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Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs in 2019

February 9, 2019

Do you dream of spending more time with your family, traveling more, and earning more money? Well, why not make 2019 the year you finally make the plunge—all you need to do is leave your boring 9 to 5 job and start working high paying remote jobs. In this article, I’m going to be exploring the top paying job opportunities that you can pursue from the comfort of your own home.

Why Work from Home?

Working from home has become increasingly popular among Americans, as it lends more flexibility and freedom to workers, making it easier to reach that perfect work/life balance for which people strive.

In fact, it’s become so popular that between 2005 and 2017 approximately 1.8 million Americans left their 9 to 5 job to work from home, allowing them to find more happiness and even earn better pay.

For some people, work from home jobs are a great way to bring in additional income, while for others, legitimate work from home jobs provide an avenue to travel and work from places that were previously unimaginable.

What once might have seemed like a luxury is now more accessible, as remote workers, especially in the tech industry, are in high demand. From virtual assistants and social media managers, to support specialists and data entry, more and more industries are turning to work from home workers to fill out their workforce.

Top 10 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs in 2019

1) Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants, also referred to as VAs, are becoming increasingly in demand as businesses take advantage of our internet-heavy culture to run businesses online. Businesses that operate mostly, or even completely, online may hire a virtual assistant to keep them organized and complete administrative tasks.

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who supports multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative and technical services. The income for a VA ranges from $15 to $75 per hour.

Tasks that a VA may perform include:

  • Social media management
  • Transcribing conference calls
  • Responding to emails or setting up email lists
  • Calendar management
  • Presentation preparation
  • A variety of other customer service-oriented tasks
2) Freelance Writer

Writers for news articles, content creation, and creative ideas for websites are in higher demand than ever. Sites like Upwork,, and Media Bistro list freelancing positions and opportunities available to writers.

If you want to pursue this avenue, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree, but you must have a portfolio of articles, writing samples, etc that you can include with your resume or CV. Writing fees vary depending on the job and the freelancer, but writer may earn at least $15 per article up to $1500 per finished piece.

3) Start Blogging for Money

If you have a particular hobby or topic that you’re interested in, and if enjoy writing about it, then you should consider starting a blog. Blogs are a great way to teach people about a particular skill, to entertain readers, or to share about life experiences.

With a blog, you can make money through a variety of different methods including, but not limited to:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Accepting paid advertisements
  • Selling digital (or physical) products

The income you make from blogging depends on the niche and topic you are writing about it and how many eyes you draw. It takes time and work to attract an audience, particularly because there is a lot of competition out there vying for audiences’ attention. That’s why creating great content is key.

4) Social Media Manager

Social media is more important than ever if businesses want to flourish online, and has become a great alternative to more traditional marketing formats such as TV, radio, or print, which have a much higher cost for ad spend.

This is why many freelancers are marketing themselves as social media managers to help businesses grow their online following and expand their reach. Positions can be found on sites like CareerBuilder, Simply Hired, and Upwork.

If you can demonstrate command of social media and have a sizable following, you might be able to reach out directly to companies and ask if they need help. Hourly rates for social media manager positions average $15 to $75, and some freelancers work for a retainer or monthly fee.

5) Digital Marketing Agency

Thousands of businesses of all sizes are looking for help with marketing their businesses, and starting your own digital marketing agency can be a lucrative venture with a low entry investment. Start up costs can be around $3000 to $5000.

This is also a great option as a work from home job because it requires no formal skills or degree. However, you will need a well rounded level of knowledge of digital marketing before offering your services. Take advantage of FREE resources online to get up to date on what’s happening in the world of digital marketing.

Key skills you must learn to run a digital marketing agency include:

  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Writing ad copy
  • Running social media campaigns
  • Creating and managing paid ads on Facebook
  • Building marketing funnels
  • SEO
6) E-Commerce/Dropshipping Business

If you have a great product but don’t have the finances to open a physical store, you can start an online e-commerce or dropshipping business. Shopify, WordPress, Amazon and Ebay, have made it easy to set up your online store so you can start selling and making money!

