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Digital Marketing News Today | Instagram’s NEW Features You Might NOT Have

While Instagram is a great platform for growing your brand and engaging with your audience, up until now, influencers and other high profile accounts have had the disadvantage of not being able to track their growth and engagement through Instagram.

But that’s about to change—Instagram is now taking steps to win over some of its highest-profile users by offering them an alternative to Instagram business profiles.

In this blog, I’m going to be taking a closer look at Instagram’s update, testing new ‘Creator Accounts’ and letting you know how these new accounts can help influencers build their personal brands.   

What is a ‘Creator Account’?

The Creator Accounts that Instagram is testing would add new analytics and messaging features geared toward influencers and other power users of the photo-sharing app.

Many creators rely on Instagram to connect with fans and followers and to grow their personal brands or businesses. However, the current tools available to businesses can make it difficult for influencers to track their account’s growth, customer engagement, and the overall performance of content on their account over time. This is why Instagram is testing the Creator Account, to help address some of these challenges.

The update is currently only being tested, with plans to roll it out more broadly later this year.

What Can Influencers Do With a Creator Account?


Creator Account profiles will come with new ways for influencers to customize contact information on profiles, as well as offering tools for filtering messages.

With Creator Accounts, influencers will also be able to use filters to manage Instagram Direct messages, enabling account holders to sort by read, unread, and flagged messages. The messages inbox will also allow users to prioritize pending requests by relevance or time.

The Creator Account also gives the ability to filter direct messages from different groups of followers, such as brands and IRL friends. It also comes with more flexible ways to control how others can contact them.

The new account type, which is currently only being tested by a small group of users, grants access to insights about follows and unfollows, Stories, IGTV, and across the Instagram feed. These insights will help influencers get a clearer picture of their content’s performance.

Creator Accounts Offer Increased Analytics


The specialized influencer accounts will also come with the option to get more advanced analytics, which would provide weekly and daily reporting on data around how their follower count has changed.

While Instagram does currently provide some analytics to business accounts, the current tools do not offer the kind of detail that would be available to creator accounts.

The increased analytics will not only better allow account holders to properly gauge the effect of their content more accurately, but it may also help prevent accounts from being hacked. In the past, the lacklustre analytics currently available have indirectly made some accounts more vulnerable to being hacked.

Hackers have taken to spoofing websites that would offer increased insights into their account in order to trick people into entering their credentials, allowing the hacker to steal the account. However, now that Instagram will be offering more in-depth analytics of its own, Instagram will be able to provide an alternative to these sometimes shady services.

Any move that lets creators share statistics with brands and lets those brands know what their audiences look like is beneficial, as it will allow more opportunities to partner with companies or other influencers in order to further grow their account.

With current test of Creator Accounts, Instagram is proving that it is committed to fostering a creator community on the app while giving high-profile influencers and celebrities the ability to filter direct messages and offer more in-depth analytics over their follower counts, ultimately giving them more control over their experience on the app.

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