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Writing A Blog Series

A blog post series is certain to attract attention, and there are numerous different types of blog series to choose from. It can be a weekly or a monthly post that centers around one theme that interests your readers, so long as it helps to keep your audience engaged.

Blog post series will certainly make you regular readers check back as you publish new posts. A blog post series can also help you gain new readers, as looking through one post in a series can lead them to check out the other ones. You can also interlink the blog posts, and interlinking will help give you added value with search engines.

Here are some steps to follow to create a good blog post series.

How To Write A Blog Series In 2018

1. Choose an Appropriate Topic for Your Blog Post Series

Choose a topic that has longevity and is not time-sensitive. Make sure to avoid choosing any topic that will look out-of-date within a year.

2. Downsides of Posting a Series

Avoid posting too many articles. Posting articles for the sake of quantity instead of quality may result in your readers seeing the series as a click-getting stunt. And spreading the information too thin will probably be a turnoff to your readers.

3. Jot Down a Plan

Plan a schedule and create an outline for what you want to cover in the series, dedicating each post to a feature of a topic. Organize a plan for consecutive posts for readers who are:

  1. Entirely new to the subject or have little experience with the issue you’re discussing.
  2. Looking to learn something from reading your blog series.
4. Make Sure to Create an Outline for Each Post

When you’ve finally decided on your topic and finished creating an outline for the posts you’re planning for your series, you must write separate outlines for the posts themselves. Even if the outlines are very general, this will help ensure that your series is organized and cohesive.

5. Posting Your Blog Series

The rate at which you post your blog series will depend on how frequently you update your blogs. If you plan to update your blog series three to four times a week, you will need to post your series articles daily.

6. The Importance of a Blog Series Introduction

The introductory post is important, so make sure to create one before you start publishing the series. The blog series introduction serves as a central core that links to all of the blog posts once you have finished creating the articles.

You can place the blog post introduction in the sidebar, or kind of ‘best of’ or ‘readers’ favorites’ page that you have. Blog post introductions will help new visitors to your site easily find all of this information.

It is important that the introductory post say what topic you’ll be tackling, and highlight the general topics the series will touch upon. It should also outline the posting schedule, letting the readers know when they can come back for new posts. For full effect, make sure that you publish the introductory post before the day you start posting the actual blog series.

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