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Instagram Improves Security With Two – Factor Authentication | Digital Marketing News Today

Instagram’s security settings have been historically lackluster. Even with the initial launch of two-factor authentication, Instagram failed to meet the standards that the rest of the world has now developed. However, you can now use Instagram in combination with commonly used authentication apps to be truly secure.

With Instagram further stepping into the world of e-commerce, it’s important that Instagram security settings are up to par. Prior to two-factor authentication, Instagram had several known cases of hacked accounts. This has scared many people away from the app, and certainly from including any sort of sensitive information there.

I know a lot of people don’t like to use two-factor authentication because it can be difficult, but it is important that your Instagram account is secure. Not only can a hack cause serious damage to your Instagram account, but it can also comprise your passwords. Internet security is only going to get more important, so you should get used to your Instagram security settings.

Unfortunately, when it comes to two-factor authentication, Instagram is still only half in on security. To get two-factor authentication working correctly, you’ll need a third party app. Otherwise, you’re stuck with SMS based two-factor authentication, which is shoddy at best.

Turning on Two-Factor Authentication in the Instagram Security Settings

To begin with two-factor authentication, Instagram is going to need some help from another app. There are plenty of options for this, but I personally recommend Google Authenticator. Get started by heading to the App Store or the Play Store, and downloading Google Authenticator or an alternative.

Then, go to your Instagram security settings by clicking the settings option in the top-right of your app and heading to “Privacy and Security.” Then select “Two-Factor Authentication,” and toggle “Authentication App” on. When your app has been detected, select “Next” to move to the next step of the process.

Tap “Open” when prompted to open your Authenticator app by Instagram. For the rest of this, I’ll assume that you’re using Google Authenticator. Authenticator will now ask you if you want to install a token on your Instagram profile – select “Yes.”

Copy the code to your clipboard, and return to Instagram. In your Instagram security settings, hold the code entry field to open your keyboard. Then copy the code from the Authenticator app, and two-factor authentication is now enabled.

Once a device is authenticated, you shouldn’t have to do it again. Your app will be protected the whole time, though, so you can rest easy now. If an authentication code can’t be sent for some reason, Instagram will provide you with a recovery code.

If you have an issue with two-factor authentication, Instagram offers the recovery code in the Instagram security settings. Tap the hamburger menu on your profile to head back to your settings, and return to the same “Privacy and Security” screen from before. Tap “Two-Factor Authentication” then “Recovery Codes” to get your code.


You might want to reset these every now and then. Select “Get New Codes” on the “Recover Codes” screen to do this. You must be logged in to get your recovery codes, so try not to get locked out on every device.

Why Two-Factor Authentication Matters

Two-factor authentication is important for 1 reason: it protects information in a way that Instagram really hasn’t before. For you as a digital marketer, this is important because Instagram probably has your card information stored already. If a person can access your Instagram account, they can get into your Ads Manager account as well.

This means they can access any client cards you have, as well. If your business accounts aren’t as secure as you can make them, you’re playing with fire.

Even if you’re not worried about your payment information being compromised, you should worry that someone might start using your Instagram for other malicious purposes. Someone might use your Instagram to start posting things that are obscene or offensive, and severely damage your brand.

More importantly, though, your customers will have their payment information on Instagram soon. We’ve seen Instagram make a lot of steps towards allowing you to sell on the platform, and a compromise there could be very detrimental. This will insure security, as well as ease some concern about Instagram’s security that will only grow as Instagram does more sales.

Security is very important in the digital marketing space. You should know how two-factor authentication works on Instagram not only for yourself, but also for your clients and customers. Try it out, then shout it from the rooftops – Instagram security settings are meaningless if no one is using them.

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