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How To Generate Leads With Snapchat Stories (FULL Guide)

Using Snapchat for lead generation is easier said than done. But by using Snapchat stories tactically, you can definitely get it done. If you’re able to create enticing, native content you can easily develop leads on Snapchat.

You will need to have an already engaged audience to start off with, though. Snapchat is limited in its reach, both in terms of its demographic and your ability to reach your audience. The real key to lead generation on Snapchat is understanding the best practices on the platform.

If you are targeting a cool, “in-the-know” audience, Snapchat is definitely an avenue you should consider walking down. The engagement rates Snapchat gets with millennial audiences is absolutely insane. Figuring out how to sell to them on Snapchat can be very valuable for you and your clients.

Snapchat is also a good example of how to evaluate every new platform. It has similarities to other social media, while also being very different. If you want to be an adaptable marketer, learning the nuances of platforms can be very helpful.

Creating Content for Snapchat Lead Generation

The first thing you need to learn for Snapchat lead generation is what sort of content works best on the platform. Let me tell you something that won’t shock you: video works best on Snapchat, and photos are the next best thing. If you’re going to try text-based content, you need a visual element and tempered expectations.

Snapchat’s users tend to prefer real content over-designed content, as well. Your content should feel natural and human, allowing your authentic personality to shine through. People still aren’t entirely used to interacting with businesses on Snapchat, so you need to be a person.

In terms of best practices, your Snaps need to be short and straight to the point. You get 10 seconds, and you need to get your message out in the first few of those. Try not to stretch 1 message out across several snaps, but do build your story out over the day to be cohesive.

Try using Snapchat’s built-in editing features to make your content feel more natural. Snapchat’s filters are a big reason that people on the platform are so engaged, so don’t be afraid of getting a little silly.

Similarly, try making most of your videos selfie style. Selfies feel much more native, as they’re what everyone else is doing on the platform. Talk to directly to the camera like you’re on a video call, and don’t reshoot your stories a million times. They’ll be gone in a day.

Within that, stories are usually going to be better than direct snaps. They allow you to deliver your message at scale, and it’s easier to link out.

For your call to action, you need to set the hook right away. People will click away if you don’t tell them what you’re on about quickly, and that’s how you’ll fail on Snapchat. Be short and be fun.


Using Links for Snapchat Lead Generation

There are 3 different ways to link out when using Snapchat for lead generation. The first one I want to talk about is the one you’re least likely to use: the Deep Link. A deep link launches an app with a link, putting people directly at the point of sale. These can be integrated, such as with Bitmoji or within a filter, but can be expensive to run.

Then, we have Link to Content – which you’re most likely to use. These are links where you’re asking for someone to swipe up to read more, see more, etc. Getting people to your content gets them entrenched, extending your time with them.

You can also link to a mobile landing page. For Snapchat lead generation, this landing page should be for a lead magnet, not a sale. It’s important that the landing page is mobile optimized because Snapchat is a mobile platform.

The most important part of creating good, high converting Snapchat links is that they extend the story. Build on what your story brought up, and maintain the same feeling that the story had. Use and reiterate the same value proposition across the story and the link.


Creating Opt-Ins

Snapchat lead generation is definitely doable, but it takes some work. Not only does your content on the platform need to be good, but you also need to be able to create perfect landing pages for the Snapchat user base. Make your business feel like an extension of what they’ve seen on Snapchat.

You need to spend just as much time on the landing page as you did on the ad. Use things that are relevant to the audience, like a mobile-optimized ClickFunnels or a Messenger funnel. And make it fun – that’s the most important part of Snapchat.

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