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Facebook Adds New Camera Features to Messenger | Digital Marketing News Today |

February 6, 2019

Facebook keeps introducing new features that add more to the user experience, making them want to come back for more. Not only do these 3 new features offer more to the user, but they also give brands more creative freedom in how they interact with followers.

In this article, I’ll be talking about the 3 new features that Facebook is introducing that will change the way that users interact with Messenger.

Facebook Introduces Instagram-Like Features

Facebook rolled out 3 new camera features for Messenger last month that the social media company hopes will broaden users’ opinion of what is possible through the app. The new camera features are reminiscent of Facebook’s other big social media platform, Instagram.

The announcement came just two months after Facebook announced another big change for Messenger, introducing a complete redesign of the app that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. Though simple to use, the new camera features are anything but simple—they aim to enhance the user’s experience and expand the user’s perception of what Messenger can be for them in their day-to-day lives.

Facebook Messenger New Camera Features


The 3 new features that Facebook has introduced on its Messenger app all involve the Camera feature. The new features include: Boomerang Mode, Selfie Mode, and AR Stickers expansion.

The new Messenger camera allows users to enhance their photos with stickers, frames, and other effects, similar to those that can be found on other photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat. On top of that, users can also improve even their text messages with art and stickers.

Here is a quick synopsis of what each of the new features can do and how users can enjoy them:

Boomerang Mode

Instagram users may already be very familiar with the Boomerang feature, the looping video format. The new Boomerang Mode on Messenger will work the same as it does on Instagram, allowing users to shoot a short video clip that replays over and over, adding a new element to the content.

Selfie Mode

The new Selfie Mode on Messenger allows users to, as the name suggests, take the perfect selfie. This feature also acts as a portrait mode by automatically blurring the background of an image when taking a picture to put more focus on the person’s face, even when using a single front-facing camera. It also creates higher quality images by including skin smoothening effects, which help to beautify the image.

AR Stickers

The expansion of the AR Stickers feature shows Facebook’s continued commitment to incorporating augmented reality on the platform. More stickers have been added to the already enormous sticker library, with these stickers powered by AR that allows users to overlay the stickers onto real-world scenes. The expansion of the stickers features includes new animated stickers that can be added to photos.

How to Add AR Stickers to Your Images

If you haven’t yet experimented with the AR feature of the messenger, it’s easy to do! Access to the feature is available at the right side corner of the screen when you tap the pain palette icon.

Simply tap the smiley face icon and drag with a touch on the screen to insert your preferred sticker on your image. To add text, tap on the “Aa” icon, and then add whatever text you’d like to your image or video. The app will make suggestions to you with speech bubbles to enhance the text you enter.

How Does This Change Messenger and What Does it Mean for Marketers?

With the addition of the new features, that brings the total of different camera modes available within Facebook Messenger up to five. Though Facebook has so far faced challenges in convincing users that the Messenger app is more than just a basic messaging tool.

However, with the introduction of these new features, they hope to broaden the users’ perspective of what is possible through the app. The more Facebook can encourage expanded user behavior, the more it can showcase new ways in which messaging itself can be used in additional applications, showing its potential as more than a simple SMS replacement.

With the new features, Facebook Messenger is hoping to broaden the way that people can interact with each other, adding new, fun and creative features to enjoy.

As it is, Facebook is running out of space to show ads in its main app, and the introduction of the new camera features shows the company’s need to expand to Messenger to increase options to monetize the app and learn how to convert private messaging into a larger business opportunity. Though the features so far seem to be focused on the user, we would not be surprised if the app introduces new ways that marketers can capitalize on these features.

These additions show that Facebook is hoping to keep users engaged more with their Messenger app, and Facebook will likely continue to add new features in 2019. After the new redesign and the introduction of Messenger 4, Facebook is looking to make Messenger more than just an SMS platform. Increasingly, Messenger is turning into a place where people can connect, chat, share videos, add music to posts, and play games.

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