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How to Scale Your Marketing Agency Team From NOTHING

November 3, 2018

The goal of every business is to grow. That’s totally understandable, and a great goal for any business that wants to see their hard work pay off. However, growth creates new challenges and bigger questions for business leaders.

As your business or social media marketing agency grows, you need to make sure you don’t overlook anything when it comes to sustaining your scalability. While some needs, like operational or human resources needs, might seem obvious, there are other areas that might not seem that they need the same attention. However, that’s not the case. Even the way you approach marketing will see new challenges for your growing business.

Whether you’re a brand new start-up or a multi-million dollar legacy corporation, it’s important to consider how your marketing should evolve as your business grows.

In this article, I’ll be letting you now the changes we’ve made personally at Cereal Entrepreneur over the past few weeks to keep up with the challenges that arise from taking on more clients.

Common Marketing Challenges

If your business is growing, your marketing team should be growing, too. However, it can be difficult to know what roles you should hire for in order to offload the various marketing responsibilities that come with a growing business.

Whatever your team looks like today, it’s important to make sure you have all the important marketing roles covered by at least one person on your team. Whether you have one full-time staff person, a team of marketers, or you’re working with an outside agency, it’s important to define the different roles marketing should play when it comes to helping your business grow.

Knowing when to hire new team members to carry the load can be a real challenge, so it’s essential to look for experienced professionals with flexibility with the very first hire. Even with a mid-sized team, your marketing employees should be able to take on another role if necessary. Eventually, finding the right person for each role will become easier when the individuals on your growing team can specialize.


6 Marketing Roles Every Business Needs

Here are a few important roles marketing should play in your business, and the roles that should be filled first as your business grows and your payroll expands:

  1.       Strategist
  2.       Creative Director
  3.       Ads Manager
  4.       Community Builder
  5.       Graphic Designer
  6.       Web Developer

1) Strategist

Expanding your marketing team will be useless if you don’t have a plan for your efforts. First and foremost, your business’s marketing efforts need to be able to take your key business objectives and translate them into strategies that will effectively help you reach customers.

With a high-level strategist, marketing will be able to reach across departments and break down silos to ensure that needed insights from all stakeholders are brought into the strategy for growing your business. A good strategist will be able to develop a marketing plan that will be results-driven.


2) Creative Director

Today’s marketing teams must know how to develop content strategies that resonate, and your company will need a creative director or content specialist to oversee these efforts. Content is more important than ever, with good content being a key to great SEO.  

Consumers see the value in great content too, with 96 percent of B2B buyers wanting content with more input from industry thought leaders. This content should be created with marketing goals in mind. As a content specialist or creative director, this role should ensure that marketing plays a role in all stages of content development from idealization to execution and implementation.


3) Ads Manager

A good marketing plan involves constantly paying attention to what’s working and what’s not, and you need to have someone on your team that can manage this analysis. An ads manager should be responsible for selecting the right metrics to measure — as well as identifying the tools needed to measure them.

Make sure to find someone who is well versed in the various analytics tools available from each social media platform, such as Facebook Analytics, Instagram Analytics, Google Analytics, and who is familiar with various software programs or other resources that can help them contribute to developing better marketing strategies with the rest of your team.


4) Community Manager

What is your business’s plan to help grow your current customers into raving fans? One of the best things about social media marketing is that it offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with your target audience and foster a sense of community.

Allowing marketing to play a role in building community by developing strategies to improve engagement, lifetime value, and customer satisfaction is one of the most valuable things a business can do, and your SMMA needs to have someone on your marketing team who specializes in community building and outreach.


5) Graphic Designer

An incredibly important aspect of marketing is having compelling visuals. You could have a great message and great copy, but if you don’t have graphics that draw the consumer’s eye and capture their attention, then a lot of your hard work and messaging will go unnoticed.

Having a talented and experienced graphic designer will be a huge asset to your team, and will take your marketing content to the next level.


6) Web Designer

Your business’s website is an incredibly important part of your brand’s image and marketing efforts. A good web designer needs to be able to keep up with demands, especially as trends in consumer behavior change. With consumers increasingly using smartphone devices for online searches, you need a designer who is able to keep your website update.

A good website designer for your SMMA’s marketing team will be able to:

  • Update and revise site
  • Create layout and flow of site
  • Manage and fix errors
  • Create pages and forms
  • Apply knowledge of basic programming language like CSS, HTML, PHP, etc.
  • Apply frontend and backend knowledge

Once you’ve assembled your awesome marketing team, you also need to develop a system to ensure that every member of your team is following through on their tasks and is suitably filling their roles. When you think about it, ideas in and of themselves aren’t that valuable. Being able to execute an idea and bring it to fruition is what is most important. You could have the best idea ever, but if you can’t make it a reality, then it doesn’t count for much.  

It’s important for your marketing team to be able to translate your “next big idea” into an actionable, scalable plan that can actually be executed. Whether it’s a specific project manager or a process management tool, having a system that makes sure projects get completed is critical for gaining traction with your marketing efforts.


Where to Find Talent

Having the proper team in place for your marketing needs as your company scales out is essential. It’s really easy to spread yourself too thin when trying to juggle dozens of different projects and that can make other areas of your business suffer. Until the team is properly staffed make sure you are able to handle the new projects before agreeing to take them on, and then build a team with freelance talent.

There are a ton of great websites that can help you build your team with talented freelancers. When looking for new team members, check out the following sites:

  • Upwork – geared towards more long term projects [Used by CE]
  • Jungle Market – a peer-to-peer channel for Amazon sellers to hire top freelancers to assist Amazon FBA sellers with their online businesses
  • Fiverr – a great source for finding quick, simple work at a relatively low price such as logos, 500 word blog posts, or short whiteboard videos
  • Freeeup – open to all forms of eCommerce experts

Challenges will occur as your business grows and your agency takes on more clients. Make sure you balance the amount of work you can take on so as to not spread yourself too thin. This could backfire and hurt your agency’s credibility. Focus on building up your team and only take on projects you can successfully complete.

Despite the challenges you’re facing as a growing business, it’s important to remember that most business leaders would love to have your problems. Remember the key principles that have helped you get to this point.

While the way you approach marketing might change over the next few months and years, the ability to earn trust and attention with your audience will always be important.

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can grow your social media marketing agency and keep your clients coming back for more, then enroll in our Digital Marketing School today! You can also follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for helpful tips daily, and visit our blog for more helpful FREE training.

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