8 Tips for Staying Motivated

February 23, 2018

There are a lot of incredible benefits to being your own boss and owning your own digital marketing agency or internet business. You can work from anywhere, set your own schedule, and have the flexibility to create a great work-life balance.

However, being self-employed also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Though making your own schedule can be amazing, it also requires a lot of discipline and motivation. In fact, one of the main reasons why most agency owners fail is due to a lack of discipline and motivation.

Here is Cereal Entrepreneur, we always want to give you the tools you need to succeed, so that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best strategies to help you stay motivated each day so you can grow your digital marketing agency or business.

8 Tips For Staying Motivated

1. Keep Learning

One thing that most successful people have in common is that they spend a minimum of 30 minutes of reading every day. Picking up the right book or educational resource can not only teach you new things, but it can also help inspire you.

Sometimes a book is the best mentor, and with so many options out there it’s easy to find something every day that will fit exactly with what you need on any given day—whether it’s a fun novel, a self-help book, or anything else you might need.

If you’re having a particularly tough time with your motivation level, then look to things you know will inspire you—business biographies, self-improvement, spiritual books, or even personal finance can be a great source of inspiration to get you back on track.

2. Peer Pressure

When you’re a business of one, it can be really easy to just start to let things slide. Every now and then, you might just need someone to help hold you accountable for your time, and who better than your peers?

It might sound a little silly, but when it comes to helping you stay motivated, peer pressure can actually be a good thing. Engaging your friends or colleagues and articulating your individual goals to another person can do wonders to kick-start your motivation.

This is such a useful strategy that there are even tools and smartphone apps out there that help you do exactly this. If a simple text or email to a friend isn’t helping you as much as you’d hoped, then check out resources like Make Me or Challenged App.

3. Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your short-term and long-term goals might seem simple but it can make a big difference. Whether it’s big or small, you should be writing down your goals in a journal or even a small piece of paper. Even better, put that paper somewhere you’ll be able to see it all day, so you’re reminded of what you’re working towards.

Even writing a simple daily to-do list can help you cement in your mind what you should be working towards. On the other hand, working toward one ‘big goal’ every day can also help you long-term to build momentum toward realizing big picture goals.

4. Work in Shifts

One big mistake people make when they switch to working on their own is thinking that the 8-hour work day is the only way to go. However, working in huge blocks of time can be draining, especially if you’re struggling with motivation.
Taking larger tasks and breaking them down into smaller chunks is the perfect way to get the ball rolling when you’ve hit a wall. Not only can this help with motivation, but it can also be optimal for productivity. Work in 20 to 30-minute intervals, and then switch to doing something else for 20 to 30 minutes after that. Keep working in these short intervals, and before you know you’ll have finished everything you needed to.

5. The 5-Minute Rule

Similar to the previous point, the 5-minute rule helps you get on track by breaking things down into small bursts. Find something you can do in just 5 minutes, whether this is responding to an email or posting something on social media. Though it’s small, you’ll have completed something—and that’s more than nothing!

This is a particularly helpful strategy on sluggish mornings when your coffee hasn’t started working yet. It’s a quick way to flick your motivation switch to on and get you ready to plow through the rest of your tasks.

6. Set Aside Time for You

When you’re the only one paying attention to your schedule, it’s easy to overwork yourself and burn-out. Having a very productive week followed by a sluggish one isn’t unheard of, and this can lead to feeling de-motivated.

Remember to set some time aside for yourself—not everything has to be about work. This might sound frivolous, but it will help your productivity in the long-run. When you’re the driving force behind your business, you’re your biggest asset. Make sure you take care of yourself.

7. Reward Yourself

In a similar vein to setting aside time for yourself, smaller rewards can be a great way to incentivize yourself to get your work done.

It’s simply human nature to be driven by rewards, as research has shown that rewards are responsible for three-quarters of why humans do things.

8. Sleep

Nothing will be as helpful to your overall health and motivation as getting a good night’s sleep. No task is more important than the issues created by not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can have seriously adverse effects on your physical and mental health, and mental health is key to staying motivated.

Additionally, every task will be easier when you’re able to look at it with a freshly rested pair of eyes.

Staying motivated is one of the most essential day-to-day strategies in finding success with your online business or digital marketing agency. When you’re able to stay highly motivated, then your potential will be limitless.

For more tips and information on how to be successful in digital marketing, visit our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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