Top 5 Benefits of Blogging – with interesting statistics

Content is always king. That really is true. The best way to create content and reach your target audience effectively is through a blog. It can be a personal blog or a blog for your business or company. To help you understand the importance of blog writing, I have some interesting statistics about blogging.

Let’s take a look at the 5 important benefits of blogging.

Top 5 Benefits of Blogging

1) A blog drives more traffic

Everyone wants more traffic. There are a few ways to get more website visitors, including paid ads, email marketing and more, but they are expensive and the results will be short-term.

Creating engaging content on your blog can drive more traffic in the long run and it is cost-effective. For example, if your business is about catering, you can write a blog post titled “Things to Consider When Hiring a Catering Company,” to reach your target audience. That content is going to be useful to anyone who is looking for a catering service, and that single blog post alone could drive more website visitors than your paid ad campaigns.

The effort, time, and money required for a blog post is much less when compared to an email campaign or paid ads. Return on investment (ROI) is very important in marketing, making blogging, which is not expensive and is very effective a great option.

According to HubSpot, 53% of digital marketers say blog writing is their top content marketing priority. What does this mean? Marketers believe that blogging drives more traffic, and that is why they make it a high priority.

2) A blog helps you improve your SEO rankings

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but very few do SEO well. Your website should rank high on search engine results page (SERP) to get more traffic.

Well, I assume that you are familiar with SEO. If you are not aware of SEO and why it is important for your website, check out this beginners guide to SEO series.

Coming back to SERP rankings, one cannot just write any post and expect to make it to the top of the results; the content should be optimized for SEO and must have relevant keywords.

If you have a blog on your website then your site tends to have 434% more indexed pages. Why is that significant? Whenever you publish a new blog post, that gives you one more chance to be listed in search engine results and get visitors through organic search.

According to a recent study, 70-80% of people ignore paid ads and only rely on organic results. This shows the importance of SEO since users prefer to read blog or website content over ads.

3) Blogging and social media presence

According to Social Media Examiner, 66% of marketers say that they used blogs in their social media marketing in 2017. To maximize your brand awareness, you should post useful information on social media, or even just post the occasional meme. Your content must be enjoyable so that it will get more engagements in organic reach. Engaging content means educational, informational, or emotional content that is appealing to the readers. To be exact, 94% of people say that they share posts when they think it could be useful to others.

Your blog can be a primary source of content for your social media pages. Let your potential customers discover your content on social media and visit your website.

4) Get more leads from blogs.

Blogs can also help you convert your online traffic to leads. Wondering how to do this? Let me explain.

To accomplish this, you should add a call-to-action on your sidebar and in your blog content. It can be a newsletter subscription, a free ebook download, or something that is useful to the readers. Let them visit the landing page and fill in their information before they download or access the freebies. Now you have a list of leads, turning your visitors from readers to prospective customers. This also helps you find high-quality leads, as you know they are interested in your content, your services, and your business.

If you are interested in learning about how to get more leads, check out my blog post on ClickFunnels.

5) Become an authority by blogging

You can help provide solutions to your customer’s problems through your blog. This will not only be helpful to them but for you too. By doing so, you are establishing yourself as an authority in the area, and your customers will definitely visit your blog to find better solutions and might share your posts with others. Instead of spending your time and money on paid ads you can offer solutions to your readers and increase the likelihood of turning them into future customers.

Pro tip** You can find your customers’ problems on sites like and These sites have a question and answer forums, where your prospects may leave questions about their specific problems. You can write a blog post about the issues you’ve seen in these websites and include the blogs links in your answers. By browsing these sites, you will have plenty of ideas for new blog topics and can continue to build authority.

I hope this has helped you better understand how blogging can make a difference for your business. With the help of blog writing, you can improve your SEO, increase traffic, get more leads, and also become an authority in your industry.

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