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The BEST Video Equipment for YouTube Channels, Personal Brands, and Marketing Agencies

February 12, 2018

If you want to get serious about the success of your digital marketing agency or personal brand, then one area of your digital repertoire you need to be taking seriously is video.

There’s no doubt that video is taking over, with 90% of all content shared online in 2017 being video. If you haven’t taken the plunge into creating your own video content, then 2018 is definitely the year for your agency or personal brand to adapt this technology.

Thankfully, nowadays, equipment to shoot video can definitely be affordable, and every marketing agency needs access to these types of tools to find success.

That’s why in this article I’m discussing several different products that I use to create quality video content for my clients, and for my own personal brand.

Best Video Equipment For Businesses

1) Webcam: Logitech HD Pro C920

This webcam from Logitech is perfect for shooting videos that don’t require as much production value. For instance, shooting videos at your desk, filming company meetings, or even doing Livestream Q&As are all the perfect projects for this camera.

This camera offers full HD video recording up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, with H.264 video compression and automatic low-light correction and precise autofocus. It also has dual stereo mics that automatically reduce outside noise built right in.

All you’ll need to use this is a laptop or desktop with a USB port, Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS 10.6 or later. The device itself is also pretty flexible, with a tripod-ready universal clip that fits all laptops and LCD monitors.

2) Canon EOS 70 D

As the most expensive product on this list, this is the camera you should be looking at for shooting movie-quality commercials for businesses, video for personal brands, brand stories, and other videos of that ilk. This camera will seriously give you the kind of professional quality video that will impress your clients, followers, and competition alike.

This DSLR camera has a 20.2MP APS-C (22.5 x 15 mm) Dual Pixel CMPS AF sensor and an ISO range of up to 25,600. It also has 19 cross-type auto-focus points to ensure fast and accurate autofocus for clear video. In addition to the incredible image quality, your videos will have tonal range and clarity with minimal noise interruption.

The Canon EOS 70 D also has built-in WiFi technology and an accompanying camera connection app to make sharing and remote shooting even easier.

3) Fifine USB Microphone K668

This desk mic is perfect for any desktop shooting you will be doing. This microphone plugs right into your computer and records directly, and is compatible with Windows and Mac and requires no additional software to be installed. It is easily portable and simply requires a USB port.

Using advanced omnidirectional pick up technology to cancel distracting noise and isolate the main sound source and vocals, this microphone will record studio-quality audio. This product also offers smooth, flat extended frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz to ensure your vocal recordings are reproduced perfectly on the internet.

Don’t be thrown off by the affordability of this device. This is one product that really delivers, giving your videos that extra audio quality that will take them to the next level. With its extremely high signal output, this microphone will allow your voice to really cut through in a way that most built-in video microphones won’t.

4) Rode VMGO VideoMic Go

This lightweight microphone is attached right onto your camera and is the perfect product for shooting videos on the go or in a studio. This mic doesn’t require any batteries and simply plugs into your camera’s external microphone input.

With an integrated shock mount that stabilizes the microphone from bumps or other vibrations that could interfere with your footage, this product is able to pick up the sound directly in front of it, reducing interference from surround sounds and distracting background noise. This device produces crisp, clear audio recording for your videos and is super lightweight, weighing in at just 73 gm.

This device is constructed of rugged reinforced ABS and includes a windshield, with a frequency range of 100Hz to 16KHz. The RODE VideoMic GO will help you get serious about your videos, and will be especially helpful for increased audio quality for on-the-go vlogging or outdoor shoots.

5) CRAPHY Soft Box Lights

So we’ve covered some great audio and visual products to use to produce high-quality recordings, but what about some of the legwork you’ll need to do to give your content that movie-quality look? Well, truthfully, a lot of that comes down to lighting.

Made of high-reflecting, heat-resistant material, these soft box lights will help you soften lighten to reduce overexposure and hot spots. Not all shots are created equal, and learning the simple tricks to lighting a location properly will help the quality of your videos exponentially.

It might take you some time to play around with these to figure out the lighting and look you prefer for your videos, but these will be an invaluable tool for professional quality videos.

6) Canon PowerShot ELPH 110

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 is a great compact camera that is perfect for on-the-go shooting, such as travel vlogging, or other shoots for personal brands. With a 24mm wide-angle lens with optical image stabilizer, this camera will help you record great footage in any location.

The camera also has 5x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, and 20x combined zoon, making sure you won’t miss anything. A 16.1 Megapixel high-sensitivity sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 5 Image Processor will give your videos great image-quality.

Another reason I prefer this camera for shooting on the go is its size—it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand is very portable.

So now that you know what equipment is going to help you create high-quality video content, all you have to do is get out there and start producing. Whether it’s for creating content for your clients or your own personal brand, video is a great way to reach a bigger audience and increase your revenue.

If you want more tips and advice on how to survive and succeed in the world of digital marketing, then follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and check out our Digital Marketing School to start landing clients and making money today.

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