5 Strategies to Grow Instagram Followers & Engagement

October 2, 2017

Instagram has received its place as one of the leaders of social media marketing. This is due to its eye-popping user growth statistics and fun, user-friendly posting and interaction choices. These are among the reasons why many brands and public personalities depend on Instagram to endorse their products and services. But, how exactly do brands increase their Instagram followers?

Basically, they evaluate their audience, determine their target, and target all actions to draw the attention of Instagram users. This may sound simple, but once you get your hands on it, it is puzzling and time-consuming.

Many brands are using specialized applications for assistance– Combin is a great example of those apps. Combin is an Instagram growth tool that offers smart search capabilities based on hashtags. This includes automating the following, unfollowing, liking and commenting on actions as well as scheduling them according to Instagram’s daily action restrictions.


5 Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Using Combin:

1. Search Your Target Instagram Followers by Hashtags

  • Collect Instagram hashtags which are appropriate to what you do and represent.
  • Launch Combin, click Add New Search, select Posts Search, and type in the hashtags.
  • Identify desirable search results number and the date of posting, then click Find.
  • Categorize the received search results by date or number of likes and comments. This is to interrelate with the newest and hottest posts first.
  • Clean out already liked and commented posts by accounts from your Instagram following and Instagram followers.
  • Select posts that you want to like or comment by clicking on them. Choose all the posts by clicking Select all, then select an action – either follow the author, like, or comment on the post.

2. Search Your Target Instagram Followers by Locations and Events

Find out about any place or event that was attended by people possibly interested in your product or content. By doing this, it will double your chances of finding lots of new possible followers and clients.

  • Make a new posts search and type in the location name into the Place field.
  • Identify the date of publishing.
  • Filter and categorize the results to your accessibility.
  • Perform liking, commenting, and following actions to draw attention to your Instagram account.

3. Search Your Target Instagram Followers Among Followers and Commenters of Other Accounts

  • Click Add New Search and select User search. Here you can identify searching by either the followers of specific Instagram accounts or by its commenters.
  • Type in the Instagram username of accounts related to yours or the username of your competitors.
  • Identify the number of results and the last time the followers/commenters were present on Instagram.
  • Accounts from the received search results are your potential Instagram followers. Follow them, like, and comment on their posts to make them a part of your social network.

4. Lure Attention to Your Profile by Cooperating with Found Instagram Posts and Accounts

Searching is a vital part, but communicating with people you’ve found is just as essential in growing your Instagram followers.

  • Leave single and mass likes to posts: Select several accounts or posts that Combin has found by clicking on them. Next, click the like button at the top of the application window. Like more posts by clicking Select All and then Like button.
  • Leave single comments to posts: Select numerous found accounts/posts. Next, click the Comment icon at the top of the application window. Type in the comment you’d like to leave for the chosen accounts/posts and validate the action.
  • Leave mass comments by selecting all results, hitting the Comment button, and typing in the text of the comment: It’s advised to not leave too many repeated comments as it could look like spam. Make a number of comment templates by pushing plus button when adding a comment. Combin will aimlessly leave the comments to the selected posts that would look a lot more realistic.
  • Follow the authors of found posts or found accounts themselves: Perform this by selecting several or all search results and clicking the Follow button.

5. Find Influencers and Promote Your Account with Their Assistance

Influencers work hard on their status. Their participation in the marketing of your Instagram account will step up the game with a few noticeable scores.

  • Select User Search, and type in your competitor’s username. Categorize the search results by the number of followers.
  • Select Posts Search, type in account hashtags/locations appropriate to you. Categorize the results by the number of likes/comments, and then look up the posts uploaders’ profiles.

Do you want to know more how to grow your Instagram followers? Just leave a comment below!

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