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Fundraising Feature Tested on IG Stories | Digital Marketing News Today

Rejoice, the Instagram fundraiser feature has been announced.

Instagram is working on a donation sticker for stories is an amazing tool for non-profit organizations (NPOs). The new Instagram fundraiser feature is similar to the fundraising feature on Facebook  With the launch upcoming, Instagram story fundraising brings NPOs to a new audience.

Instagram testing donation stickers gives us a glimpse into the future of the platform. All non-profits currently using Instagram, can take advantage of this update right now. If you work with an NPO, now is the time to double down on your Instagram usage. The Facebook fundraising feature raised more than One Billion dollars for non-profits last year. it’s not unreasonable to think the Instagram fundraiser feature will do as well, if not better.

Instagram story fundraising offers you the opportunity to ask for donations with no processing fee. Slated for later this year, Instagram will be testing Donation Stickers.  These features have the potential to make fundraising a lot easier for non-profit organizations.


How the Instagram Fundraiser Feature Works

While we don’t know exactly how users will adjust with Instagram testing donation stickers, we have a hunch. Instagram story fundraising is an exciting feature that’s new to the platform, but it’s not coming out of nowhere. Built on the back of the Facebook fundraiser feature and Instagram stories, we know plenty about how this will function.

The Instagram fundraiser feature was first discovered by Tech Crunch, who crawled the app to find hidden code being prepared for feature release. Their report shows, users will be able to search for non-profits, and donate by using an Instagram story sticker. This report was supported by a spokesperson at the Facebook Communities Summit who confirmed we will soon see Instagram donation stickers.

So, we know, Instagram fundraising will be integrated into the story feature by the end of the year. In preparation for the feature launch, though, understanding the two features is important. Stories are a feature every social media marketer should know how to use, but here’s a rundown of two important parts of the Instagram fundraising feature.

The Instagram Fundraiser Feature Requires Certification


For Instagram story fundraising to function properly, it’s important that not just any business can use the feature. If it’s functioning correctly, your favorite influencer shouldn’t be able to ask people to donate. Of course, Facebook has previously worked with keeping their donation features for non-profits, and Instagram will have similar requirements.

To collect money through the Instagram fundraiser feature, your business will need to be registered as a non-profit on Facebook. Instagram’s donation stickers will require nonprofits to be based in the US and registered with a 501c classification.

All NPOs will be required to provide a tax id number. Charities will also need a registration document and their charity registration numbers.

NPOs will also need to provide a registered US bank account number.

Getting Paid With Instagram Testing Donation Stickers

The most beneficial aspect of the Instagram fundraiser feature for nonprofit organizations is that Instagram won’t charge any processing fees. This means that 100% of the donation money will go towards its purpose, which we can’t expect to be true elsewhere.

While controversy will be had when Instagram launches full e-commerce features, payment is also a concern for many with Instagram testing donation stickers. For people to donate through the Instagram fundraiser feature, they will give Facebook their credit card information. On Facebook, this information has been stored until manual removal, raising some security concerns.

However, the good news is that Facebook has recently been integrating more and more with PayPal. It’s reasonable to expect that PayPal will be an alternative payment for users with security concerns. This is yet to be confirmed, though, so it’s something to look out for.

Preparing for Instagram Donation Stickers

Instagram testing donation stickers means it’s prime time for you to learn how to use stickers and stories to your benefit. Even if you don’t work for an NPO, now is your chance to prepare for Instagram’s future. There is a lot to learn for someone new to Instagram stories, so get ready to learn.

The first thing you’ll need to know to take advantage of Instagram story fundraising is how to put a sticker on a story in the first place. If you haven’t before, it’s relatively simple to learn. Once you’re ready to post your story creative, simply click the sticker – the rectangle with a smiley face – icon and scroll to find what you need.

This feature is underrated by many to begin with, so you might want to explore before the start of Instagram testing donation stickers. Stickers are a great way to personalize your story content, and can help warm you up to your audience. There’s more to stories than just fun, though.

Getting Your Instagram Story Marketing Started

If you haven’t already started Instagram story marketing, the best way to get going is to get your creative out. Instagram story highlights are a great tool, and now is the time to create some. Over the next week, aim to create 3 Instagram story highlights that represent 3 things that are important to your brand.

Then, you’ll want to look towards other features. A good way to drive traffic to your Instagram story is creating IGTV videos. You might also want to try working with influencers. Consider asking influencers to do a story takeover and promote it on their own page.

The most important aspects of stories are creative and consistency, though. Start posting every day, and test what creative is working. As long as you do that, you’ll be just fine.

Running Instagram Story Ads

Beyond posting to your own story, though, you can see a lot of success with Instagram story ads. The linked blog post will run you through the basics of running Instagram story ads, and how to analyze those ads. This will only become more important as an increasing amount of commerce is done through Instagram story ads.

How Instagram Testing Donation Stickers is Testing Instagram’s Future

For those of us who don’t run NPOs, the Instagram fundraiser feature is still exciting. This is another in a long line of moves that Mark Zuckerberg has made that point to moving both Instagram and Facebook into the e-commerce space. Between Instagram story fundraising and the ability to make purchases in Messenger, we’re probably going to see a lot of business done on Facebook in the future.

Be on the lookout for Facebook to test more features like this in the future. Instagram testing donation stickers is opening the door to selling through Instagram stories, which could be great for B2C businesses. Of course for profit businesses will likely have to pay processing fees, but that’s a small price to pay for selling on the biggest social media platforms in the world.

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