November 7, 2017

If you want to make your site rank higher in search engine results, you should do effective linking. Through sophisticated link analysis, search engines know how web pages are related to each other. Thus, the more links you have to your site, the more your website will be viewed as popular. Through link building, search engine algorithms can detect that your site is trustworthy, is non-spammy and is an authority in your niche.

How Do Links Increase Search Engine Rankings?

Search engines often give value to links due to certain factors. One factor is global popularity. Search engines believe that the more popular and important a website is, the more sites are linking to it. This simply means that if a site like Wikipedia is linking to your site, your site is considered popular and important. Or your site can also be considered locally or topic-specific popular, which means that many sites within a topic-specific community are linking to your site.

Another signal that search engines analyze is anchor text. If there are many links pointing to a specific text with the right keywords, search engines place it in a higher rank than the other pages.

TrustRank is also another signal that search engines use to measure trust. This means that if a highly-trusted domain links to your site, you will rank higher in search results.

Other factors that search engines consider are neighbor links, up-to-date and high-quality content, and social sharing. If your content is continuously being shared on social media, you will definitely land higher in search engine results.

Types of Links

Link building requires effort and creativity. There are three types of links to your site that search engines consider most highly.

Natural or Editorial Links

These are links that are naturally given by web pages that want to link to your company or website. To earn this type of link, you just need to create good quality content and increase awareness among the general public.

Manual or Outreach Links

These are links that are created by bloggers when you partner with them or those that you may submit to directories or paid listings.

Self-Created, Non-Editorial Links

These links to your site can be created by guestbook listings, blog comments, forums, or user profiles. These links often are lower in value but they may still have an impact on search engine rankings. However, search engines give little importance to these links and the sites who utilize these links are even penalized when link-building is done aggressively using this method. This method is spammy, so you should proceed with caution.

How to Increase Link Popularity

So, how do you do effective link-building? Here are some methods that really work:

Get your clients or followers to link to your site

If you have regular clients or loyal customers or fans, you can send out partnership badges to them so that they can display these badges, which link back to your site. These are a great way of linking to your site.

Create a blog/vlog

Blogs have a unique way of creating fresh content for your website, especially if you publish regular blog posts. You can encourage link building in sites by participating in community forums and by creating listings in blogrolls and blog directories.

Create unique and interesting content

Unique and interesting content is known as linkbait. This encourages and inspires other people to share your articles and link to them. People will often do this if your content is useful if the information is timely and easily disseminated and if it is funny. This builds trust, authority, and ranking potential.

Publish news and give freebies

Regularly publishing timely and interesting news is an effective way to earn links. If you do this, you will earn links from other bloggers, the press, and news media. You can even give out freebies like guides and ebooks to increase engagement and popularity online.

BONUS TIP: Collaborate with people in the same industry as you! This is great because their links will also relate to your website. Search engines are able to recognize this and will reward your site!

Want to know more about effective link-building strategies? Contact me at one of my social channels and let’s chat!

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