How to Drill Into Your Social Media Marketing Niche

Once you figure out how to pick your SMMA niche, and you’re ready to really get to work, you need to drill down into your niche. Go down levels until you’re working in a sub-sub-sub-niche. To do this, create a niche list. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you start with doctors. But there’s a lot of doctors to go around. So you choose plastic surgeons, instead. Your background is more national than local, so you only look for plastic surgeons with interstate offices. Then, you can look at their specialty. In the end, you’ve come up with “plastic surgeons with offices in multiple states who specialize in covering children’s scars.”

Now, you’re selling to a small, specific handful of clients. The more specific you get, the more you can tailor your business and start to succeed. Start at the top of a niche, and follow an internet rabbit hole until you’ve found 1 unique business. Then, you can move up levels to find a small group.

Learning how to pick an SMMA niche is important for setting yourself up to win. Starting small and specific allows you to become an expert to a certain group in a short amount of time. Once you’ve done that, you can quickly start to gain traction.

Remember that your SMMA doesn’t need to stay niche forever. A niche is just a way to start to develop your brand to customers and see overwhelming success. The better you do within a niche, the more people on the outside will start to look to you as an expert.

When you start with a sub-sub-sub niche, you can crawl up until you’ve just hit a niche. And once you’ve hit a niche, you can expand to one or two more. Before you know it, you’re doing extremely well.