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Powerful Tools to Position Your Personal Brand [MUST HAVE]

Building a personal brand has become increasingly popular in the last few years, as it’s become easier and easier to use social media to connect with an audience.

Many influencers and business people are gravitating toward starting a personal brand because it’s a great way to turn something you love into a profitable business. When it’s done right, you can actually make a TON of money, too! With my own personal brand, I’ve been able to build a $100,000+/year business in under 3 months!

However, you can’t build a persona brand alone—you need the right tools, training, and resources to get it started and help it grow.

In this blog article, I’ll be taking you though all of the tools that Cereal Entrepreneur Academy uses to run my personal brand and position it in the social media marketing niche.

Positioning Your Brand

The ultimate goal of a personal brand is to position it properly and create brand awareness. Positioning your brand is the process of identifying an appropriate market niche for a product (or service or brand) and getting it established in that area.

Brand awareness simply means getting your brand noticed. Once you’ve built awareness of your brand, then you’ll be able to connect with an audience and build a relationship with them. As this relationship grows, they’ll be more exposed to your brand, product, or service, and will then become customers. While monetizing your brand is also important, brand awareness is truly the key to a successful personal brand.

If your brand doesn’t immediately come to mind when a consumer is thinking about a product or service in your industry, then you’re not doing your job properly. You need to create a brand positioning strategy that defines your competition, why consumers will benefit from your product over the competitions’, and then figure out how to deliver exactly what you’re promising to the consumer. This strategizing is called brand positioning.

However easy it may sound, brand position requires a lot of time and work, so be patient and keep working away at it. You will see much more success if you’re using the proper tools that will help you become more visible.

One guaranteed way to get noticed is to consistently create great content for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Snapchat. You could also think about creating products or services to provide your customer with, such as an online course or e-book. You can then turn your audience into customers by building landing pages that will take your customer through your sales funnel and set them up with email automation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the particulars of getting your brand started, then check out our blog on the 5 Easy Steps to Build Any Brand!

Video Equipment

Video is an incredibly helpful platform for any business who’s trying to market themselves online, and this is particularly true of a personal brand. You want to be able to provide your audience with great content that is helpful, educational, entertaining, and/or informative.

Additionally, video is a great way to reach just about any demographic, as YouTube is popular among all age groups.

Here is a list of all of the video equipment I use to shoot videos for my YouTube channel for my personal brand. These are the products I found to be the best on the market—they’re easy to use, work well, and are affordable.


As I mentioned, an online course is another great way to improve your personal brand’s visibility and online presence. However, you’re going to need to find the right software platform to create the course, if this one of the things that your social media marketing agency is going to offer.

Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, LearnWorlds are all platforms you can check out, but I’ve found Kajabi to be the best. Kajabi is an e-commerce platform that integrates course creation, marketing, and sales. Though I used Teachable to build my first course, I recently switched to Kajabi and have had great success.

Before choosing the right software for you, go online and read reviews, look at tutorials, or try a free trial version of the software if you’re able. Sometimes you might not find the best software after the first go, so always keep your eye on new products that are released to see if there’s something that will be even better.


Setting up a sales funnel is an essential way of getting leads for your personal brand. ClickFunnels is software that lets you design and create sales pages and landing pages Even better, it lets you manage your entire sales funnel in one easy place.

With ClickFunnels, you’ll be able to build high quality pages quickly. I find that it’s also very easy to use, and the price is very reasonable.

ClickFunnels has really helped me build more leads, which has led to more revenue. If you want to grow your personal brand, ClickFunnels is essential.

Active campaign

Email automation is a crucial to the growth of your business. With email automation, you can send the right message to the right consumer, creating a one-on-one, personalized connection. Building a successful personal brand means building a connection with the consumer, and email automation will help you do that.

At Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, we use a software called Activecampaign. It is an integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM. I like Activecampaign because it includes templates, can trigger personalized emails based on customer actions, and lets you segment your contact list.

Though I’ve found all of these resources and tools to be helpful in growing my personal brand, remember that there are always new products becoming available or updates being offered. Just because you’ve settled on something and it seems to be working well, doesn’t mean there isn’t something better out there. Stay on top of new products so that you’re always aware when something becomes available that might be a better fit for you or your business.

Positioning your personal brand will take time and effort, so make sure that you remain patient yet consistent. Succeeding with your personal brand requires that you get your brand, product, or service in front of as many eyes as you can, and that means being very visible on as many platforms as you can that successfully reach your target demo.

If you want to learn more about how to build a successful personal brand, then enroll in our new online course: Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing. You can also follow us on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram, or head over to our blog for a bunch of free training content that will help you grow your online business or digital marketing agency.  

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