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5 Easy Steps to Build Your Brand

May 21, 2018

If you’re having difficulty building consumer recognition for your business, then that means that you have a brand awareness problem. In a business landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive, with new companies—both online and brick and mortar—popping up daily, brand awareness is more important than ever.

Brand awareness has always been a high priority for businesses and one of the number one goals of marketing, as when it’s done properly it can influence so much of our society and consumers’ everyday lives. When is the last time you heard someone ask for a facial tissue instead of a Kleenex, or a bandage instead of a Band-Aid? This kind of awareness—one that transcends sales to become part of the fabric of cultural reference—is what all businesses should aspire to.

Essentially, good brand awareness simply means that people are familiar with your company—with the name, the logo, and the product. So, how do you achieve this? It all starts with growing your brand presence by running a brand awareness campaign. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re going to go over in this blog post.



How to Run a Brand Awareness Campaign

One of the best ways to market your company and to grow your brand is to run successful brand awareness campaigns. However, running a successful campaign requires more than simply coming up with great copy or content, it requires research and strategy. Here are 5 steps to follow to run a successful brand awareness campaign.

1) Learn About Your Audience

Just like any other good marketing strategy, a brand awareness campaign first has to start with research. If you want your campaign to really hit, then the most essential step is to determine exactly who it is you want to reach. Figure out who your ideal customer is and research everything you can about that demographic. Learn details like their age, location, income level, media consumptions habits, and anything other relevant information that will help you zero in on what specific audience you will be targeting with your campaign.

Once you’re equipped with this information, then you’ll be able to create content for your campaign that will appeal specifically to this demo. Not only will you have an advantage in reaching your target audience, but putting yourself in their shoes will help you come up with creative ideas to really grab their attention.

2) Establish an Online Presence

In our digital saturated society, opting out of online really isn’t an option any longer. Digital marketing and social media marketing are invaluable to any marketing strategy, and offer a number of different platforms to reach customers. Additionally, setting up an online presence is one of the key ways to truly take advantage of inbound marketing. In addition to a website, your business should have social media accounts on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube

Establishing a presence on these social media platforms will not only help increase brand awareness, it will also help develop brand loyalty with your customers. Not only can you provide up-to-date information about your business and its products or services—such as sales, contests, or other promotions—you can also easily engage and interact with your existing customers. Social media also affords your business a great opportunity to reach new customers by easily giving your target audience the information they’re looking for online.

3) Educate, Entertain and Delight

Simply learning about your audiences and setting yourself up online isn’t enough to increase brand awareness—that’s just the infrastructure you need. Once you’ve built that infrastructure, you need to work for your audience if you want people to not only engage with your content, but to remember your brand.

Using content marketing campaigns, you can help increase your brand awareness, but you need to make sure you’re putting out the right content. Consumers want content that provides value to them, and that means something that either entertains, educates, or creates some type of emotional response. If you’re not putting any effort into your content, or you’re not providing your customers with the right kind of content, then your campaign won’t be a success. Use the research you’ve already performed on your target audience and figure out what issues are most important to that demo.

4) Promote Your Content

Now that you have some great pieces of content that are going to get people to notice your company, you need to promote that content to get it in front of as many eyes as you can.

There are a few different ways that you can utilize digital marketing to promote your content, including:

  1. 1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. 2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. 3. Social media marketing (SMM)
  4. 4. Remarketing

These tools can be used independently to help you promote your campaign, but you will be most successful if you implement marketing strategies that involve more than one or even all of them if you are able. For instance, SEO will help potential customers find you online, and then you will be able to capitalize on their actions on your website through remarketing.

5) Test and Revise Your Campaigns

Once you’ve run your campaign, the work isn’t over just yet! Whether your campaign is a huge success or doesn’t quite get you the returns you were hoping for, it’s essential to keep tweaking campaigns and testing them to get the results you want. You should always be analyzing the data you have from your campaign and looking for areas of improvement.

These five simple steps will help build awareness of your brand quickly. Before long, your company will have a digital presence that stands out from the crowd.

Tips for Building Awareness

Now that you know all the steps required to run a brand awareness campaign, here are some tips to ensure that your campaign is a success. When developing content for your campaign, your goal should be to:

  1. Create a distinct brand voice
  2. Craft a compelling message
  3. Be provocative
  4. Engage your audience
  5. Reinforce your message

If you follow these steps and tips, your business will soon have a much stronger brand presence, and your customer base will grow along with your brand recognition.

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