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How to Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers Each Month for Your Personal Brand [THE SECRET]

When it comes to creating a digital presence for your brand, video is one of the most important platforms. In fact:

With over a billion users—that’s almost one-third of internet users—YouTube has a great audience that digital marketers can harness to expand their personal brand. YouTube and video in general is a great way for you to put a face to your brand, so your audience can get a better feel for you. This will ultimately help your brand grow, as followers feel a stronger connection to you and your content, and loyalty is built.

In this article, I’m going to be going over what you need to do to get 1,000 YouTube subscribers each month for your personal brand!

Video Topic

Of course, one of the most important aspects of your videos is going to be the content of the videos. In order to attract more subscribers to your channel, you first have to find out what your audience and the people you want to attract to your brand are searching for, and then create content around that. Your video topics need to be relevant to your niche and be engaging enough to draw in new viewers.

One of the best ways to develop and discover which topics you should cover is to do keyword searches. The YouTube Search bar is a great resource for keyword research, as you can discover what topics people are looking for by simply typing in the topic you are interested in and will be creating content around. A list of phrases and topics will be displayed that are trending. You can also take a look at the trending videos of the day or week to get a feel for what people are talking about.

There are also a number of tools outside of YouTube that can help you will keyword research. VidIQ is a great tool to help you in this stage of creating content. There are two sections that are particularly useful: Keyword Score and Top Search Keyword.

The Keyword Score gives you search volume and the competition score for each topic you search. A high Search Volume and low competition is the sweet spot you should focus on to determine if this is the right topic for your channel. A higher search volume indicates that the topic is trending, and the low competition score means that there isn’t a lot of content is being created around this topic.

The Top Search Keyword section lists the top searched keywords and how they rank. Hovering over each keyword will show you both the monthly search for that particular keyword, the search volume, and the competition score. VidIQ has a free version and offers a FREE Google Chrome extension.

There are a few other things to consider when coming up with topics:

Keyword vs. Valuable Content

When you’re putting together your content calendar and going though your topics, you should have a ratio of about 75% of content that is based on keyword research, and the remaining 25% should be other content that is valuable and relevant to your viewers.

Valuable keywords and tags will boost rankings for your videos, playlists, and entire channel overall. This will give your channel extra search results, more suggested views, and better subscriber conversion over time. Keywords must be used in the title as well as tags.

Evergreen vs. Topical Content

As with keyword vs. valuable content, there should be a similar ratio for evergreen vs. topic content. On your channel, 75% of your content should be evergreen, or content that lasts, theoretically, forever. These videos won’t be affected by seasonal changes, and it won’t rely on news or events, meaning it should always be relevant and watchable. The remaining 25% should be topical content, which is time sensitive and relies on current events or trends/topics.

Evergreen videos will still bring value to viewers weeks, months, or years down the road, when topical may only be trending for days or weeks. Uploading a combination of topical, burst videos and evergreen videos will help make your channel more appealing to more people. Burst videos will be all the rage for a limited time, getting you instant hits, but will fade away as time passes by. But evergreen videos are the ones that will get you archived views and will remain relevant irrespective of time.

Front Loading the Call To Action

As with any digital marketing platform, calls to action are essential to growing your channel and keeping your audience engaged and up-to-date with your brand. These CTAs can also help you grab the viewer’s attention, so make sure to put them at the beginning of your videos instead of saving them for the end. Two valuable CTA that you should always use or use as often as you are able:
  • Ask your viewers to subscribe
  • Make an offer to keep them watching
When you ask your viewers to describe, you are essentially promising them that they will receive value from watching your videos, and that they will be better off subscribing to your channel. Offering a little bit of an incentive to keep the viewer watching will also help keep your viewer engaged. For Example, you can tell your viewer to stay to the end of the video to receive an added value, such as a PDF, Template, sale code etc. Offer an add-on that is relevant to the video or topic at hand.

Attention Grabbing Thumbnail/Artwork

With a visual medium such as video, your thumbnails and/or artwork are always going to be important. Thumbnails in particular must be must be engaging but clear in the message the content will make. Think of your thumbnail like the cover of a book—as much as we say you can’t judge a book by its cover, people do, especially when they have so much content to choose from.

You should also make sure your thumbnails and artwork have a distinct look. Your viewers should be able to recognize your videos by the thumbnails or artwork alone—make sure they share a certain look, whether it’s a color scheme, or a particular font or graphic used. This will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and make you more recognizable and reputable.

Length of Video

The length of your videos will also be an important factor in your channel’s success. You want to make sure that all of your content is actually adding value to your viewer’s life, so you should make sure your videos are long enough to provide value and remain engaging. Anything over five or six minutes is excellent. Anything less than that is really hard to rank within YouTube.

However, you need to make sure you’re not running the length of the video simply for the sake of achieving a certain time count. Make the most of the time you’re using and make sure your videos are providing something for the viewer that they can’t get from anyone else.

Once you start putting out videos about engaging topics that have great packaging and good video lengths, it’s time to get your content out to people. Post your videos on all your socials and encourage your viewers to check out and subscribe to your channel. It’s also important that you remain consistent, posting new content every week. Soon enough, your YouTube channel will be thriving.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your brand using digital marketing, then visit Cereal Entrepreneur on our blog and follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!

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