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Top 5 Best Prospecting Secrets to Help YOU Get More Marketing Clients!


Prospecting clients is probably the most challenging part of running a thriving digital marketing company. It’s like prepping a slice of chunky meat while waiting for your target to devour it. Unfortunately, he found a healthy-looking deer walking around, so he took that, instead; leaving your meat to rot as flies start to enjoy its pungent smell.

To people who have just started their own digital marketing agency, prospecting clients seems easy: search for prospects, reach out through different prospecting methods, prepare and encourage them that you have the best agency, and voila! You’ve got them. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Prospective clients are very careful in choosing who to trust their businesses with. If you have been operating for several months or years, you must have even realized that getting a reply is even hard. 

So, you try… and try… and try… until one company responds. 

And that can be very time-consuming.  

That is certainly how hard it can be to close client deals. It needs a lot of time, effort, and dedication because clients don’t just magically appear in your sales pipeline without you doing anything or you opting to do the common methods.

Don’t fret! I am sharing my top 5 best prospecting secrets that you can add to your client acquisition process… you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to find premium clients to fuel your digital marketing agency.

1. Build Your Client’s Profile


Some digital marketing companies typically reach out to all prospective clients looking for solutions. May it be in the field of medicine, construction, arts, and so on. 

However, a marketing effort should be designed for a specific prospect group. Why? Because Group A will be more inclined to email marketing while Group B will be more included in social media marketing. Meaning, what may work for one may not work for another. The budget and attitude of one may be different from another. 

When you have built a client’s profile, you can craft a message that will resonate with your targeted prospect’s situation, therefore, you will have a higher chance of conversion. 

So, what exactly should you do to build your client’s profile? Setting out some qualifying criteria to determine if a client is worth pursuing could be higher advantageous.

2. Know When to Reach Out to Your Prospect


Once you have built your client’s profile, you have to immediately start reaching out to them. But what is really crucial is as to when should you send your first message to your prospect?

According to HubSpot, the best time to email your prospective clients is at 3 PM, ideally five minutes before or after, Thursday or Friday, from the 28th to 31st of the month. Why? Most salespeople contact their clients early in the morning (8 AM to 11 AM) and early in the week (Monday-Wednesday). This should not be done as prospects are planning out their workload during these periods. Therefore, they do not have time to check emails and calls from people offering products and services, and you won’t get their 100% attention to read/listen to your pitch. 

Once you have sent the message, and you have received a response telling how much they are interested in your offer, you can follow this schedule:

Day 1: Introduction

Introduce your agency and tell them what you do and how you can help them alleviate the challenges that they are currently experiencing.

Day 2: Provide Value

Send a snapshot of their digital footprint/business audit offered for free. This will help them see errors that they haven’t noticed because they are too busy working on other aspects of their business.

Day 3: Follow-up

In case they haven’t replied, make sure to give an additional explanation as to why they should not miss fixing the error as it could hurt their business in the long run.

Day 4: Service Offer and Meeting Schedule

Once you have attracted your prospect, and you think they are willing to take the next step, you might want to send an offer and schedule a meeting. 

Day 5-6: Discovery Call

The best way to explain your expertise in your field is during the discovery call. It does not only give you a comprehensive idea about their current situation, but it is also the best time to give some advice about what you think about their strategies and how you can make adjustments that can help them to achieve their goals quickly. 

Day 7-8: Proposal Call

After the discovery call, you have to immediately prepare for your proposal call. This is the time when you will be showing the detailed strategies and campaigns that you plan to execute, as well as the tracking metrics, so you can set the expectations early on.

Day 9-10: Closing

Once the client is ready for the last step, prepare a formal contract to seal the deal.


NOTE: Don’t be afraid to make that call or send that email in case you did not receive a response. Some prospective clients are too busy with their daily lives (work and other stuff) so there’s a tendency that they must have forgotten your offer and that single call or email may serve as the “clincher” what will remind them to make an action.

3. Nurturing Your Prospects


You cannot convert clients instantly. Some will require more interactions and continuous follow-ups. Don’t forget to provide relevant and valuable information about their business that they could have possibly missed and explain why it should be done immediately. Show some possible effects to help them realize what they could potentially face in case they continue to neglect the problem.

Remember, clients are not really well-knowledgeable about digital marketing. Your task is to open their minds to the benefits of getting up ahead of the competition by establishing their online presence. This is a surefire way of bringing more money to the table and achieving business goals effectively. 

