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4 Video Marketing Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand

Video marketing has become the go-to way to build a brand, generate leads, and gain sales online. And it’s a trend that’s built to last.

There’s a very good reason why so many marketers are focusing their time and money on video marketing campaigns—quite simply, videos get the message out better than any other form of content. And the truth of that is in the numbers:

  • Last year, in 2017, 90% of all content shared online was video
  • Every day on YouTube, 500 million hours of video are watched
  • Every week, 45% of internet users say they watch more than an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube

But just because people love video and are willing to share and engage with it, doesn’t mean you can just throw any old video up and expect it to perform well. The highest performing videos are short, and have a direct, easy to understand message. If you want your video marketing efforts to pay off, then you need creative content, detailed video marketing strategy, and consistency in publishing your high quality videos.

In this article, I’m going to be taking you through 4 distinct video marketing strategies that you can apply to your own personal brand to help build your business and get everyone talking about your brand.

Video Bio: Profile Video for Personal Branding

One great addition to any video marketing strategy is a video bio or profile video. These videos are a great way to get potential followers to get to know you and your brand right away and to get them on board.

A profile video is simply a short video—between 1 to 2 minutes—that gives an overview of your personal brand. This video should introduce who you are, show what you do, address the audience you’re targeting, and exemplify how you can add video to your audience/prospective customer’s life. The objective is to be able to boil down all of these details about your brand in this brief amount of time.

This will typically be the first video your audience will see on your website, so make sure you create a quality video to give your visitor the best first impression possible. The most important thing to remember is that the content that you give out, as well as how you put it out — the medium, the language, etc. — must be relevant to the target audience.

To create a video profile for your personal brand, you need to:

  1.  Clarify Your Personal Brand and Target Audience – a good profile video will communicate your brand positioning clearly and identify your core audience, while showing of your brand persona. To do this successfully, you first need to know your audience. How do they communicate? Where do they consume content? What do they need from a brand to become a loyal follower?
  2. Write What You Want to Say – you will need to plan out your profile video and develop a script.  This will identify important talking points and help you focus in on exactly what you want to communicate in your video. You want to be able to tell a powerful story in a short amount of time, so good planning is essential.
  3. Be Creative – anything you can do to outshine your competition is a plus. Let your creativity flow—you don’t just have to do what everyone else is doing. Let your personality shine and show your uniqueness. And for those of you that are uncomfortable being on camera, you can use alternative methods like PowerPoint presentations with voice over, or create an animated piece.
  4. Hire/Outsource Videographer – you don’t have to be an expert in every area required to successfully build you brand. Hire someone who has experience shooting and editing video or outsource the work to someone who has the expertise that you lack. They must also know lighting and audio—remember, this video will be many visitors’ first impression of your brand, so you want it to look professional.
  5. Share Your Work – once you’ve finished your video, publish it and broadcast it on all social media platforms, and upload it to the homepage of your website! This video, especially when you’re first starting out, could be a great pinned post on social media platforms that allow this (i.e Facebook and Twitter), and can also serve as a great featured video for your YouTube channel.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials have long been a great strategy for helping to add credibility any business, and this remains true for personal brands. However, instead of asking for written testimonials from your happy customers, get them on video. This is another video marketing strategy that can help take your brand to the next level.

Videos can make the testimonial appear more authentic and give your prospective clients an even better idea of what to expect from you than a written testimonial. Video references are often more believable than written because you are seeing and listening to the actual customer.

Directly ask the people who are willing to refer you to others for a video testimonial instead of a written one. Many people may feel timid about doing this because of their lack of experience and resources or discomfort being on camera, so ensure that you provide them with all the information and tools that they need to succeed with this operation—including encouragement.

To make this process easier, there is an app called FeedYak for both Apple and Android that can help you capture and produce visually engaging video references to use on your site and on all social media channels.


Your video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be constrained simply to content that is created for the public. Video is an incredibly engaging and compelling medium, so any area of your business where you can incorporate it will help you, including when it comes to directly soliciting new business opportunities.

If you’re making an offer to a brand, influencer, potential employer, or anyone else, you can use video as part of the personal branding process. The clients that you are going to approach will appreciate your out-of-the-box approach, and will be able to see that you’re willing to go above and beyond where your competitors will not. It is just one more way for you to show your value to prospective clients.

Videos make it easier for you to personalise everything in a way that does not translate as clearly when you write text. Incorporating video in some way in your proposals can help you give clients a better idea of who you are, what your brand stands for, and why they should work with you.

Communicate Through Video Messages

This is another video marketing strategy that is more private in nature, but can still be incredibly impactful and is indicative of how you should be trying to incorporate video in as many ways as you can when trying to build your personal brand. This strategy includes communicating through videos as often as you can.

When you’re contacting someone important, try video messaging instead of plain email. Our digital-focus society has made so many things so much easier, but one downside is that you can feel as though there is always someone vying for your time and attention. Remember, just as you are trying to get their attention, so is everyone else. That means you need to make sure you stand out.

Most people will scan an email or not completely read it all the way to its end, and you cannot be sure they will perceive the message as it was originally intended. We take away what we want to take way while reading. Video messages will convey your personality, tone, and your message more clearly. Video make it less likely that your intent will be lost, plus the person you are trying to connect with will be able to actually see you, which can make them more likely to trust you.

As best-selling author and influencer Joel Comm explains, “Instead of designing a graphic ad that’s likely to be ignored, you can create a simple video ad that people will actually watch and might even share.” At the end of the day, all of your content is created with the goal of attracting viewers who are going to want to engage with your brand and share your content with their own networks.

As internet users’ attention spans get smaller and smaller while the amount of brands vying for their attention continues to increase, video has moved from an added element of a marketing strategy to an imperative piece of your content creation strategy. By incorporating these 4 video strategies into your marketing plan, you’ll see your brand start to grow and thrive.

If you’re ready to learn even more about how you can grow your brand online, enroll in our Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing course! You can also learn more about all things digital marketing by following Cereal Entrepreneur on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or by checking out our blog for more FREE training.

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