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HOTTEST New Business Idea for 2019 – Turning Your Passion into a Personal Brand

If you’ve ever spent any time online on Instagram or YouTube, then there are probably some big name creators that you’ve come to enjoy or at least have heard of. While you might admire these people and their lifestyle, have you ever thought that you could do what they do, too?

Some notable social media influencers and celebrities include:

  • Gary Vee/ Tai Lopez – social media marketing entrepreneurs – net worth $50 million/$20 million
  • Dude Perfect – combine sports + comedy – net worth $25 million
  • Dan Bilzerian – professional poker player known for lavish lifestyle and a major influencer on Instagram- net worth $110 million (though most income is from poker tournaments)
  • Kim Kardashian – famous for her television presence and her lavish lifestyle. She reportedly made between $52 million in 2015 and $82 million in 2016

There’s one thing that all of these influencers have in common: they took what they were good at and made it into a successful business based around their own personalities and talents. In essence, they’ve all been incredibly successful at creating a personal brand.

Personal branding is the process of presenting yourself as a marketable brand, and while these above mentioned influencers are huge examples, it’s not as difficult as you might think to start your own personal brand.  If you have something you’re good at then and are passionate about, then you can monetize it.

What is Your Passion?

Anyone can create a business around a hobby or skill they like to do or good at. Whether it is flyfishing or changing tires, if you market it correctly and educate the consumer through engaging content you can make money.

The first thing you have to do is focus in on what you’re passionate about, and discover how your passion can help others. Now you can build your messaging and brand story around that. Once you start to consistently deliver your message through all social media platforms as well as YouTube and a blog, you’ll build brand credibility and attract an audience.

How Can I Start a Personal Brand?

The main goal in developing a personal brand is to position yourself as the authority in your niche market. This means you need to keep learning and sharing that with your audience. However, building an audience and earning credibility takes time, so you have to focus on the long game. If you’re prepared for this going into your brand building journey and include it into your marketing plan, then your patience and hard work will pay off.

An essential part of building a personal brand is also making it profitable. As fun as it is to share your passion with others, the thing that sets a personal brand apart is the fact that your expertise will also be a profitable business.

Charge for your services or work with companies and other influencers to monetize your content. Don’t feel like you are not providing enough value to be paid—remember that you are the expert and you are providing your audience will valuable information.

The most successful personal brands are formulated around educating and helping others, so your content should be built with that intention. Whatever format of content you’re putting out in whatever niche you’re passionate about, I guarantee there’s a market for it.

However, to be a success you also need to constantly be assessing and adapting. Monitor analytics—the data you collect is important to keep your momentum moving forward and is essential for goal-setting.

Benefits of Starting a Personal Brand

There are so many benefits to starting your own personal brand, the least of which is that you’ll be doing what you love.

Control Your Own Content

Because it’s your personal brand, you have full creative control over your own content. Craft fun social media posts, make videos on YouTube that you love, the way you want to. You are the one in charge of dictating the way your brand will be perceived by the general public. You get to create your own personal brand without having to answer to any supervisor, creative director, or upper management.

Be Your Own Boss

With your own personal brand, it’s not just creative freedom that you’ll have. You can be your own boss, which means you don’t need to answer to anyone but yourself for any decisions you make or risks you want to consider.

Set Your Own Schedule

When you’re your own boss, you get to set your own schedule Work when you want, where you want—your schedule can be as flexible as you want or need it to be. However, this doesn’t mean your schedule will always be easy—building a successful personal brand is hard work, after all. Some days you might work 12 to 15 hours straight, and then only a few hours the next day. The true benefit is that the only person who will let you down if you’re not generating enough revenue is yourself.

Low Start-Up Costs

The necessities required for starting your own personal brand are few, and there are a bunch of free tools that make starting a brand easier and quicker.

Create logos and graphics with Canva and Adobe Spark, which are both software that allow you to quickly create social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Recently, Spark even introduced a tool allowing you to creating videos through their FREE software.

Website design can be one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to starting any online business, but you don’t have to hire a web design company to get a website you’re proud of. You can create your own site using WordPress and the only cost is for a domain and hosting.

Advertising and promo can even be easy and low-cost when you use social media to promote your brand and deliver your message. Facebook LiveIGTV, and IG Stories are all great social media tools that you can use to grow your reach for free and to introduce your brand. These platforms are so successful because consumers love to connect with people, not brands.

You can also run free email campaigns using MailChimp or Mailerlite. These tools can help you create visually attractive emails using easy drop and drag editing. You can also set up email automation and drip campaigns, and free versions are available on both platforms.

Generate Revenue Faster

You can quickly start attracting clients and earning money so long as you consistently create great content and engage, educate, and provide value to your audience. You personal brand will help you turn followers into clients, and there are also multiple revenue streams you can develop—such as affiliate marketing, ad revenue, etc.

Become An Online Presence

Build an online presence that reinforces your qualifications. When a consumer thinks about anything involving the niche you’re in, then you want to be the first person they think of, or the first person they find when they search. Make your content, blog, website, or social media platforms easy to find and consumers will turn to you for direction, knowledge, and problem-solving.

For example, when a consumer thinks of Social Media or Digital Marketing, I want Cereal Entrepreneur to be the first brand they think of. My goal is that they automatically turn to my YouTube channel, blog, website, and social media platforms.

Just like Gary Vee, Tai Lopez, Dude Perfect, Kim Kardashian, and Dan Bilzerian, you can build a successful business based around what you’re already good at or enjoy doing. Anything can be turned into a personal brand as long as you find your niche market.

Research your market and find your messaging. Make sure your messaging is consistently delivered through piece of content you create, and be consistent in producing new content on multiple platforms that your audience can connect with.

All it really takes to build a personal brand is patience and hard work. Offer value to your audience, and soon enough you will become an authority in your niche, and people will turn to you whenever they’re looking for advice or expertise.

If you’re ready to start your own personal brand but need a little more help, then enroll in our Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing online course. You can also learn everything you need to know about running a business online by following Cereal Entrepreneur on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, or by visiting our blog for FREE training.

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