Additionally, prospecting clients is like looking for the perfect relationship. You don’t immediately hug and kiss the first person who showed interest. You have to wait and build it gradually, to ensure that it will grow stronger over time. 

4. Convert Prospects with A Refined Sales Pitch


Know your s***. Make sure that you have practiced your sales pitch, so you can confidently present what your agency is capable of doing. You have to be the best messenger your prospect has ever been in a conversation with so that he will be enticed to give you a chance to work on his business’s growth. 

It is also important to prepare a script so that you won’t get lost along the way. Be prepared for potential rebuttals and objections, so you have the power to control the entire discovery call. Take note that you should be interviewing your client to get to know more about his current situation, rather than you getting interviewed. When you are in control, you can uncover all the struggles your prospect is facing, and then make sound suggestions that will prove how you can be an asset for his company. Having a script will maintain the consistency in your message, help you overcome early objections, and give you a confidence boost.

5. Use the Right Tools


The last secret that I will divulge is using the right set of tools that can help you manage and accelerate your prospecting efforts from start to finish. Here are some of the apps I currently use for my agency:

Tools to Build Your Prospect List



This tool provides valuable data as it assesses the traffic that your website receives. It focuses on giving you the information about your “warm” leads so you can craft an offer based on their industry, company, or browsing behavior.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This tool offers a wide variety of features to help you work within your niche. It suggests potential clients in your target niche so you can work with someone you are most familiar with. It also sends news updates about your prospect that you have saved to a certain list. 

Tools to Find Contact Details

This email hunter tool makes finding data easier. Just input the website and you’ll immediately see all the emails connected to it. This is perfect for digital marketing agency owners who are focused on using cold emailing to fill their sales pipeline. You can also directly reach out to your leads through the platform, instead of transferring the accumulated data to another CRM.

This tool can be easily integrated into your current CRM such as HubSpot or Salesforce. It provides you with the most important metrics, such as email opens and conversion to help you assess if your current marketing campaign is working. Lastly, it’s a great tool to verify the acquired details about your prospect, which include emails, phone numbers, job titles, among others.

Tool for Scheduling


Set-up sales calls easily with the help of this scheduling tool. This prevents double booking as you and your prospect can immediately see your availability, without exposing private events. The user-friendly interface promises that even those who are not tech-savvy can easily schedule and organize their meetings.

Tools for Meeting


This tool is equipped with innovative and modern conferencing call features. The organizer will have full control, such as muting all microphones, managing attendees’ access to presentations, and more. Sharing your screen can also be easily done as you can get to choose what screen or monitor to share with your lead. To schedule a meeting, you just have to send your prospect an invitation to his email. A link is readily available so the attendee/s won’t have to manually key-in the meeting ID and password. 

Google Hangouts Meet

Stream conference calls in HD using this tool. You can integrate your GSuite and calendar so that attendees can simply join the meeting with just a single tap, regardless of whether they are using their computer or mobile phone. 


Because it is widely used, Skype is certainly a great option when scheduling meetings with your potential clients. Additionally, it can also be used in case you have to make a direct call to your lead’s phone number. This feature is highly beneficial if you’re located overseas as you don’t get charged for international calls using your local mobile network provider, which can be very expensive.

Tools for Tracking your Email’s Progress


Find out what actions your lead has taken after you sent that personal email. Receive notifications if they have opened the email or clicked a link so you can execute the next steps on your prospecting process. You can track five emails per day for free.

Yet Another Mail Merge

Also known as YAMM, this is a great add-on for your Gmail and GSuite account. You can send emails for up to 50 recipients per day, or up to 1000 if you will use their premium subscription. Similar to Bananatag, you can immediately see the progress of your email based on how the receivers responded.

Start Prospecting Today and Never Stop!

Remember, when prospecting clients, make sure to turn your cold leads to warm leads. Try to build interest and provide timely and relevant tips. By the time they need to work on their digital marketing tactics, they would likely contact you for help as they have already recognized you as an authority.

Additionally, avoid distractions. Don’t watch YouTube or Netflix when you are trying to look for leads. This will ensure that you can clearly send out your message and that you are not missing any important step in your client acquisition process.

Lastly, focus on clients who are already spending money. It can be very challenging to encourage someone who has never heard about digital marketing or someone who has no enough budget. So, try to look for prospects who have already started their journey, yet they were stuck in a specific phase. These leads can be easily converted.


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