March 16, 2018



As we’ve discussed many times before, content is king. No matter what industry you’re in or what audience you’re trying to engage with, having the right content is one of the most essential aspects of finding success.

While this may seem like a challenge when you’re approaching a niche you may be unfamiliar with, it really boils down to having an easy to follow approach to content creation. Whether it’s for real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, dealerships, or anything else under the sun, the strategy to create outstanding content is the same across every niche.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the 4 easy steps to follow to create great content for any niche.

4 Ways To Create Outstanding Content For Any Niche

1. Likes and Dislikes

One important aspect of creating great content is getting into the mind of the audience. A great way to start on this is by outlining what people love and people hate about the industry or product/service of the niche you’re in.

Once you’ve sorted out the major pros and cons, or likes and dislikes, of a particular niche, you can start to have a better understanding of how to connect with the audience. An easy way to do this is to take a look at other competitors within the niche, take a look at what content they’re putting out, and look at the feedback from the audience. Take a look at what topics are most popular, which are the least popular, and which are generating the most positive and negative reactions.

There are a number of tools and sources you can use to discover these hot button topics, including BuzzSumo or Google Trends, and this is even something you can discuss with your client, as they may have more some great insight into this.

2. Key Issues

Once you’re figured out the general likes and dislikes and attitudes toward the industry in general and even some products and services more specifically, you can then zoom in even more and pick out the key issues that the audience will want to engage with.

This could take quite a bit of research, particularly as you first start to familiarize yourself with the industry, and it’s something that you should always stay on top of. Any type of user-driven forum like, Reddit or even niche-specific public Facebook groups can be very useful sources for finding this information. Be sure to regularly monitor key issues in your niche to capitalize on larger conversations that are going on surrounding the industry.

For example, when developing content for real estate agents, one key issue people have is whether they can trust their agent. You could create an article around ‘5 Things All Experienced Realtor Should Do’ that discusses the key differences between a trustworthy, experienced agent and someone the audience should steer clear from. A similar article could also be created for a car dealership, or any other industry where big purchase items are a key to the business.

If you’re creating content for a lawyer, one issue that might come up is lawyer’s fees. For this, you could create an article similar to ‘How Legal Fees Work,’ which would explain to the audience just exactly where their money is going and why.

While educational and informative content is always great, relatable content that elicits an emotional response of some sort is also good to aim for. For instance, if you’re creating content for a doctor’s office, you could write a more playful blog article about ‘8 Things Everyone Hates About Going to The Doctor’ where you can play up the awkward emotions everyone feels when visiting the doctor, while also offering reassurances to the audience that they have nothing to worry about.

Audiences want content of value, so figuring out the issues that speak to them is essential in providing them with valuable content.

3. Content with Actionable Solutions

Now that you’ve figured out what your audience wants to consume, it’s time to turn your research into content. When it comes to marketing content, the best approach is to formulate content around those issues you’ve uncovered and then provide ACTIONABLE solutions.

As Jay Baer covers in the book Youtility, providing a solution that people can use right now, is the key difference between simply helping, and actually selling. For every article you write explaining how to recognize an experienced real estate agent, provide a call to action that leads to your client’s website with a list of their credentials.

Always remember that there is more to your goal of creating outstanding content than simply putting the content out there. Whether you want to drive up traffic or sell a particular product or service, remember that there should always be a call to action and an actionable solution provided in your content that will fulfil that goal.

4. Spread the Content

So now you’ve got this outstanding piece of content, is it simply time to move on to the next piece? No! You want to make sure you can get every bit of value out of that great piece of content that you possibly can. Repurposing content is the best way to do this, and it can take many forms.

If you’ve created a written version of the content, like a blog post, you can also use that same topic to create a video version. Both of these pieces of content should then be syndicated across ALL social networks. You can even find creative ways of stretching this content. For example, I always embed the videos I create on my YouTube channel into our blog posts on our site. To get extra mileage out of these pieces of content, I then cut the videos up into smaller clips to post to my Facebook page. Everytime I post a piece of content to my socials, it is encouraging the audience to check out my website and the new content that’s being created.

Once you’ve discovered this simple formula for creating content, you won’t be holding back from taking on new clients at your digital marketing agency for fear of a lack of knowledge in the niche. Take on every industry with the same approach, and you’ll be creating outstanding content in no time.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to create the best content to become a digital marketing guru, then check out our online Digital Marketing School and head over to our blog for more useful articles.

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