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8 Social Media Strategies to Increase Customer Retention

May 25, 2018

While many businesses are seeing the benefits of social media marketing to grow and promote their business, oftentimes companies are not using social media to its fullest. Facebook, Instagrarm, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all great platforms to connect with audiences and develop long-term relationship with customers.

In this blog post I’m going to go over 8 ways you can use social media to build brand loyalty and increase customer retention.

Be Easy To Find

If you want your customers to be able to follow you online and engage with you on social media, then they need to be able to find you easily. If a customer is searching you out, they’re not going to spend very long before giving up if you’re not one of the top results or if your username is not intuitive.

When it comes to being easy to find, consistency is also key. Make sure you have the same username across all platforms, and make sure that username has some relevance or is similar to your business’s name. This will ensure your customers will be able to quickly and easily find you.

Luckily, tools like Namech_k allow you to check username availability across hundreds of online platforms so you can find one that is across all social media platforms that you will be setting up for your business.

Create of List of Top Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

Identifying top brand ambassadors or influencers within your niche is also a great step toward building customer retention. Brand ambassadors, also sometimes called brand advocates, are people who are already loyal to your brand. Influencers are people who have a good sized following and a very engaged audience who are used to advice and recommendations.

Engage with brand ambassadors and industry influencers on different social media platforms in order to keep your brand a part of the online conversation. Reach out through your accounts daily and engage with these industry players about their every day lives, interests, and hobbies.

Make Use of Alerts and Listening Tools

Social media monitoring and social media listening are essential to customer retention because they not only help you see what your target audience is talking about, but they also give you a direct line of communication with your customers—both old and new.

Tools like Google Alerts, Hootsuite, and Sproutsocial are all great examples of social media listening applications that help notify you of brand mentions and key phrases across all social media platforms. They can also help you manage your own communication, as you can reply directly to messages and comments. Even better, there are many social media monitoring tools that are available for free online.

Schedule (Some of) Your Posts

Thankfully, many social media platforms, or social media management tools, allow you to schedule your posts so your accounts can be active throughout the day without you needing to be in front of your computer or on your phone 24/7. However, you should still schedule some of your posts manually. While the scheduling tool is incredibly helpful, you shouldn’t rely entirely on automation software.

The most important thing, though, whether you’re schedule your posts or publishing them manually, is that you are consistently posting to your social accounts. Some of the social media monitoring tools previously mentioned allow you to schedule posts, or you could also look into tools like Buffer. Buffer allows you to add an extension to your browser that will automatically schedule any content you want to share at predetermined times.

Develop Platform Specific Content

If you’re posting the exact same thing to each platform, then customers have no reason to follow you across all networks. Keep your audience engaged on each of your social media accounts by providing platform exclusive content and promotions. While posting the same content across all platforms is definitely not advisable, you can find creative ways to repurpose your content to make the most of it while still offering variety.

Engage In Real Time

One of the most useful things about social media for businesses is that you are able to communicate directly to your customers in real time. Increasingly, people are turning to social media to either complain about their products or to find answers to their customer service-related questions. Creating a team that’s dedicated to answering customer inquiries, frustration, or praise, can help you keep customers happy and enthusiastic about your brand.

Pay Attention to Your Tone

As social media is a multi-directional mode of communication, it makes it easier than ever to observe the way your target audience is using specific platforms. Things that may seem small or insignificant, such as the way your customers speak or interact, can actually be a huge advantage to your business.

Observe the way your target audience engages on each specific platform and develop a voice or tone that your audience will be able to relate to, while also keeping in mind your overall brand positioning.

Create a Customer On-Boarding Process

One of the most effective ways to build customer engagement and develop trust between you and your customer is to create an on-boarding process. This could involve a process that walks them through an ad series, or you could use email automations that will help them become familiar with how your product/service works. These processes will help them learn what they need to know to make a purchasing decision, or will lead them in the right direction to get help from your business.

On-boarding doesn’t have to stop once a purchase is made, either. You can also use similar processes to help build a better relationship with current customers so that they’ll keep coming back long after their first purchase!

Customer retention is a huge aspect of keeping your business successful. While finding new customers is certainly important, many businesses suffer because they neglect their existing customers and don’t put enough time and resources into building brand loyalty. These strategies can help you make the most of social media so your customers will never think about going with the competition.

If you’re interesting in learning more about how social media and digital marketing can help you grow your business then visit our Cereal Entrepreneur blog. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more educational content weekly!


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