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Facebook’s News Feed is starting to explain itself | Digital Marketing News Today

Have you ever wondered why you see certain things on your Facebook News Feed? With the new Facebook News Feed update, you’ll finally be able to learn why. This is going to reveal a lot of information that marketers have known, but will go deeper on it than ever before.

This will also allow users to have a greater control over what they see from groups, friends, and advertisers. It’s likely that this Facebook News Feed update is in response to the sudden distrust that’s been building around Facebook. Users are beginning to suspect they’ve been hacked or Facebook is tracking everything that they do, and this should help to reduce some of that stigma.

This is the first time that the Facebook News Feed will include information about its own algorithms. Digital marketers and engaged users have had some of this information on a high level and have been able to infer some specifics. However, the Facebook News Feed machine learning algorithm has never been this exposed.

Accessing the Facebook News Feed Machine Learning Info

The new Facebook News Feed feature can be accessed from any News Feed item. Click into the menu on a post, and you’ll see the option, “Why Am I Seeing This Post?” After you click this, you’ll be given a breakdown of why the post has appeared on your feed, and be able to provide feedback to the Facebook News Feed machine learning algorithm.


Clicking this option will show you every reason that the post has appeared in your feed. This will break down every factor that has an impact on the Facebook News Feed algorithm. These factors include: interaction with the page, person, or group, interaction with a specific type of post, popularity of the post with people you frequently interact with.

In addition to this, the Facebook News Feed will now also explain why paid promotion is appearing in the feed. This will show users some insight into their demographic, as well as how Facebook has logged their interests. The new Facebook News Feed development will compliment the previously implemented “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” feature.

Why Am I Seeing This Ad?

Facebook launched the “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” feature in 2014, the little note. This was prior to the first huge wave of Facebook ad discontent, so many glossed over it. However, it has been helpful in mitigating some hate.

This feature showed how some basic concepts were influencing what ads were appearing in the News Feed. It gave a cold report showing what targeting had been used to get in front of a person, such as their demographic and website visits. The “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” feature would also tell users if they had been targeted as part of a retargeted or lookalike campaign, by showing the business had reached them with contact information.


Expectations of the new Facebook News Feed update are that it will make this feature a bit more personable. This should give a better understanding of why they’re seeing the ad beyond the cold logistics, and also provide fully in-depth information. This is a huge step towards a more transparent Facebook, which could be great for digital marketers.


Why the Facebook News Feed Update is Important for Marketers

If you’ve started to see people turn on your digital ads, you are not alone. While this is mostly marked on sites like Reddit where users have been very vocal about not liking ads, every social media has seen some suspicion around ads. Facebook and Instagram have taken a huge hit as people begin to see them in the evil corporation role.

This update is a big step on Facebook recovering their public image. Giving people more context and control on the platform should help people to understand that digital marketing isn’t out to get them. In turn, marketers should see a lessened pushback against their ads.

It will also be interesting to see how people react to having a deeper understanding of the ads that they’re seeing. It’s already notable that young adults who have grown up on the internet have a strong idea of how they’re being marketed to online, and how to respond to it. While some maintain the idea that every commercial is terrible, others make it a point to see ads that are the most relevant.

It’s not unlikely that we’ll see more people curate their advertising. This will make it easier for marketers to get in front of interested users, because those users will be engaging with the advertising platform already.

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