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December 1, 2018


It’s no secret that 2018 hasn’t been the best year for Facebook. With not one but two issues involving user information and security and privacy, the social media platform has had to deal with some very bad PR this year.

As Facebook remains one of the leading marketing tools for many businesses and agencies, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in social media marketing are trying to imagine what the future of this platform looks like and how it will impact the industry. Despite the hiccups the company has faced this year, many of the top marketers are optimistic about Facebook’s continued success as an essential tool in many marketing strategies, especially as they continue to launch new products and updates.

In this article, I was able to ask five of the top influencers in the marketeering field about whether they thing Facebook marketing will see a dramatic change by 2020 and how these changes might affect their businesses.

To see how topic influencers imagine the future of Facebook marketing, I asked them the question: Where do you think Facebook marketing will be in 2020?

Here’s what they said!

Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FreeeUp, a marketplace where business owners and entrepreneurs can request, meet, and hire qualified freelancers. Nathan has obviously has success in marketing his business, as FreeeUp has grown into a $5M/year in revenue business. Here’s what Nathan Hirsch thinks about the future of Facebook as a marketing platform:

“By 2020, Facebook marketing will be a channel tapped into by businesses, online and offline, from all over the world. Whether in a free capacity building communities through pages and groups or in a paid capacity targeting specific niches of customers using Facebook advertising, it will be a powerful tool for businesses. Chatbots will become a normal part of Facebook marketing as well giving businesses further ability to automate communication with their audience. It will be a crowded platform, but when used correctly, will be very powerful to target specific niches of people.”

Ruan Marinho

Ruan Marinho is the president of digital marketing agency DeveloMark, He also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to digital marketing and SEO with over 39,000 subscribers. He’s been featured in multiple industry publications for his expertise in the field. When it comes to the future of Facebook marketing, Ruan has stated that, “with the increase in CPC over the next few years marketers will be forced to build a brand and look for organic growth opportunities. This is why my eyes are on Google, YouTube and Instagram.”

Sean Vossler

Sean Vossler is the owner and operator of Increase Academy, an online resource that helps entrepreneurs and business owners learn more about the world of digital marketing and how they can apply it to increase their sales and grow their companies.

In response to my question, Sean Vossler said:

“For me, Facebook has always been about building a personal connection with both friends & family, but also influencers & decision makers. It’s been the best platform for getting your name in the face (heh) of those who you’re looking to influence. On the personal account side, it’s where most of my best clients relationships have started. However, the trend lately is less regular use by influencers on the personal account side; most seem to prefer Instagram for daily use. There’s no reason to expect this trend to slow, so finding tactics to better connect through Instagram should be a priority for relationship-based selling looking forward to 2020.”

Jeremy Adams

Jeremy Adams is the co-founder and CEO of Unicorn Innovations, a great digital marketing resource that also offers an online academy and helpful podcast.  He sees the future of Facebook requiring marketers to spend more to make more:

“Where Facebook is heading now is that you’re going to have spend money to be profitable after the initial cost per acquisition. For example, years ago when we first started marketing you could make so much money—4x, 5x return on ads—and the days of that are numbered. What’s happening is its continuing to squeeze out people that aren’t real businesses and are just looking to make a quick dollar. To really maximize your ability to scale and grow your business on Facebook, you’re going to need to have that backend in place because it’s just going to continually get more expensive to acquire customers on the frontend and you’re going to need to be able to make profit on the backend.”

Patrick Kenney

Patrick Kenney is a PR specialist, currency trader, and consultant. He runs FFX Academy and shares his knowledge of digital marketing on his Facebook page and YouTube channel. When asked what his thinks about Facebook’s future as a digital marketing tool, he said:

“Facebook Marketing is among the top tools that are underutilized in today’s marketplace. With high reach and low cost, influencers, brands and products can grow at an exponential rate compared to traditional methods. Advertising on Facebook and social media in general should be the top priority of everyone for many years to come. By 2020 social media advertising will become increasingly popular and costs will rise, this is the perfect time to take advantage before the masses do.”

Jordan Steen

And finally I have some thoughts of my own about where I see Facebook heading in the future. By 2020 I think that Facebook will be a completely different monster. I see them trying to compete with Google in the search engine and mapping space which would bring new types of marketing opportunities through their platform. I also see them acquiring craigslist to improve their own marketplace. I think they will also start to rely heavily on influencers and micro-influencers to keep up with how consumers use Facebook to buy products from its advertisers.

I also see them building IGTV to become a platform based around long-form content that will work great in industries like entertainment, sports, live event showings, etc. I think it could be used in the training industries for people on the go, but I have a harder time seeing someone look at vertical video for training purposes. Trainers who take advantage of IGTV will use it to add more “style” to their brand.

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