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Facebook Marketing Changes in 2018

January 3, 2018

Eight hundred million users access Facebook every day, so staying updated with Facebook marketing is important for every digital marketer. There are a couple of changes and new features being added to marketing platforms in Facebook in 2018.

This blog article summarizes the important changes you’ll need to know to make 2018 a professional success.

Messenger Ads

According to Facebook, 2 billion messages are sent between people every month, and 56% of people would rather message than call customer service. So Messenger is one of the important and widely used channels to promote any business and to interact with customers. The best thing about starting an ad campaign on Messenger is that you can use the same creative that you used for Facebook and Instagram.

With the power of ad targeting you can use Click-to-Messenger to send messages to existing or potential leads. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise brand awareness.

People will see the ad on the Messenger app’s home screen, and just like Facebook ads, you can add a target link. When users click on the ad they will be redirected to the destination.


Source: Facebook for business

Pro tips

Make sure your Messenger ads are specific. People who are interested in the products and services of your brand may initiate a conversation by clicking on ads. As a digital marketer you should follow up with those potential customers with information.

Another important thing you have to keep in mind is to use custom audiences. You should not send a message to everyone, instead messages should be sent to the specific people who have already contacted your page.

Business Manager Platform Changes

If you are an active user of Facebook business manager platform, you might have observed that Power Editor and Ads Manager were merged in September 2017.

This change has allowed advertisers to create ads seamlessly without having to navigate between the two tools.

Workflow options:

You can draft an ad campaign and try various ad sets using Power Editor. This feature is meant for advanced ads and is mostly used by experienced Facebook marketers. The older advert creation workflow is still available.

Review Options:

Even though you create ads step-by-step, you probably like to review your drafts, right? Recent updates allow you to review drafts before they get published.

Pro Tip

Make sure you don’t click the publish button during the review.

Dynamic ad overlays

Facebook introduced this tool in September 2017 that enables advertisers to customize colors, shapes, and other details. With this tool you can include discount, dynamic price and copy overlays to static adverts.

Instagram Story Ads

It is fun to upload your photos to stories, but they expire in 24 hours! What if you could save them somewhere? Now you can archive your stories. Instagram introduced Stories highlights and Stories Archive in December 2017. These two new tools allow marketers to promote their content.

Digital marketing trends are rapidly changing and you have to stay updated to make the most of 2018.

Have you noticed these changes? Describe your experiences in the comments below.

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