with hashtags can reach a huge audience – you can always try ads or influencer partnerships here as well.

YouTube is a similarly powerful platform that is often overlooked as part of social media marketing. Getting started on YouTube requires research and consumption as you find what content you’d be interested in creating and would work for your business. Once you’ve got an idea, you can set a channel up and get posting – your videos will perform well if they’re optimized for search.

LinkedIn is best used for B2B, but is otherwise like Facebook. Snapchat is a great place to share organic, natural content to help strengthen the relationship with your audience. Finally, Twitter is a great platform to syndicate your other content and to have live conversation with your customers.

If you want a full answer to, “what is digital marketing strategy like on social media and how do I execute it,” click here to get my full SMMA checklist.

Website Design and Marketing

Website design isn’t normally thought of as within the role of digital marketing, but good website design is crucial. What is digital marketing strategy thinking about within website design? There are two things you want to consider: is the design of your website resonant, and are your sales pages functioning?image with text about web marketing

A good website design needs to be relatable to your customer, from the color scheme to the fonts. Without visual appeal, people will bounce from your website in a hurry. Beyond the aesthetic elements, your website must also load quickly – otherwise the design will hurt SEO rankings.

There are a few pages you should have on your website: Home, About, Contact, Blog/Vlog ontent, and product pages. The Home and About pages should feature great copy that shows off your brand and business. The Contact page should include your name, address, and phone number, as well as sales, info, and support business emails.

The role of digital marketing most shows itself on site with CTAs and sales funnels. To get the most out of your website, you should have lead generators like contact forms, newsletter signups and quote forms. You can ease into these with value content such as your blog, offering .pdfs, or promotions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing used to be the backbone of the role of digital marketing, but has since fallen off. It’s not as sexy as social media marketing, but it can be very effective. The right automation tool can make email marketing very profitable for you — personally, I like to use Active Campaign.

What digital marketing strategy should focus on with email marketing is list building, and automation. List building is the process of adding new customers to Active Campaign (or whatever program you decide to use). Landing pages, Facebook lead gen, and PPC campaigns can land 1000s of customers if done right.

Once the list is built, you’ll start to segment the list. Segmentation should break customers down into marketable chunks. New faces are an obvious segment, but you can also segment by specific actions. A profitable segment is customers who filled a cart and didn’t buy, or people who bought one product but not another.

Your automation series should include 3 major types of email: welcome emails, follow ups, and newsletters. You can assume what the welcome email should do – simply say hello and make the person aware of what you’re offering. The follow up email is where your sales will be made, taking the form of a direct follow up or a series of messages. Your newsletter should syndicate your content from your blog, vlogs, or anywhere else on the internet.

You can also use emails to create upsells, by using the welcome – follow up model for a product.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is perhaps the purest form of what online marketing wants to do: it is designed to get interested prospects to your website, where they can be sold to. However, what digital marketing strategy needs to consider before anything else with PPC is budget. Because PPC has been around so long prices can get very high, especially where attorneys, doctors, and large corporations are concerned.

Beyond that, there are three considerations for the role of digital marketing here: placement, targeting, and keyword strategy. Placement is fairly simple, but still something you need to think about. Google accounts for 65-70% of all web traffic, but Bing and Yahoo are also considerations. You’ll also need to learn whether sidebar, banner or footer ads are right for you.

You can target your PPC for many demographics – consider customer age, location, and interests. Keyword targeting starts with research, using a tool like Keyword Planner to determine what your customers are searching for. You’ll then want to compare these against your budget, and decide whether or not you want an exact match.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has many facets, pouring into every aspect of the role of digital marketing. Important everywhere from your social media and website to your presence elsewhere, it’s imperative that you understand SEO. Social media optimization boils down mostly to your content. Are you creating good content, posting consistently, and optimizing it for the platform?

image that shows what happens when youtube campaigns are linked to google ads

Off-site optimization starts with ensuring that your website is Google indexed. Once you have Google indexed, online marketing can do what online marketing does. Beyond that, you should start working on backlinking by building relationships with other business owners and content creators in your space. Review and listing sites can also help with that.

On-site optimization covers a laundry list, starting with keywords and a lot of content. Beyond that, your website needs to load quickly, use high quality images, and be ideally structured for indexing. Your keywords need to be well researched, and ever present – beyond blogs, it’s important that your product pages use relevant keywords.

I don’t want to make this blog too long, so I’ll cut it off there. As you can see, the best digital marketing campaigns use all 5 of these methods – because without them, what digital marketing strategy would work? If you want my full take on these and a complete list of how to implement these ideas, be sure to checkout my SMMA checklist.

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