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Building a Successful Marketing Agency | Part 4: Managing Time Effectively

November 25, 2017

Managing time effectively can allow breathing room for education, training, team building, creativity, and proactivity. Effective time management can also have a major impact on revenue and profit loss. In this article, we’ll review four tips to help you better manage your time and complete not only more work, but better quality work.

How to Manage Time Effectively

1. Make Meetings Count

Meetings don’t have to feel like a waste of time. When they are organized and dynamic, meetings can deliver actionable results, raise collaboration, and lead to a better product. The key is to create clear rules for company meetings that will allow staff to use time resourcefully and walk away with a clear plan.

Before leaving a meeting, ensure that you launch actionable steps for everyone who attended. Meetings are faster and more effective than a prolonged email chain, and they can get everyone up to speed on where others stand.

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2. Communicate & Collaborate

Most agencies know the significance of scheduling regular conversations with clients, in-person or over phone/web conference. But it’s just as significant to communicate regularly in between these conversations, sharing results or concerns as they come up. When a problem arises, take the initiative to call out the issue, and involve others working on the account because that tiny little thing may affect others as well, either now or in the future.

Also, ensure that individuals and departments within the agency communicate with each other. Even in smaller agencies, this will ensure that no two departments duplicate the work or don’t share information that could help each other do their jobs better.

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3. Simplify Repetitive Work

Think about tasks that you repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can likely save a lot of time by automating some of these tasks.

If you send regular reports to clients, you can create report templates that let you quickly pull in data from a set timeframe. While you should still take time to study the data and share your observations, you can avoid having to reconstruct a report from scratch each time.

Even going through emails can rapidly become a time-suck. Set up filters so that emails are automatically classified by the client, and emails you don’t need to read right away (like automatic emails from product vendors) are filed away.

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4. Integrate Tools into Process

Tools aren’t an end solution for time management tasks, but the right ones can help you track tasks better and shorten your processes. You can schedule out tasks, monitor workloads, and track milestones towards the accomplishment of long-term projects. You can also combine project-related communication in one place. You should test a few platforms and decide on what works best for your agency’s size and type of work.

Next, make use of apps that are freely accessible. You can also use simple task reminder apps like Apple’s built-in Reminders or Google Tasks to inform you about project deadlines. Finally, find tools that are precisely related to tasks within the agency.

Chat with us now to learn more about managing time effectively.

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