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Twitter Releases Image Update for Desktop [New Feature] | Digital Marketing News Today

March 20, 2019

Following their announcement of a newly improved desktop design, Twitter has rolled out a new update for images on desktop. As Twitter releases image update for desktop, the role of social media managers in your social media marketing team will become that little bit easier. In this blog, I’ll be explaining the new image feature and discussing how it can help your SMMA.

Twitter Aims to Improve User Experience

As Twitter releases image updates for their platform, they are once again showing their ongoing dedication to improving and streamlining the Twitter process. The company’s recent improvements are meant to to make it easier for users to explore more active engagement.


From these recent announcements, we can infer that we will be seeing more improvements to increase usability and improve back-end functionality.  

New Image Editing Capabilities for Desktop


The new roll-out includes an update that enables users to edit the images they upload when using the app on desktop. While users have consistently asked Twitter for an edit button to re-work text Tweets on the mobile app after posting, that’s not the editing feature Twitter is promoting.

In reality, the new editing feature isn’t anything new, as it mirrors what you can already do via the mobile app. However, the image editing feature does add improved capacity to desktop posting, which will certainly come in handy for social media managers who need the increased functionality of desktop social media management software.

The updated desktop version of Twitter will allow users to easily edit any images they attach to their tweets. It includes basic editing options such as zooming and cropping.

With Twitter’s recent improvements to its desktop layout as they strive to make things faster and more convenient for users, this announcement of the image editing option should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The tool can easily be accessed by clicking on the paintbrush icon at the bottom right of the image once it is uploaded.


Expect More Updates from Twitter

The recent roll-out of the desktop updates are a strong indication that Twitter has big things in store for the future of the platform. While increased functionality on desktop makes it easier for users to participate, the real focus for Twitter going forward will be in encouraging users to participate in trending topics.

Steps are already being taken to make engaging in real-time trending news and events easier, making it more convenient for new user to participate. A great example of this is the update to Twitter’s Events page.

The Events page—not to be confused with Facebook’s Events feature where friends and businesses can organize and share events through the platform—highlights events that are occurring in real life in real-time. This includes TV show airings or awards ceremonies, political events, and more. The Events feature offers a dedicated feed of curated tweets and videos (if applicable) that appear based on your tweet activity.

Events content either appears at the top of your feed, or can be found through the Explore page. Twitter has made engaging with events easier, as any tweet you send from an Event page will be automatically populated with the relevant hashtag for that event or discussion surrounding the occasion.  

After Twitter releases image update for desktop, it is expected that profile image cropping will be the next feature that Twitter will roll-out.

While these updates are pretty minor, they show the social media company’s intention to continue making Twitter easier and more functional for users to experience the platform how they so choose. Twitter wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to chime in, especially new users unfamiliar with the tweet process, and professionals who are managing multiple accounts through desktop instead of through the mobile app.

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