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Facebook Stories UPDATE! | Digital Marketing News Today

February 27, 2019

How would you like it if it were easier to make plans with your friends? Well, with Facebook Stories you now can! The newest Facebook Stories update allows you to organize events and coordinate meet-ups with your friends through the feature.

In this article, I’ll be exploring Facebook’s newest Stories feature for event scheduling and sharing details with your friends, and showing you how you can use Facebook Stories for brands and businesses.

Facebook Events Remains a Favorite

The Facebook Events feature remains one of the most popular aspects of the social media platform. From organizing social events or birthdays, or learning of concerts and real-world meet-ups, Facebook Events helps keep peoples’ social lives organized.

Even though many younger users have started abandoning Facebook for Instagram, leading many top digital marketers to wonder about the future of the platform, the Events feature remains one aspect of the platform that their competitors don’t have. Not only is the feature beneficial for users, but many businesses still turn to Facebook as the best place to organize and promote events, and think of Facebook as the pre-eminent promotion platform.

Facebook is now capitalizing on this feature, making it easier to use. Recently, Facebook announced that they will be beta testing a new feature that lets users share Facebook events directly in their Stories.

Testing Better Facebook Stories for Business

Currently, the feature is being tested in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil, but could eventually roll out more broadly. The feature should be available for mobile users on both iOS and Android, as well as on any PC or Mac.

The new feature allows people to share events that they’re interested in with their friends directly from their Facebook Story. Their friends can then click into the Event page and let all of their Facebook friends know if they’re also interested in attending.

This will make it much easier for businesses and brands to promote what they’ve got going on, as event organizers can hype their event and meet-ups to their friends and coordinate with other friends interested in attending.

The Stories will come with tappable stickers for revealing event details, and friends can toggle themselves as “interested” or “going” to the event right from within the story. There’s also a link to the event page built in, and a way to start a group chat on Messenger with friends who also responded.

Stories is already a popular feature, with so much success across all platforms that offer it that YouTube has even joined the club, offering their own new Stories feature. Facebook says its Stories products for the main Facebook app and Messenger have a combined 300 million daily users, and the new Stories update will hopefully see that number increase even more.


How To Use Facebook Stories for Business

If you run events for your business through Facebook, this new Stories update may be incredibly useful. With it, you can help spread the word more easily about your organized events and increase attendance in real life.

Here is how to use Facebook Stories for business:

  • Go to your business’s Events page.
  • Click “Share” below the date and time of the event.
  • Tap “Share to Story.”
  • Friends who watch your Story can then tap “Interested” to say they may attend.
  • Friends’ responses will be available on the Event feed so you can see who and how many people are going.

These steps are the same on mobile and desktop, so this is also how to add Story on Facebook PC. There will also be a link to the Event page built in the Story, and an option to start a group chat on Messenger with any friends who have already responded to the Event.

To kick off the group chat, look to the list of friends it shows who plan to attend the Event and tap on the circle next to the friends in the list that you want to create a chat with.

The update seems to be targeted to younger users, and the biggest challenge will be to divert this younger demographic to Facebook Stories over Instagram and Snap Story. This just might be the update to do it, as Instagram and Snapchat do not have a comparable feature to Events.


Facebook has been struggling with attracting and keeping younger users as Instagram and Snapchat become more popular in that age group. Facebook is hoping this new feature will make Stories more engaging, and this just may do the trick.

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