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Facebook Targets Younger Users [New Feature] | Digital Marketing News Today

March 6, 2019

Younger users are increasingly abandoning Facebook and flocking to hipper platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and Facebook keeps coming out with new updates in an attempt to bring them back. Facebook targets younger users with new features, and in this article, I’m going to be exploring the newest from the social media platform and how you can use it to help grow your brand.

Facebook Targets Younger Users

It’s obvious Facebook teen users are leaving the platform, and the social media giant has been trying unsuccessfully to find just the thing to draw them back. While the exodus of younger users is no doubt a big issue to Facebook, it may also impact digital marketers. This has prompted many of the leading marketers to contemplate the future of the platform.

To win the younger audience, Facebook has introduced a list of products, from Snapchat clones to group video chat apps, yet not one of them has had the appeal the company had hoped for. In the end, the new products and features failed to attract the users that they were targeting.

However, Facebook isn`t giving up! Though the teen segment has been a tough one to crack for the company, they have been working on another feature to appeal to youth as the ‘cool’ platform.


Facebook LOL App


Reports suggest that Facebook is building a new product targeting teens called LOL. The new feature is reportedly used for exploring/sharing video memes.

Basically, it would be a feed dedicated to memes, which you could open to scroll through funny, meme-worthy videos classified into different categories. That’s right—Facebook is testing a meme hub.

The LOL app on Facebook is still in the early stages and is being tested with a small number of users in the US. The upcoming Facebook meme hub feed is integrated with the “Watch” tab of Facebook, displaying content under different heads. Memes will be pulled from the top meme pages on Facebook, and users can browse through categories like the following:

  • Kids
  • Animals
  • Wait for It
  • Savage
  • Pranks
  • Fails, and much more.

There is not too much information out there at the moment about how exactly the feature will be integrated, though it does promise users the ability to scroll through quick, lightweight entertainment by filtering and exploring videos according to the abovementioned categories.

However, as of right now, it is also not clear if Facebook will be launching the platform as part of the main Facebook app or as a separate standalone product. Additionally, there is not yet a roll-out date set for LOL.

How Can Marketers Benefit From a Facebook Meme Hub?

This new product from Facebook is clearly targeted to increase user engagement among a certain demographic but may also offer marketers the opportunity to reach a younger audience if that’s who their brand is targeted for.

The LOL app just offers another avenue for social media marketers to get creative in how they communicate and engage with their audience. At the end of the day, everybody loves memes, so it’s up to us as marketers to figure out how to use this opportunity without making it seem as though we’re trying too hard or butting in where we’re not needed. Memes have a high potential for virality, so they could be a great tool for you to perfect and adopt in your content strategies.

Facebook has tried several attempts to keep the teen demographic on the social media platform, but has failed with every new product they rolled out! In another attempt to appeal to the younger age group, most specifically the teenage segment of users, they are testing a new feature called LOL. Will it be enough to turn users away from Instagram or Snapchat?

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