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Empowering You to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Business.

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What Is Cereal Entrepreneur?

Cereal Entrepreneur is your #1 online learning and resource hub for kickstarting your digital marketing business.  

When I started out in digital marketing back in 2009, the internet was flooded with bad information, indecipherable jargon, and way too many get-rich-quick promises (sound familiar?). 

Excited by the huge potential of digital marketing, I jumped head-first into the fray and built my own digital marketing agency. And while I’m immensely grateful for my success, getting here wasn’t painless. 

At some point in the journey, I made pretty much every mistake in the book. But at some point in the journey, I also found trusted mentors and advice that got me back on track. Now, over ten years later, I want to be that trusted source for you. Because it makes a huge difference.


Who is Jordan Steen?

I am a digital marketing expert based in Atlanta, Georgia. I started my YouTube channel to share my own experiences and combat some of the bad information I was finding online. After that, things get crazy quick!

I started receiving a massive amount of requests from my viewers who wanted even more information and training. I love teaching about digital marketing and have a genuine passion for the industry, so I felt the urge to give a little back. In 2017, I launched Cereal Entrepreneur Academy to do just that.


What Is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy All About?

Since we launched, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy has trained over 4,000 students and cheered on the formation of over 300 digital marketing agencies. Cereal Entrepreneur Academy offers a variety of online courses, tutorials, templates, how-tos, and much more to help you turn your digital marketing dream into reality. 

In my courses, content, and videos, I dive deep into all of my experiences, knowledge, favorite tools, and hard-won lessons. I also offer mentorship programs and LIFELONG access to the courses. Why? Because the only real constant in digital marketing is change—and I don’t want you ever to get left behind.