No formal skills are required, though responsibilities include:

  • Stock management
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping items to your customers

The average cost to start is $5000, and if you do not have the skills to create your own online store you can outsource a web designer.

If you do not have a product to sell, or have space to carry and maintain inventory, then dropshipping might be a better fit for you. With dropshipping, there is no cost to create products, carry inventory, and maintain unsold inventory, employees, packaging, or shipping products. However, you’ll only have to pay for the products you sell.

The average startup cost for dropshipping is about $500, and marketing will be the largest investment (running marketing campaigns, social media promotions, etc.).

Some options for finding products to sell include:

Alibaba Express

Alibaba Express is the middleman between buyers and sellers, and facilitates the sale of goods through a network of websites.

Amazon FBA

With Amazon FBA, products are stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. When you work with Amazon, they pick, pack, ship and provide customer service.


Oberlo imports products directly into your E-commerce store and ships directly to the customer.

7) Start a YouTube Channel/Podcast

There are 1.57 billion monthly active users on YouTube that are just waiting to watch your channel. To begin, all you need is a computer, Google Chrome, a Google account, and a smartphone.

Once you get your channel started and your subscriber count starts to grow, then you can invest in a better camera, editing software, microphone, and lighting. This is also when you can start earning money with a YouTube channel.

The key is that you first need to focus on building an audience, which is the same when starting a podcast.

Ever month, 57 million people in the US listen to a podcast, and 25 percent of Americans between the ages of 12 – 55 listen to three podcasts on average every week.

The primary expenses of starting a podcast include your equipment, such as a microphone, computer, and headphones as well as an internet connection and web hosting. The most cost-efficient option is to use your desktop and built-in microphone, and to register on SoundCloud for free three-hour podcast hosting.

If you want to invest in better equipment, it will cost around $600 for entry-level gear including a laptop, microphone, headphones, stand and boom arm, and shock mount. As your podcast grows you can invest in better equipment

8) Build an Online Training Program

The e-learning market is booming and is expected to double to $325 billion by 2025. Get in on this by building an online course. It might be hard, but it’s rewarding work, and has a low barrier to entry and high profit margin.

An online course or program is also a great way to generate leads for different parts of other business endeavors you might be pursuing. If you sell coaching, advising, consulting or any other kind of professional services, an online course can be your most powerful lead gen tool.

An online course helps build credibility and trust for you as a business owner, as you get to share your expertise. It also has a very low startup costs compared to other online businesses, as you simply need to pay for domain and hosting.

9) Web Developer

Even though website builders have made it easier and more affordable to build your own site for your business, many owners don’t have the time or equipment to build their own site. Web developers are still needed for many businesses, and a lot of people are making a living working from home by building websites and blogs for others.

You don’t need an advanced degree to get started, as you can learn the basics by taking online courses through Udemy or Skillshare. With experience and a portfolio of successful sites you’ve built, you can start your own business as a developer.

The average wage for a web developer is between $60,000 and $120,000.

10) Brand Consultant

As businesses employ fewer and fewer full-time employees, they are depending more and more on independent contractors and consultants to fill in the gap, making consulting more lucrative than ever.

According to Forbes, the consulting industry is worth $100 billion per year and is predicted to grow by 80% per year. Plus, consultants can make on average $80 to $120 per hour.

Consulting is easy to get started in, and all you need is a cell phone and laptop. You can get started by calling someone, selling your service, and then you can immediately collect payment. There’s no product needed, no overhead to pay, and no capital required—at the end of the day, your expertise is the product.

Learn Facebook advertising, landing page design and copywriting, video creation, and sales through your own self-education, and then create and experiment with your own amateur funnel.

Whether you want to generate a side income or you want to pursue your dream of quitting your 9-5 in 2019, there is so many work from home opportunities that you can start today from the comfort of your own home.

From blogging to starting your own digital marketing agency, these opportunities offer low startup costs and the potential to earn a six figure income. Spend more time with your family and friends, work where and when you want, and most importantly, make money doing something you love.

If you want to learn more about how to start your own career or business from home, then enroll in our online Digital Marketing School today! You can also follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for more tips and tricks on working from home, and visit Cereal Entrepreneur’s blog for more FREE training.

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