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How to Build AWESOME Carousel Ads on Facebook [Step-by-Step]


Are you looking to launch a Facebook ad that’s easy to create, can showcase multiple services or products, and looks great on both mobile and desktop? Well then carousel ads might just be the perfect addition to your marketing strategy.

In this article, I’m going to be walking you through the step by step process of creating a carousel ad on Facebook, and the benefits it can bring to your agency or your agency’s clients.

Why Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads are like a happy medium between collection ads and regular image ads. They provide advertisers with the option to drive customers to specific landing pages with each carousel, and allow them to create stories with slideshows to engage the viewer with videos and images.

This format of ad also holds one key advantage over collection ads: the desktop placement. Just because most of the time spent online nowadays is on mobile, doesn’t mean companies should begin to neglect desktop users. Even on Facebook, where mobile dominates even more heavily, advertisers need to be thinking about desktop.

Carousel ads offer a great experience on both mobile and desktop, and allow users to slide through different images, and drive to specific landing pages. This makes them a great option for businesses or agencies who want to advertise multiple products or services in one ad.

Carousel ads are also easy to create and present the opportunity to showcase creative ad design work with videos and images. These ads should ALWAYS use call-to-actions (CTAs). Whether it is “shop now” “learn more”, or any of the other options, be sure to include CTAs as they will increase click-through rates.

Advertisers should also use different headlines on every carousel card, as viewers will be able to scroll through the slides and read something different each time they do so. This is a great place to highlight different offers, or differentiating factors.

How to Create Carousel Ads from Facebook Page

You have two options when it comes to creating ads in the carousel format. You can either choose to create them from your Facebook Page, or from your Ads Manager.

Create a Carousel Ad from your Page

To create a carousel ad from your Facebook Page, go to your Page and click the ‘Promote’ button. Choose the ‘Get More Website Visitors’ option.

In the upper right area of the ‘Ad Creative’ section, click ‘Edit’. Enter the URL you want people to be sent to when they click your ad.

Tip: If you want each carousel card to send people to a different URL, edit your ad in Ads Manager.

Enter the creative of your ad in the ‘Text’ area, and under ‘Images’, click the button with the plus sign to add carousel cards. Click the number of the card you want to add an image to.

Click ‘Upload’ to add an image file from your computer or click ‘Select Image’ to add an image from the images you’ve previously uploaded while creating ads. If you need to crop an image, click ‘Reposition Image’ to drag and drop the ‘Crop Image’ tool onto the part of the image you want to show.

Add a ‘Headline’ for each card, and then in the upper right of the ‘Ad Creative’ section, click ‘Save’. Fill out the ‘Audience’, ‘Budget’ and ‘Duration and Payment’ sections to complete the ad. Finally, click ‘Promote’.

Create a carousel ad in Ads Manager

To create a carousel in Ads Manager, you first have to go to ‘Ads Manager’. Click the ‘+ Create’ button to open ‘Guided Creation’.

Choose an objective that supports carousel. The only objectives you can’t use are engagement and video views. At the ad level, choose ‘Carousel’ as your ad format.

If you don’t want your ad’s carousel cards ordered based on their performance, click to uncheck the box next to ‘Automatically show the best performing cards first’.

Click to upload your image and fill in the details of the first card. You can also add specific URLs and descriptions for each image. Repeat the step above if you want to add more cards, or click ‘Remove’ if you want to delete one of the cards. Once you’re done and happy with what you’ve uploaded and entered, click ‘Confirm’.

Show the best performing cards in a carousel ad

When you create a carousel ad, you can choose to show your best performing cards first. If you choose this option, Facebook then automatically optimizes the carousel ad based on previous performance about people who viewed your ads.

However, this option is only available on Facebook News Feed and Instagram ads. For all other placements, your images appear in the order they were uploaded.

If you want to show the best performing cards, then go to the Ads Manager and create your ad as you normally would. At the ad level, choose ‘Carousel’ as your ad format and in the ‘Links’ section, click to check or uncheck the box next to ‘Automatically show the best performing cards first’. If you uncheck the box, the carousel cards appear in the order you’ve chosen when you create the ad.

To view an insights report for your ad in the carousel format

An essential aspect of making a good ad, no matter the format, is to constantly test and try new things. Being able to assess the data about engagement is essential to tweaking your ads to make sure you’re publishing ads that are going to convert.

To view your insights report go to your Ads Manager and click on the ‘Columns’ dropdown. Select ‘Carousel Engagement’.

To see an insights report broken down by carousel card, complete the steps above and then:

  1.       Click the ‘Breakdown’ dropdown
  2.       Click ‘By Action’
  3.       Select ‘Carousel Card’

Use Your Carousel Ads to Tell a Story

Carousel ads are designed to make people want to swipe through the carousels, but actually getting viewers to swipe through requires good creative and storytelling.

Providing content that tells a story as users swipe through the cards is a great tactic for driving clicks to the site. If you don’t have a story to tell via images or text, then focus on highlighting the product and add in different value propositions or offers for your audience.


One of the most compelling reasons for people to shop at one store over another is variety, and Facebook carousel ads are the perfect way to drive site traffic by simultaneously showing off the variety you offer and by showcasing specific products or services.

Each carousel lets you use up to 10 pictures in the space of a single ad, and the best way to use this space is to showcase your product from multiple perspectives. To instill unity in your ad, be sure to include a brand message or story that unifies the photos, as well as a business logo at the end of your carousel.

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