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Mentorship & Training

The MAP mentorship program is the mentor marketing program empowering marketing agency owners like you. MAP teaches you the skills needed to accelerate the process of taking your agency to the next level.

But what makes an internet marketing mentorship different from a course? Easy, here you get 1-on-1 access to a social media marketing guru that has already become THE marketing mentor. Thanks to my 10+ years of experience, I can teach you all you need to know.

So much can go wrong in your first few years and not to mention the endless number of skills involved in digital marketing. Being an internet marketing mentor means that I already made most of these mistakes. It also means I can save you valuable time and effort by teaching you how to avoid them.

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What's Included

What Is Included in The MAP Digital Marketing Mentorship Program?

  • Two LIVE training session with me, Jordan Steen a.k.a. Cereal Entrepreneur, every week
  • Full Access to our exclusive Mentorship Facebook Group
  • Five training bonus videos teaching our most requested lessons.
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Mentorship for
Real Agency Owners

MAP stands for Marketing Accelerator Program. Meaning I’ll help you make your agency successful FAST as only a seasoned social media marketing guru could. And these secrets do get results. See what my former students have accomplished.

  • Deric Landed 8 NEW Clients 3 Months After Mentoring
  • Joshua Got His Very First Client 2 Weeks After Our First Session
  • James Landed 3 NEW Clients in Just 2 Weeks


How high do I set the price?’ – That is the single most common question we get here. Could you believe that question shows up at least five times DAILY in the comments? As a mentor, digital marketing pricing is something essential for me. Here, I’ll teach the pricing way where you can get the most revenue out of every customer.

What is a digital marketing campaign without Facebook ads? Find a marketing mentor that doesn’t take their time teaching this, I’ll wait. You just don’t start running ads. There’s a long list of things an ad needs to get approved. Luckily, you have a mentor. Digital marketing and Facebook ads are much easier with a mentor who knows the ins-and-outs. Learn them here.

The best digital marketing mentors make sure students know one thing… clients don’t give a damn about your solution. Really. Be it Facebook ads, SEO, big data, etc. What they care about its RESULTS. The key to getting these clients it’s to make sure you always communicate exactly what’s in it for them. I’ll teach you how to do so in the most effective way.

Already know how to make Facebook Ads? That’s great! How about having the right set of Facebook Ads ready for remarketing? That’s another level. Luckily, our social media marketing mentorship program teaches that. 

Oh, you thought that was it? That was just the opening. This is the main act of our SMMA Mentorship on Facebook Ads remarketing. Here, we move into the ‘2nd phase’ of a remarketing campaign. Also, we give you a couple of examples of the type of ads that you would like to run.

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Normal People + Proper Training = Dreams Accomplished


Yes! This works in all countries.
We offer a payment plan… because we know life can get tough sometimes.

The MAP Mentorship program is a monthly subscription. You will have access to the course as long as you are paying for it.

YES! It sure is. All MAP trainings are updated to the course, shortly after they are recorded.

You can get started in your spare time. You can do this after work, on the weekends, or during your lunch break.