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Facebook Live – 5 Tips to Build Your Brand

Since its launch in 2016 Facebook Live surpassed YouTube as the #1 video streaming service on the internet, capitalizing on the growing trend of live streaming. There are many impressive stats that make a strong case for why marketers need to use Facebook Live to engage and promote their brand:

  • Businesses that use online video grow revenue 49 percent faster year-over-year than those that don’t
  • Recent study found an average person will spend 5 years of their lives on social media, with an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook
  • Brands were expected to spend close to $36 billion in 2017

Facebook launched the Live feature in order to remain competitive with YouTube, and so far the platform has been a huge draw for users and businesses. With over 2 billion monthly users reported as of June 2017, Facebook is a great platform to advertise on, and Facebook Live has been a great addition. With Facebook Live, you will be able to reach a wider audience and, most importantly, be able to engage with them in real time.

Not only is Facebook Live a great way to visually tell your brand’s story and attract an audience that might not have discovered your brand, but it is also incredibly simple to use. It does not require any advanced technical knowledge or training with the tool. All you have to do is click ‘Live Video’ on a post.

Facebook Live can be also be shot anywhere using the Facebook mobile app, and like many other tools with Facebook, it has built-in analytics. The analytics tool can help you easily track your video’s performance. Plus, just like many other post formats on Facebook, you’re able to boost your Live videos, which you can also leave as a published video post on your page once the Live stream is over, allowing all of your followers to watch it or come back to it when they wish. By boosting your Live videos as paid ads, you’ll be able to reach even more videos, and this is one aspect of the tool that I love and that I’m always recommending to digital marketer.

There are a lot of different types Live Streaming content that you can create in order to promote your brand. These Live stream videos could include onboarding videos of new clients, Live training videos, videos that introduce a new product or service, or customer testimonials.

So now that we’ve gone over all the reason why you should be using Facebook Live for your business and/or your clients, you’re probably wondering how to make the most of this awesome tool. Well, here are my 5 tips for how to build your brand using Facebook Live.

5 Tips On Using Facebook Live To Build Your Brand

1. Be Authentic

Authenticity is essential in a tool like Facebook Live. Live streaming is so effective for brands because it gives audience a real connection to the brand, and your followers will be looking for a more authentic, personal experience that is harder to create with other social media platforms or publishing formats. It is also essential to be be consistent to your brand voice, and the easiest way to be consistent is to be authentic.

2. Engage with Audience

One of the best features of Facebook Live is that you are able to instantly engage with your audience in real time. Interact with your audience by asking and answering questions and responding to comments. So often, good marketing involves starting a conversation with your audience, and Facebook Live is the perfect tool to do just that. Facebook Live is a unique tool in that it involves instant 2-way communication, and you should definitely take advantage of that by engaging with the audience as much as possible. Also, always remember to thank your viewers for their participation.

3. Promote Live Events in Advance

Just as you should be consistent in your voice, you should also be consistent in your scheduling. Set the same time and day for your Facebook Live events to help grow your audience. Regularly scheduled content will help you draw consistent viewers and will help your brand image overall. Using Facebook Analytics, you can also see what times of the day your audience is most often on Facebook, so take a peek at your analytics before determining what would be the best time for you and your audience for these scheduled Facebook Live streams.

4. Partner with Other Brands

So much of being an effective digital marketer is about cross-promotion. Reach out to companies, individuals, and influencers in your niche to not only reinforce your brand, but introduce you to new audiences. Partnering with others in your niche will not only help to solidify your reputation in your niche, but it will also help expand your viewership. You should always be looking for opportunities to form strong partnerships with others in your niche.

5. Brand Your Content

Branding is also an essential aspect of successful marketing, and this definitely translates to Facebook Live. Branding is how you get people to remember you, and you should be including your branding in everything you do. Creating great content is awesome, but if your goal is to market your company, then creating good content without drawing the viewers’ attention back to your company and brand is useless. You can also give your audience a fun behind-the-scenes view of your brand using Facebook Live. For instance, a tour of your own facility and product creation process can benefit and help build your brand’s foundation.

Facebook Live is an awesome tool for digital marketing, as it’s an easy and fun way to grow your audience and interact with your followers. It offers something valuable to the audience while also helping your brand appear more authentic and reputable.

If you want more tips and tricks on how to build your brand successfully, then visit our Cereal Entrepreneur blog. Follow us on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram for more valuable content daily!

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