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Marketing Hacks: 3 Snapchat Hacks for 2017

October 16, 2017

Snapchat is a social mobile application that is widely used today. Organizations and businesses uses snapchat to share their services and products. Snapchat is a social application where you can post and view stories, snaps, and explore news. In this article we are going to share 3 effective marketing hacks to boost your followers.

1. Use the app ‘Ghostcodes’

What is this?

Ghostcodes is an app that helps you find compatible people on Snapchat, plus it helps you get more followers. Check it out:

Why should I do this?

Boost your following numbers by registering your Snapchat username and what interests you have. All other (many thousands) Snapchatters that are on Ghostcodes will now be able to view your Snapchat profile. If they find it interesting or maybe even fascinating, they will surely follow you.

Who else is doing this?

There are thousands of Ghostcode users. They use this to achieve their target audience.

How can I implement this?

First, download Ghostcodes to your smartphone, next, register your account and then, create a really interesting profile!

We’d also recommend you to search cool people to follow via Ghostcodes. If you follow them, there is a great chance they’ll follow you back.

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2. Snapchat special offer

What is a Snapchat special offer?

Create an offer where your current followers on other platforms have to follow you on Snapchat to get a special offer. Example of a special offer you can make is they’ll have a discount of your product if they follow you.

Why should I get one?

The significance of different platforms changes over time. Make sure to control your current followers on all platforms and draw them to Snapchat. Snapchat is the place where you can be more personal and often get more impact on your followers.

Who else has one?

All snapchat users who became popular and successful followed these marketing hacks.

How can I use it?

Create an exclusive code and a discount offer. First, take a photo of the code and upload it to your Snapchat story. Second, write something fascinating to convince your followers on other social media platforms to add you on Snapchat to get the offer.

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3. Organize a Snapchat Q&A

What is a Snapchat Q&A?

Ask your followers both on Snap and other platforms to send you questions on Snapchat.

Why should I do a Q&A?

A great way to create brand loyalty is to take part with people and help them with their problems. This is also a great enticement for your followers on Twitter etc. to add you on Snapchat.

How can I use a Snapchat Q&A?

Post on forums, Snapchat and other platforms that you will organize a Q&A. Answer the questions both straight to the one who asked the question and onto your Snapchat Story.

If you want to organize more than one Q&A and make them more distinctive create Q&A-themes. Example of these themes is “Marketing Hacks Q&A”, “Childhood Q&A” “Beauty Hacks Q&A” etc.

Watch my recent digital marketing Q&A on YouTube

Follow these 3 effective marketing hacks and you’ll see your followers growing in no time.

If you have any questions make sure to contact Jordan at one of his social media accounts listed below!!




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