As any good marketer knows, email marketing is essential to keep up in the digital realm. While there are many different email softwares out there, this can unfortunately mean that it might take you a few tries before you find the right one for you. However, that’s what I’m here for!

In this article I’m going to be talking about the email software ActiveCampaign and all of the cool features within this software that makes it better than any other email marketing and automation software out there (yes, even better than MailChimp!).

We’ve made the switch to ActiveCampaign and have so far seen incredible returns, and I’m here to tell you how this software helped us do it. Not only does this software offer many of the useful design tools such as templates and easy to use drag-and-drop capabilities that can help you build an effective campaign, but its data-based customization capabilities are what truly set it apart.

Automation Capabilities

The biggest difference between ActiveCampaign and other email software, especially MailChimp, is their amazing automation capabilities. Not only does MailChimp offer much less customization with regards to sending people email content specific to their interests via drip campaigns, or automations, but ActiveCampaign uses intelligent, data-driven automations that are designed specifically to get each contact engaged.

ActiveCampaign offers an incredible amount of options for what you can automate, even within each of your automations. You can add conditions, update data, have conditional triggers, and so much more, within each automation. This software also allows you to create segments of your contacts that can be as basic or advanced as you choose.

These capabilities allow you to engage with your contact throughout every step of the life cycle, from their initial interaction with your website or product purchase, through specific site visits or email interactions. You can also set your campaigns on autopilot, sending out specific campaigns every time your website is updated or new products are added. ActiveCampaign can also track your contact’s social media responses to your campaigns, which you can then use to determine what campaigns to send to that user in the future.

Essentially, if you can think of a trigger action or any other kind of information that would be helpful in determining or organizing your automations, ActiveCampaign has it.

Contact Customization

The thing that makes ActiveCampaign’s automation capabilities so useful is that they are pretty much all based on the fact that each contact is unique and should be receiving campaigns that are customized to their habits and needs. This is essential, as customers are starting to expect more from the emails they receive from companies in 2018, both in terms of design and personalization.

This is ultimately the element that will help you the most in landing more sales, as ActiveCampaign lets you track user activity and engagement to get the best responses out of them. It also easily lets you create dynamic emails by showing different content in each message depending on the contact’s data and interests. You can also link ActiveCampaign to your website so that you can track contact behavior on your site.

You can then use the information that the software collects to create custom fields, tags, conditional actions, and detailed segmentation for every campaign or automation you send out. Ultimately, the more personalized you can make your campaigns for each contact, the more effective your outreach will be, and the more likely that contact will be to continue buying products or services from you business.

Partner Program

As a marketer, one of the most amazing benefits of using ActiveCampaign is their partner program. You can either become a Reseller and save on the standard pricing of an account, or take part in their Consultant Program. In the Consultant Program you can become a Certified Consultant and earn commission by helping their client’s design and implement their own marketing strategies. These partner programs offer incredible benefits that are not just monetary—you will also have access to a growing community of digital marketers with whom you can learn from.

It Works!

As we’ve said before, at the end of the day marketing is all about building strong relationships with your customer, and that is exactly what this email software allows you to do—and much more effectively than any other software on the market.

Since switching over to ActiveCampaign for implementing not only with our own email marketing for Cereal Entrepreneur, but also for the campaigns we do for our clients, we have been able to better engage with our contacts, keep them involved in their relationship with our companies, and have ultimately built brand loyalty. Not only do we see the results in the interactions our audience has with our content, but we also see it in increased sales.

In our recent YouTube live video we talked about all the different types of campaigns we’re able to send out with this software, including one-off campaigns and automations. Remember, even with the most amazing automation capabilities, you still need to be creating content for your audience that will not only keep them engaged, but will provide them with actionable solutions. By using the right targeted automation and creating the right marketing campaigns, we’ve been able to increase our monthly sales by 20-30% since making the switch to ActiveCampaign.

If you’re ready to improve your email automation with ActiveCampaign, check out the software here. I promise you won’t regret it!

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