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Marketing Agency Training Options

Here at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we have several different course options! We help people who are just getting started in the marketing space to agency owners who have been at this for several years and need help scaling to the next level. Check out the various options below to see what best fits your needs based on where you are at in your journey! 

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The Digital Marketing School 2.0

The Digital Marketing School 2.0 Training Program Walks You Through a Step-by-Step Process To Start And Scale Your Marketing Agency to $100,000+ per year! We have had over 1,000 successful agency owners so far. Are you ready to be next? 

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Done With You Agency Program

The biggest challenge with today’s agency owners isn’t the services, pricing, or even selling the service. It actually comes down to running the agency itself. Anyone can teach you how to setup ads, but do you know how to actually setup your agency? How to hire your team? How to build out your workflows and processes to fulfill your various clients offerings? With our Done With You Agency (DWYA) program, we give you the tools and training you need to help save you months of headache and issues you will run into down the road. Click below to see how to setup your agency’s foundation, the right way.

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Ultimate SMMA Startup Course

Are you just hearing about Digital Marketing and the possibilities of running you own marketing agency? Looking to learn more about the emerging giant that is online marketing and how to profit from it. Our Ultimate SMMA Startup Course is a 3 day program that covers everything from what an agency is, what services your agency can provide and how to get started! 

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The MAP Mentorship Program

Looking for a mentor? Having difficulty with running your marketing agency? If so, come check out our live weekly training program! Twice a week, we host a live 30 minute Q&A session for all of our students! This is the most affordable LIVE training program on the market right now! Stop wasting your time trying to solve problems we already have the answers for. Click the button below to get started today!

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One-on-One Training

Are you running into the same issues over and over? or are you just looking for some direction with your digital marketing agency? Either way, we do offer one-on-one training with Cereal Entrepreneur, to help you overcome those obstacles. If you are ready to start killing it with your agency again then click the button below! 

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The Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing Mastery Course

In This Personal Branding Course I show you how to build, scale and monetize your brand. We discuss everything from what platforms you should build your brand, to how to build courses all the way to affiliate marketing that is related to your brand. If you are tired of writing an ineffective blog that isn’t making you any money, then you are at the right place!

Facebook Marketing Mastery Course

Facebook Marketing Mastery

Do you need help navigating the crazy world of Facebook Marketing? Are you tired of running into issues with your client’s ads? We can help you turn your Facebook Marketing around and get you on the right track. Click below to get started today!


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Success Stories

Our Promise And Commitment To Our Students

Reach out to me on my YouTube Live (Only on Thursdays!), in the exclusive Facebook Group, and my mentorship group. I make a point to be available to interact with students as much as I can. After all, those kinds of interactions are what got me started.

When I began posting videos, it was to correct the misinformation coming from some online digital marketing courses. In the comments, I interacted with not only newbies but also with well-established entrepreneurs.

They came to me for advice, some with very lucrative offers. That changed everything for me. And I can help you in the same way too. If you want to reach out to me to learn digital marketing, I’m here for you.