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Digital Marketing News Today | Build Your Brand’s Reputation With Google Guarantee


If you’ve ever used Google to search for a particular search, such as a plumber or an electrician, you may have noticed a little green check mark next to the listing. Well, this little green mark isn’t just for show—it actually means that the business or brand is Google Guaranteed! It tells potential customers that this business is trustworthy.

In this article, I’m going to be going over just what Google Guarantee is, how you can set it up, and how it can help your business or brand build a positive online reputation and attract customers to click on your listing!

What Can Google Guarantee Do?

Google Guarantee can help your business grow your reputation online. By having the reputable Google give your business a stamp of authenticity, customers will be encouraged to click your ads. If you aren’t already, using Google’s SEO tools such as the guarantee, it is a smart way to improve your marketing online.

However, in order to be granted Google Guarantee, your business must be using Google Business Manager/AdWords advertising and pass Google’s rigorous standards Once qualified, your business will be advertised with the Official Google Guarantee Badge. With this badge, Google guarantees that any customer of yours will receive a refund of up to $2,000 from Google if they are not satisfied with your business.

How Does the Google Guarantee Work

When users look up your business or a word/phrase associated with your business, once your business pops up, users will see the green checkmark next to it. This checkmark allows users to see that your business is a verified and reputable place. The badge also shows what companies are endorsed by Google, helping your business create leads and ultimately revenue for the company.

In order to sign up for Google Guarantee, you must be a legitimate business that uses Google AdWords or Home Service Ads. All businesses that want to become Google Guaranteed also have to go through a strict screening process that is performed by Google, which includes a background check, license, and insurance check, as well as a screening of your reviews and ratings.

To ensure that your business is ready for the Google Guarantee process:

  1. Ensure that your business is properly licensed and insured
  2. Create, verify, and maintain your Google My Business page
  3. Address any negative reviews and ask satisfied customers to leave reviews for your business on Google and other view platforms
  4. Sign up for the program as soon as it becomes available to your business type and area

It is a huge benefit to your business to receive the Google Guarantee and will be great for your SEO ranking. Guaranteed business listings are the first results to show up in a Google search, topping even the traditional Google Search Ads from AdWords and verified Google My Business listings.

How to set up Google Guarantee:

  1. Sign up for Local Services ads
  2. Complete the background check
  3. Complete license and insurance verification
  4. You can also get started right away by signing up for Google Local Services.

How Does Google Guarantee Affect Business?

With Google Guarantee, your business will stand out from all the others. It is also a mutually beneficial service that provides advantages to both business owners and customers online. Here’s how:

For Businesses – Businesses are able to build their reputations online with Google’s endorsement. Once they click on your listing, they will be taken to a screen that allows them to request an estimate for the company’s service. Plus, customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of your services will be covered by Google.

For Customers – Potential customers are encouraged to click your ads with the Google Guarantee badge. Customers that use your services will be insured and will receive compensation if they are not satisfied with the product or service they receive. Google covers claims up to the job invoice amount, with a lifetime cap of $2,000.

Coverage Details

Google Guarantee covers services that are booked through Local Services. Add-on services, future projects, property damage, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, and cancellations are not covered.

All claims must be submitted within 30 days of the service completion date. Any customer that works with a Google Guaranteed business and is not happy can submit a claim to Google, and any job booked with a Google Guaranteed business must be done correctly or the customer can receive their money back.

How Do Businesses Pay for This Service?

The Google Guaranteed Program is part of its AdWords product and businesses will likely be charged per lead they receive through the program. However, Google does not send users directly to a website when they click on this type of ad.

Instead, Google uses a tracking phone number so that they’re able to see which leads are generated from these ads, and then the business owner is charged for those leads. Rather than charging a nominal fee per click, Google will now ask for $25-$100 per lead, depending on category and competition, because they’ve delivered a verifiable lead.

So far, businesses using Google Guarantee have had drastic amounts of success, with increased leads by 1800% when compared to other companies who are using other forms of advertising! With this type of success, the Google Guaranteed Program is likely going to attract a plethora of businesses.

However, this new approach doesn’t just benefit consumers and businesses—Google profits as well. This type of lead generation allows Google to be fully involved in the process, which gives them valuable information about the way people are searching for services, and also allows them to charge small business owners a greater fee than they would for pay-per-click advertising.

So far, Google Guarantee has been a huge benefit to local businesses compared to other forms of lead generation, advertising, and marketing efforts. Having the Google Guarantee badge beside your listing signifies that your business has been verified by Google, which then builds trust between your business and the customer.

Plus, the customer is offered the additional guarantee that if they are not satisfied with the quality of work, then Google will issues a full refund. Overall, the program benefits both the local business and the consumer.

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